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October 30, 2009

No Regrets

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Helllllo there! I feel like I’m running on empty at this point in the day.  I was going strong on little sleep earlier but I’m fading. Fast haha.

Last night was pretty fun. I agonized over the decision to go out.  I mean, on one hand, I don’t want to make going out EVERY week a habit plus I had an exam this morning (which I think went well despite going out*).  And I’m in love with sleep and going out =/= sleeping well/a lot.  On the other hand, I definitely could use more fun nights in my life with all the stress I’m under.  And I’m in love worth Hot-Spanish-TA who goes there.

*So I get to the exam in the morning and just chatting with my classmates. Feeling decent and one of the kids hands me a coffee and says,”Top ‘o the morning to you, drink this”.  Yeah, nothing like a little Irish coffee to start your day, right?  And no I didn’t drink it.  Definitely NOT what I needed but I nearly peed my pants from the idea.

So in the end I’m extremely glad I went out last night.  No regrets! And yes, LARunner, I did talk to Hot-Spanish-TA. Not anything more than a “Hi, how are you” type thing. And when the lights came up and everyone was leaving we said “Bye” to each other. But progress, no? I mean it was actual communication.  Words were exchanged.  Oh how I consider myself a bamf in all aspects of life except here haha.

Since I got about 5 hours of sleep (which is actually A LOT more than I got last week) I wasn’t expecting my run this morning to be any good.  With that attitude, however, obviously the run was going to rock.  I felt so strong and good! I’ve actually noticed this frequently actually: the less sleep I get on one particular night (definitely not chronic sleep deprivation or anything) the stronger and more powerful I feel on my runs.  Weird right?

I felt so good actually that I ran an extra half mile or so to get to 6.5 miles on the morning.  The temperature wasn’t that bad either, much warmer than the overnight low of 33* that was predicted.  I would say that it was about 38-40*.  I had an underarmour-ish top on under my shortsleeve shirt and I had to run back up to my room to take it off as I knew I would totally overheat! Silly weathermen and their forecasts.  Maybe the crisp weather also had something to do with the run feeling great.

The only downside to the run was the amount of light I got.  I seriously cannot wait for this weekend and we get to turn back the clocks.  Sure, we’ll be walking around at 1600 in the pitch black but hey, I’ll take it if that means I get to run with some semblance of sunlight!

But the increased darkness that’s been going on for the past month or so has me a little worried about training for Boston. Yeah, sure I started my training for my last marathon in the winter but I didn’t have any expectations then.  I do now and want everything to be perfect.  Maybe I’m overthinking things.  I still need to find a plan!? And figure out when my actual start date is?! Yikes.  If anyone has a good plan I am soooo open to suggestions.  The last plan I used was SmartCoach from RWOL.  I peaked at 72 miles and the average was about 55-60 miles (at least towards the end).  I think I’d like to do something similar but I want something less cookie cutter than what I used last time.

A decision / project for another day I suppose.  Right now it’s all about the homework so that I can enjoy halloween weekend.  And no, Lacey, I haven’t revealed my costume yet.  You’ll have to wait until I have pictures.  Yes, I am mean 😛

And to kick off the weekend: The Facts of Life

46. I hate when I just miss a call by the last ring (Hello? Hello? Damnit!), but when I immediately call back, it rings nine times and goes to voicemail. What’d you do after I didn’t answer? Drop the phone and run away?

47. I hate leaving my house confident and looking good and then not seeing anyone of importance the entire day. What a waste.

48. When I meet a new girl/guy, I’m terrified of mentioning something (s)he hasn’t already told me but that I have learned from some light internet stalking.

49. I like all of the music in my iTunes, except when it’s on shuffle, then I like about one in every fifteen songs in my iTunes.

50. Why is a school zone 20 mph? That seems like the optimal cruising speed for pedophiles…

October 29, 2009

Thursday = almost end of the week

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So I’m going to put up a sorry excuse for a post. BUT

A) It’s a rest day today.  A little disappointing because I know I run faster the day after a speed session like yesterday’s.

