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January 27, 2011

Girl Drop It To The Floor

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Whew. No partying for me Wednesday night, one mid-day work night is enough!  I was in my bed (after marathon scrubbing cleaning….) early. I was bushed. I did manage to watch an episode of Pushing Daisies before I conked out though.  I seriously do not know what I’m going to do when that show ends.  I don’ t have many episodes left!

I actually got to sleep in a bit Thursday morning because of the nor’easter that hit.  I was told that I could work from home today and I took my work up on that offer by working in the morning/early afternoon.  Tonight is a clinic night and since the roads were plowed when I got up (my car, however, was not plowed out of the lot!) I went in later and was able to A) actually get work done from home (office work is so much easier for me to do NOT at the clinic. Less people demanding my time) and B) get my long run in without rushing.

J, however, told me: “I agree the best run is after a night of little sleep. The worst run is the day after …”

I completely agree even though I didn’t want to hear it. I remember reading back in the day that New Year’s Day you’ll feel fine and dandy from the night but January 2nd you’ll be dragging.  Something about you’re body and brain finally having matching signals.  Since Thursday was two days after my late night let’s see how I did:

4 X 4.4 miles = 17.6 miles at an average pace of 9:03

  • 1st: 9:09 pace
  • 2nd: 9:01 pace
  • 3rd: 9:06 pace
  • 4th: 8:42 pace

I cannot believe that the last one was so much faster than the first three.  Guess I really wanted to get it done!

Considering the slush and the sleepiness I’ll consider it a success.  Like my tempo run on Tuesday, I really feel like I’m off the mark training wise for this race.  My paces for quality workouts are slower and my easier runs are faster than they should be.  I suppose in the end this is mental and I need to really buy into the training schemes again.  You know: run quality as quality and run easy as easy.  I’m not doing that lately.  It’s hard though because it’s only 11.5 weeks ’til Boston and I’m comparing to WR where I only had 5.5 weeks.  I still feel like there’s ages to go until the race!

On a related yet not quite related note: my hunger has been sky high today.  And lately.  I know that it’s because my training is increasing but I’m normally not quite as famished on long run days as I am today.  I’ve eaten 3 bowls of pasta tonight.  On top of my regular dinner.  For a gal that doesn’t quite like pasta this is quite a feat!

I was going to take a picture but the meal was literally bowtie pasta and a basil pasta sauce.  Not too exciting.  Except to the girl who just ate 3 bowls of it…

So I’ll leave you with the song that is STUCK in my head and won’t get out. Because this post is more or less a training run post. Enjoy! I’ll try to enjoy the rest of my night…if clinic keeps going the way it’s going I may be going out again.  But it’s Thursday, which is more acceptable than Tuesday…

January 23, 2011

Okay So Hills For Real

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I ended up staying over with my friend Friday night (and thus haven’t had lots of time to respond to comments I’m hoping to get caught up later today/tonight! Promise) because I spent my “working from home” day here. I got a good 10.5 mile run in.  Not in the snow like I thought, because the “storm” wasn’t really a storm, so it was a nice quick clip.  Roughly 8:30 pace.  For an easy run that’s really happiness inducing for me!

Later that night we went to a Brown University bball game ( because I have a friend on the team and sadly Brown lost.) and then out to The English Cellar Alehouse where I ate the greatest pre-quality workout meal ever: Fish and chips with beer. Followed by fried oreos for dessert.  WTF? hahah

thanks google. yet again.

Surprisingly, despite not having fried foods for years, this choice was quite yummy. Slightly worrysome because I was wondering how my tummy would respond.  I’m happy to say that even though I REALLY didn’t want to mentally go running Saturday, the fried food didn’t affect me in a bad way.  I’m not quite sure if I can give credit to it for having a decent run but I completed the dreaded….HILLS

The workout looked something like this.  And was with my friend.  Love running with others.

