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August 31, 2009

Wicked Solid

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I was only planning on 4 miles when I got up this morning.  I knew that I was going to need something to kick start the long day of individual advising meetings with about 15 freshmen (starting at 1230 and going ’til 510) and I figured that 33% of yesterdays mileage was perfect.  Well my legs didn’t think so.

And I know what you’re thinking (or at least I think I do heh) but it’s the opposite.  My legs felt so fresh and ready to go! I ended up with 8 miles which is 66% of the long run yesterday.  I’m curious as to how much (if any) running you guys do on the day after a long run.  Typically I stick with 50% of the distance but definitely no more than 66%.  Therefore today was prolly a perfect run.

Don’t ask me what my legs were thinking going into this morning.  I really don’t know.  When I woke up this morning my bed was sooooo comfy that I thought asking 4 miles was going to be tough because my mind didn’t want to get up.  It was one of those moments where your sheets are so soft and just hug your body.  Perfection. It’s so incredibly against everything I do to stay in bed after my eyes open but that’s what I did — at least for 20 minutes (oh I’m such a rebel haha).

The weather was also back to damn near perfect! It was about 59-60* (didn’t check but it was only 63* when I got back) at the start, a slight breeze and partly cloudy.  I did a lap of my campus, 2 X a 3 mile loop and another lap of the campus.  I knew I was in good shape when the first lap (my warmup) was much faster than the warmups of last week.  After that I gave myself permission to go at what my body wanted pace wise and after the first loop of my route I was feeling really strong. I decided that I could add a second loop and I was a little leery just because of all the miles I’ve been piling on.  But that worry was totally unfounded.  I guess my legs are in the final stages of acclimating to higher mileage.

I even passed some other runners which (I’m definitely NOT going to lie) felt really good.  Especially since it was a solid steady passing rather than a me-doing-speedplay-and-sprinting type of passing.  Knowing that I could hold a steady pace that was faster than theirs was really nice.  It was a way of affirming how well my running (and training was going).  Thanks LARunner for commenting on that fact yesterday!

I also let myself get carried away with the miles because I’m participating in Team OLD vs Team YOUNG in the Marathon Dailies over at RWOL.   With today’s run I was able to post a monthly total for August of 264.3 miles.  Now I don’t keep monthly records (hell I’m lucky that I calculate those weekly recaps haha) but that is a stellar month for me.  It’s an average of 8.5 miles a day!

Ok back to advising freshmen, my next appointment just arrived.  Enjoy your Monday (wow it’s Monday? I guess with orientation and me being so busy the days are all jumbled up.  Hard to believe that I start classes on Wednesday — TWO DAYS!)

August 29, 2009

Let the wild rumpus start!

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YAY the freshmen arrived today.  This meant that I was uber-busy but in a way that was totally enjoyable.  Granted, Tropical Storm Danny decided to rain hardcore on us but it’ll make a great memory.  Me and my friends (my friends and I?) lugging everything these freshmen own up into their rooms (because there are no elevators: these building are OLD) which ended up wet and heavy.  Sucked during but is kind of funny now.

Because of the rain I decided to postpone my long run until tmrw when clear skies and the sun return to me.  I have to keep telling myself that I will be happy this way even though I still got 8 miles in.  I kept thinking I could push and extra 3-4 — I mean I was already soaked.  Part of me was like, well you can’t pick race-day conditions, but another part of me told that part to stfu because I was still out there, gaining experience of inclement weather (although in New England I’ve prolly run in everything and will run in anything).  But I know that I’ll be happy with my choice in the morning.

And, despite the rain, the run went really well.  My legs have been a little on the sore side ever since I did some lifting on Thursday and I think that today’s run loosened them up a lot.  I think it helped that, even though it was rainy and dreary, the actual temperature was still pretty warm. My body isn’t feeling as banged up and it has been the past couple days.  Definitely (well maybe definitely haha) I’ll have a good long run.  It won’t be too long but it’ll be the last double digit before the half.

The rest of the day has been greeting the freshmen (and their families) and going to an advising meeting where I finally got to meet all my preceptees and show off my skillz that I’ve been working on all this training week.  Tonight we have the chapel ceremony where we introduce the freshmen to all the campus legends and folklore.  It’s really intense and fun and crazy.  It might just be my favorite night of the whole year! (and the inspiration for the post title.  Anyone know where it’s from? It’s from the very first book I ever read on my own!)

On a “low” note: I bought my cap, gown, hood and tassel this afternoon.  I almost cried because it means that I am, in fact, a senior.  SOOOOOOOOOO SAD! On the other hand, now that I’m a senior I can do things like: sit on the library steps and enter the chapel from the center door (rights reserved exclusively for seniors at my school).  I guess this year is going to be very very bittersweet.

P.S Check out Tay’s giveaway! Awesome stuff!

P.P.S There was ICE CREAM tonight in the dining hall! YAY! I was seriously going through withdrawal. It had been 8 day haha

August 27, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

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I’ll try to make this quick as I’ve got a busy (but fun busy) night ahead of me and I want to get going! [Edit: While I still have a fun night ahead I did what I do best: write long posts haha.  Enjoy!]