B) I’ve been swamped with work and meetings all morning and afternoon

C) I’m getting ready to go out on Thirsty Thursday again and make some bad life decisions

I do have an exam tmrw morning which keeps making me waffle back and forth between going out and staying in and getting some sleep.  I already know that I’m still going to get up early and run before the exam and only having 3-4 hours of sleep? It’ll be interesting to say the least.

I think it’ll wake me up and keep me from being groggy, like I would be if I rolled out of bed and went to class.  Plus sleep is always the most important in the days leading up to the big event, right? The exam is in Spanish so I’m not terribly worried because I know the material really well. But I am worried about making these Thursday nights out a trend haha.

But if I get to see Hot-Spanish-TA tonight it will be well worth it. Send me courage vibes to dance/talk! 😉

And, so as to not create withdrawal, here is the next installment of the Facts of Life (and oh man I nearly just peed myself reading today’s!)

41. There’s no worse feeling than that millisecond you’re sure you are going to die after leaning your chair back a little too far.

42. I’m always slightly terrified when I exit out of Word and it asks me if I want to save any changes to my ten page research paper that I swear I did not make any changes to.

43. “Do not machine wash or tumble dry” means I will never wash this ever.

44. I hate being the one with the remote in a room full of people watching TV. There’s so much pressure. ‘I love this show, but will they judge me if I keep it on? I bet everyone is wishing we weren’t watching this. It’s only a matter of time before they all get up and leave the room. Will we still be friends after this?’

45. While watching the Olympics, I find myself cheering equally for China and USA. No, I am not of Chinese descent, but I am fairly certain that when Chinese athletes don’t win, they are executed.

September 18, 2009

Hello again legs

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Trying for a quick post in between assignments — we’ll see how I do 😉

Thanks for all the positive vibes from my post yesterday.  I’m glad that I cut my run short yesterday because I had a really good 9 miler this morning.  It was cold (again — maybe fall really is here?) and I wore my gloves with a tee and shorts.  Seriously, it’s a hot look.

I woke up 10 minutes before my alarm but, and this is totally unlike me, I feel back asleep! It was still dark when my alarm so rudely went off so I chose to do my core routine before my run while I waited for the pre-dawn light to show up.

I decided to do half of my add-on portion before the “main course” so that if today was a bust with the legs then my overall mileage wouldn’t be shot for the week (yes sorry SpecialK, today I was determined to get a certain distance in before I listened to my body!) Well maybe not sorry because it turned out that I did all that plus a little extra at the end because my body was feeling good.  Not Kenyon good but there were no aches and pains or overall lethargy.

I ended up with 9 miles.  Now, I know that it looks like a lot (well to me at least and before a race this weekend) but I figured that I wasn’t going to get a real long run in with the 5k so I would do a mid-distance run which, coupled with the mid-distance stuff earlier this week (well most of this week), would even out in my overall mileage.  And if I’m feeling  good being sleep deprived (like I did on Wed with my speed session) I’m really going to try hard to get a good night of sleep tonight and (hopefully) tmrw.

But I think I’ve identified part of the problem of my lack of sleep: my hydration strategy.  I drink very little during the day (despite lugging around a water bottle!) and then when the night falls I’m like, oh shoot (except a little more explicit) and drink a liter or so of water and other fluids.  Leading me to get up once or twice during the night.  Clearly interrupting my sleep cycle. So I want to start drinking more during the day.

So far today: FAIL.  I mean, there’s definitely still time to rectify this before my sleep is interrupted but failure just the same.