  • Warm up / Easy miles (~8 miles worth)
  • Hills X 4.  The way the hill portion was run is that there are two parallel hills, one really steep but shorter (I call it “A” hill) and the other is slightly less steep but longer (I call it “W” hill).  I guess the average distance between the two is .2 miles and the average incline was 11%.  I alternated each hill to get to the four repeats. I didn’t time the actual hills but they went something like this:
  1. (W) Holy F#$%.  I refuse to do another.  Well maybe try one more.  The first of anything sucks.
  2. ( A) Okay not sooooo bad. I think I like this hill better
  3. (A) Ugh. Maybe it was so bad.  The buuuuuuuuuuuuuurn. Let’s go for lucky number 4 though
  4. (W) Suckage.  But at least I made it to the top with hard effort and didn’t give up!
  • Warm down

thanks google. yet again.


Obviously the hills were really tough and hard. I didn’t ever feel like I was running at a fast speed but I definitely felt the burn in my glues and hammys and quads.  Granted this is the 12(ish)% grade hill but I feel like a pansy for A) wanting to quit after 1 and B) only doing 4.

I ran the warm down and bitched and moaned to my friend that I “effing hate hills”.  But then I realized that hills are inherently hard and doing this workout before Boston training officially starts (TOMORROW! EEEEEP!) is good because now I know that hills are something I’ll need to focus on.  Particularly the W hill.  I know that I love charging up hills, making A hill nicer to me.  Boston, if I remember correctly, has a mix of both. So I’ll need to keep doing these hill loops and not shy away from the W hill. It’ll be hard facing a hill that I know is nastier to me when there’s a nicer one a few meters over but I’ll need to.

So, for once I’m writing a quick post, because now I’m taking a lazy Sunday, staying in my pjs and watching more Pushing Daisies with my friend.  I’ll likely get a run in but it won’t be until later this afternoon as it is currently 16* outside and I’m hoping it gets warmer by 1400 or so.  Fingers crossed.

January 21, 2011


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Nope not a hill workout.  I don’t even want to start thinking about those yet!  But I just so happened to choose the hilliest route I could find for Thursday morning’s LR.  And, because I’m me, I happened to choose to run this route the exact way so that I hit the worst of the hills at the last 4 miles.

And when your LR is 17.3 miles, having hills in the last 4 are brutal.  I was a trooper though and finished them.  Barely.  The average pace was WAY below what I’m used to but I just didn’t want to push it.  That’ll come later I guess, right now is time on my feet.

But, man, I really REALLY wanted to quit.  And I probably could have, especially since I ran 3 loops and after the second loop I was already at 15 miles even.  But something told me to keep going.  Maybe because it was the crisp and bright weather.  The cool air (28*) felt really nice on my face as did the sun.  Plus there were really clear roads.  After the storm on Tuesday (for my tempo) and yet another storm expected to blow through tonight, I wasn’t going to pass up some nice running roads.

But I didn’t quit.  That’s a good thing.  Building up mental toughness.

Because boy did I need it Thursday.  It was a very trying day overall at work and in life in general.  Luckily everything worked out and no crises occurred but you know when you have such a full plate that anything small just could send you over the edge? Yeah.  It was like that.  But to remain like this

thanks google images

I’ll share four things I’m okay with for this Friday

  • My car was hit on Wednesday when I was parked at work.  I am SO PISSED, mostly due to the fact that it shouldn’t have been in the situation to get hit.  Wait a minute, didn’t I say positive? Yes I did because A) the damage isn’t that great and B) my insurance company does NOT need a police report.  Which saves me from taking today off and going downtown to do so.  So yay on that front.  And I think there’s enough damage to hit my deductible, which is both good and bad I guess.
  • SNOW DAY today. Well not really because the clinic is open.  But the roads are bad and when me and my friend called (I’m staying with them again. I should just start paying rent here!) we were told to just stay home.  So technically right now I’m supposed to be working on a ppt but instead…blogging.  It’s okay because, while I did have a ton of work to do today — pushed to Monday boo — I’d likely be blogging at work too 😉 My apologies is I’m slow on commenting today but I’m using a friend’s computer (left mine at my place) and am using my phone to do so.
  • Pushing Daisies is, like, the best show ever. Why on Earth did it only make two seasons?! Seriously. Check it out if you haven’t. The friend I’m staying with introduced me to it and I stayed up until 0200 watching it with him.

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  • Productivity.  Because making this ppt (and finishing up my grant writing class) feels great.  Accomplishment is also something to feel okay about.  I’ll also try to get another snowy run in.  Keep up the getting stuff done going right?

So stay safe if it’s snowy where you are.  Heck just stay safe in general 😀

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