First off I’ve been throwing around terminology such as “preceptor” and “PHA” to describe why I’m back on campus a week before the Freshmen get here and 1.5 weeks before the non-Freshmen do.  So I’m going to define it really simply in the interest of the fact that I can ramble on and on.  A preceptor is a specially trained peer adviser; at my school these people (and there are maybe 75 or so of them) are assigned a First Year Seminar of about 15 first years.  We help them figure out the academic side of college (courses, curriculum, etc) and this past week we’ve been receiving training to make sure we have all the tools to give the first years accurate info.  Since this is my third year doing it I’ve been seeing the same presentations (literally) for the third year. Gross.

PHA stands for Peer Health Advocate which is basically what it sounds like. Unlike precepting where you apply for a spot, PHA’s are voluntary.  This week we’ve been putting together the info we want to give out during orientation and talking about the upcoming year.  In a nutshell we look for ways to make the campus healthier and safer. For example we trained the RAs how to do the basics of CPR this morning.  Whew. So much for short descriptions right? Heh.

So back to running. My legs were not as tired as I thought they would be for this morning’s run.  In fact the pace was faster than my usual 6am shuffle pace.  I think this is due to the faster stuff I’ve been pushing the past three runs (Tues’s failed tempo, Wed tempo, Wed recovery) and that my legs just are used to being told to not go slow.  Not that I’m complaining or anything and now that I’ve typed it I have jinxed myself hardcore and tmrw will be painfully slow. All told I ran 8.1 miles before my assortment of meetings that kept me busy from 9-7, including a 2 hour long one where all the groups gave their presentations.  But YAY for the presentations being done!

I was able to sneak away for a quick lifting session around noon.  I doubt I was missed all that much and I feel good that I was able to get in one lifting session this week.  Unfortunately since I was sneaking between meetings I wasn’t wearing the shoes I wanted to (I was wearing sports ones just not my usual lifting ones) and now I have a blister on one of my toes. Ick. The gym is on such a weird hour schedule because it’s still summer so I haven’t been able to pop in to work on my strength and I think I may be pretty sore tmrw but hey, I love it.

Nice segue into another thing I love: I am going to rave about the weather for a minute and make all y’all wicked jelly.  This morning when I got up it was FIFTY EIGHT DEGREES OUT! I was actually a little chilly! It made for a great run and today was definitely a “fall” day.  And it’s looking like tmrw will be similar.  Yippee!  Unfortunately whatever hurricane that is coming my way is going to dump lots of rain on Saturday and ruin the lovely weather.  Too bad too because Saturday is when the Froshies move in.  I might just be “sick” that morning so I can get out of helping.  Heh.

And I’m internally debating whether or not I want to do my last long run before the half then. Part of me doesn’t believe the weather people because the last hurricane / tropical storm that was supposed to blow through here ended up not.  So I’m a little skeptical to say the least.  Since I know that I’m not doing the long run tmrw (legs definitely do not want that!) I guess it can’t hurt to play it by ear and just postpone the LR until Sunday.  I’m such a scheduled person though that I might just run in the “hurricane” (doubt it will still be one when it gets to me — just lots and lots of rain!) because Saturday = LR day this semester 🙂

And now I’m off to have fun! Enjoy the rest of your Thursday night y’all!

August 23, 2009

Semi-reflection time

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As I wrote in my Weekly Recap this morning I just finished up a great week.  But with the closing of anything it’s time for a little reflection.

I’m at an impasse as to where I want my miles to go, esp after the half on Sept 6th.  I really like running this high mileage but with no fall (or winter) marathon as a goal I’m a little worried about burning myself out before I start training for Boston.  True that this week felt great and I love the feeling of accomplishment that it brought but it makes me nervous about the long term impact.  Oh well, kind of a deep topic for a Sunday morning! Hah.

My run this morning was a little less than stellar but I expected that going in.  I haven’t been sleeping very well since arriving at school.  Not too worried about this, I know I’ll adjust even though it’s annoying as hell.  My legs were a little stiff after my 14.4 miles yesterday but I figured a nice 6 or so would be a nice way to shake them out.  And while I’m glad I finished up 6.7 miles my legs are a little ambivalent.  They kind of warmed up after the first 5k but by the last mile they were tired again. Since the run was only 6.7 that left 2.6 miles of decent running.  Eh, I guess I can’t complain (at least not too much heh). And the run woke me up so it was at least good for that.

A semi-running related note: we did a scavenger hunt today during preceptor training and it was SO MUCH FUN. It was based on trivia around our campus so we sprinted to each location to answer the questions.  It was text based so you had to get the first clue right to move on and my group ROCKED.  We finished all 10 questions first and the next closest group finished 4.  Ha.  So much for needing to run! I wish I had known that we would be running around because I would have worn sneakers (not flippy floppys) and a sports bra.  I was so sweaty and gross after that walking into the air conditioned auditorium to claim victory felt amazing.  And since my group was so fast the overall day of meetings ended about an hour early.  Yippee! Plus, my group received plastic medals Olympian style — like the Dean and the Dean’s intern placed them around are necks. Oh sweet victory haha.

Clearly the scavenger hunt ended up being the highlight of my day.  Now I need to shower (again ugh) and then put up my feet and get lost in a good book before dinner.  I think we (my friends who are in precepting training with me) are going out to a boooo-fay.  Should be good, and hopefully cheap!

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