Before I sign off (and yes I know this really wasn’t that quick of a post, I tend to ramble 🙂 ) I have a question to pose to y’all: How important is a good night of sleep the night before the race? Typically I’ve been told that it’s the night before the night before that counts (which would be tonight).  The reason I ask is that my friend is celebrating her 21st on Saturday night.  I’m obv going (not going to get smashed though) but I’m just trying to think how late I want to stay out.  Currently I’m planning on doing the dinner / Waterfire portion on the night but heading back to campus around the time they go to the clubs and start the heavy drinking. I think it’s a good compromise but still, how important is that night of sleep / resting up?

P.S. (Gosh can I pull together a quick post? Ah the art of procrastination ha). Jess is having a great giveaway. Check it out — although I will say that I don’t really want you to because I want to increase my chances of winning!

September 13, 2009

Two long runs, one weekend

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Pretty uneventful night.  I was pretty bushed by my killer long run earlier yesterday and the rainy, dreary day didn’t really help me perk up.  I ended up watching The Patriot with a friend.  Not going to lie, it’s a long, non-action packed film.  But it was still pretty good.  I think I’m so used to watching movies where it’s a lot of action and not so much character development.

I ended up making the party rounds after the movie though.  By that time, maybe 2330?, most everyone was already in high gear so it was pretty easy to not party hard at that point.  I went to bed late (for me but super early for a typical college kid) at about 0100.

I kind of knew that I wouldn’t get much sleep because of my body loving the early wakeups and, while true I got up at 8, those 7 hours were pretty sound.  When my eyes fluttered open I debated going for my run later and easing into my morning.  After some serious in-my-head fighting I put on my running shoes and headed out.

Since I hadn’t partied I wanted to stick as close to 10 as I could.  My legs were a bit sore but by the time I hit the actual route they were okay.  When I run I usually have a set route and then some “add-on” bits that if I’m feeling good I can tack on at the end to get me anywhere from .5-3 miles extra.  For today I did one of the add-ons (1.1 miles) before the main course and then chose to do the second add-on immediately because I had the feeling that if I waited until the end I would wimp out.

Which definitely would have been the case.  My legs definitely were tired this morning. And there were moments, like at mile 5, where I was like “WTF am I doing?” But I think that in the very long run (ha pun intended) I’m doing my legs a good service by pushing them.  I read somewhere about doing two long runs in one weekend, in the same manner I did, and that there was benefits to it. Clearly now that I want to find the stupid article, I can’t. Grrrr frustrating.  In some ways this weekend has made me feel incredibly hardcore but I’m a little worried about burning out before my next marathon cycle.

But clearly feeling more bamf than worried. And it’s not like the entire run was awful because my legs were feeling pretty strong at certain points, particularly during the end miles.  Very encouraging.  My overall pace was pretty damn good too.  Not as good as yesterday but spot-on to what my long runs should be.  Also very encouraging because this morning was about 90% humidity. I think what helped me push through the last half was that I saw another runner and he kind of paced me for a mile or so (I more-or-less played tag-along until we split ways).  It was really nice to have some banter with someone else on a run. He was running faster than I was (initially) and it was a nice jump start to the last 5 or so miles.

And just as a note on the weather, it was dreary and humid and clammy this morning when I went for the run.  Literally 20 minutes after I got back: sun! Which made it nice out.  I’m glad I ran when I did but man, if I had waited…

After the run I did about 20 minutes of abs/back work in my room before settling into the PILE of work I have to do.  I’ve got every immediate thing done but there’s tons of long term stuff that I need to get a jump start on because this week is looking crazy busy.  Case-in-point: tomorrow I have to go to the local hospital for a rotation in “Wound Care” for one of my classes.  Great in the sense that it will be really exciting and fascinating but not-so-great because it eats up 4 hours of my day, plus travel time, and every precious second of my life is already accounted for. Heh.  So I guess I should wrap up this post and get back to work? Ugh, yes.

Have a great Sunday afternoon! Hopefully it’s more relaxing than mine.  I try to do all my work Fri/Sat so that I can have an easy Sunday but it’s looking like this semester it’ll be hard to keep that tradition!

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