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November 23, 2009


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Good evening all. Taking a short break from my GeoPhysics take-home exam to post.  This test is kicking my butt.  At least it was: I think that I’m on my way to understanding it better.  I “got” the concepts but the math wasn’t working out right.  That’s the good thing about physics, I always know when I’m wrong because the numbers have physical meanings and I can base my numbers on my intuition.  For example: when a fluid gets more viscus it’ll move slower (example molasses moves slower than water) so when my answers follow what my gut tells me then I know I’m on the right path. And so I am.

But enough about physics.  After all this is a running blog and I’m taking a break from it. So no business talk here haha.

I had a typical Monday morning run.  Slow and yet steady.  I think that by accepting a slow Monday I’m able to deal with the mental aspect of disappointment of not hitting a pace.  On the other hand, I feel like I might just be setting myself up for EVERY Monday to be slow simply because my attitude is that Monday = slow run.  A catch-22 to be sure.

The weather was decent.  Low 40s with clouds.  Seems to be the typical weather as of late and I’m sort of glad, I mean as much as I despise the cold and winter looming it *is* November after all.  Time for Mother Nature to start acting like it.  It does make for pleasant runs.

Like today for instance.  Despite my legs feeling sore and trashed yesterday I was able to pull 9.2 this morning.  No Last Mile Party for me today however as my legs were exhausted by the end.  I think I’ll be happy when the POTM challenge is over.  I know that I’m not in the running for first place but it’s still keeping me going long these days. And although my legs were dragging a bit over the last mile or so I never felt like I was crawling along.

In my mind though that means I need to do some speedwork in the very near future.  Tomorrow perhaps? It’s been raining all afternoon and going to continue into the night /morning so I think it’s the perfect opportunity to hit the gym and get a good hard tempo or interval in.  Maybe the TM is a cop-out but hey, I don’t really want to run in the rain.  If it doesn’t rain I’m sure I’ll be wayyy tempted to skip speedwork as I’m not so good at sticking to speed stuff outside.

I’m not dead set on doing the whole speedwork tmrw as when Boston training comes around and there’s snow on the ground the TM will definitely be the way to get my speed in and I’ll be more motivated to keep a regular schedule for speed.  So I’m not too worried about skipping it tmrw.  Not going to derail anything but I sure could use a bit of “fast running leads to fast running” to boost my spirit and get me pumped.

Speaking of Boston training, anyone have a good training plan they want to share? I haven’t found anything that’s really stuck with me as “YES!” so I’m open to anything at this point.  I want something challenging with a peak of somewhere around 70mpw. Because I’m tenacious like that.

Oh snap a perfect segue into my next “topic” that I wanted to share: I took an online “grit survey” and according to the results that were emailed to me this morning I have more “grit’ than most ppl my age.  Numerically I scored a 3.75 while most of my peers scored a 3.2 Hollllller 🙂 Makes me feel even more like a bamf!

Alright gotta go show my bamfness to this exam as it’s due tmrw morning.  And then I get to leave for Thanksgiving break.  There was some drama over the weekend as to whether or not I was going home but I am (at least as of this moment) and I’m excited to party it up with my friends from high school.  I’ll likely also be doing lots of running with another friend as I said before our motto is “Go Big or Go Home”.

Enjoy your Monday nights.  Hopefully they are more exciting than mine although if I finish this exam soon then I’m going to watch El Laberinto del Fauno.  I’ve been waiting to (re)watch this movie for awhile now so it’s a great incentive to get me work done 🙂

el laberinto del fauno

November 18, 2009

Effortless and Cold

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Oh man, I prolly should start checking the temperature before I leave my room in the mornings to run.  Apparently I cannot trust what the predicted overnight low is.  I woke up this morning thinking that I would be running in mid-30s, which is totally appropriate to wear shorts and a similar top to what I wore yesterday.  Yes, well, no.

When I got back to my room and after trying to warm up I hopped online and it was 28* out! This was about 1.5 hours or so after I left and after the sun had been up for a while!! I’m thinking that it was closer to 24-25* during my run.  No wonder I thought my fingers were frostbitten by the end and I actually couldn’t move any fingers/whole hand for 20 minutes.  Luckily my dorm is a swipe-ID-to-get-in otherwise it would not have been pretty.  I can remember being stuck outside last year because I needed a key. And to go in the completely opposite swinging direction I took the hottest effing shower of my life after.  My skin was a combination of pink/red and I’m surprised I didn’t burn myself haha.

But despite being severley underdressed for a severely cold day my run was pretty rockin’.  Hmmm I think I used that word to describe yesterday’s run too…a run in which I ran a lot.  Same trend different day.  I pounded out 9 WICKED AMAZING miles.  Maybe I was trying to speed up so I could get out of the cold faster? Maybe I was reminded by Lacey about the Pile on the Miles challenge (POTM) I’m doing? Maybe I just love to run and don’t want to cut back?

Likely it’s all three (and prolly many more too) but I got in 9 miles. Unlike the past few runs (and yesterday included) I felt like winter was approaching.  And despite how much I HATE (yes I am using a very strong word here haha) winter, I actually really like running in it (granted I like running in anything I suppose — just got to be in the right mood) so it got me excited.

My legs felt strong and powerful for almost the whole 9 miles.  Isn’t that just a great feeling?! On runs like that I feel like my legs are hollowed out steel and/or machinery: incredibly strong and unbreakable yet light as a feather.  Although now, I must confess, I am dealing with a slight pain in my butt.  It’s right around the hip area and feels pretty “deep” in there so I’m not sure what that’s about.  It’s more of an annoyance than anything and isn’t debilitating or sharp painful.  Likely the result of already having put in 27 miles this week over 2 days.  But it didn’t affect the run as it was pretty effortless too.

My HR also kind of indicated that my run was “effortless”.  Normally when I finish a run my HR is around 160, maybe 180+ if I’ve been doing a hard workout.  But this morning? 120!  Don’t know if that was a factor of the cold or my effort but I’m leaning towards the former as my pace was spot on again.  My breathing today also indicated an easy effort as I felt like I was breathing slow and steady and normal the whole time.

Not normal? My sleeping — although I guess my habit of 4 hours a night is getting to be my new normal.  The funny (well not funny haha but interesting) thing is that I can get 3-4 hours and feel 100% awake because of when I wake up in my sleep cycle but I can also get 3-4 (or even more) but feel completely drained because of the same reason. I think I’m going to try my doctor’s suggestion for reseting my cycle by staying up all night this weekend and see what happens. I’ve tried melatonin before a la EarlyRunner’s suggestion but it doesn’t work.  The only thing that has worked in the past is Ambien but I really try to avoid the heavy hitters if I can help it.  That may be the case if by next week I’m still not sleeping.

Also not normal? My French class getting canceled today.  But I’m totally okay with it.  I mean I was a little pissed because I wanted to get my paper out of my hands but I slid it under her door so I feel like it’s done.  That might be the only thing that is done and complete in my life so I’m going to go check off some things on both my school work and life to-do lists.

Happy Wednesday! And doubly so for me because I’ve stopped thinking of Friday as a real school day 😉

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