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July 29, 2010

Three Things Thursday: Stress Edition

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Ummmm pretty basically my life is one big ball of overwhelming stress.

  • MCAT.  2 weeks.  In two weeks from now I will hopefully be drinking on the pond feeling good about my test.  Until then, of course, it’s a little bit unnerving to feel like the entire future I want could hinge on this test.  There have been some high points: I feel better about certain topics that have traditionally given me trouble (thank you library! But no thank you old creepy men who stare at me!) but that by no means makes me feel like I’m totally prepared.  I just want the stupid thing done and over with.
  • Moving.  2 weeks plus one day.  Yes that’s right: I am moving the day after I take my test.  Ugh.  Poor planning on my part maybe.  I had originally hoped to move some of my stuff down this week or early next week but it just doesn’t look like it’s going to happen due to MCAT prep and other life stuff.  Since I’m just moving out of my mom’s house it’s not the end of the world to live bare-bones for a bit but still.  Not exactly ideal.
  • Medical School Application.  Because I still haven’t submitted it yet.  I need to re-work my essay which I haven’t had time for yet.   Nor have I really figured out how I’m going to pay for it, which adds stress of itself.
  • Not enough hours in the day.  I mean, I’ve been using the hours productively (which isn’t technically stressful) but I’d love it if I could have 2 (or 10) more.  Yeah so maybe a lame bullet point but I cannot just leave three things there.  Lucky number 4 and all 🙂

Had enough complaining yet?  Me too.  I really really try to not complain (and hopefully that does come across in my posts) but sometimes it feels good to just vent.  Also: I hate how the saying “when it rain it pours” is true. Also true? deep breathing = cure to being upset.  I’m don’t easily get upset so when I do I never know how to calm down.  But DEEP BREATHING.  Seriously.  It works.That said, here are three things that have been making me happy lately and, while they might be in vain, have attempted to lower my stress level.

  • Running.  Duh.  I feel like I haven’t been talking about my running lately because stress is so large that it’s taking over my mind and all my runs have been similar. But my runs have been feeling really good lately.  Sure, today I kind of slogged through 8 miles but can it really be called slogging when the average pace is 8:25?  I’m loving it.  Yesterday was a good 8 miles at 8:30 pace so I’ve been really pumped about it.  Thanks for all your comments about racing.  I still know I’m not going to commit to anything now but it’s nice to know that you guys think I could rock a race 🙂 AND I love the suggestions of loosely following a plan so I can get rid of that monotony feeling I have currently.
  • Reading for FUN.  Slash making sure the hour or so before my head hits the pillow is enjoyable. I’ve been making a commitment to reading chapters from a good book before I go to bed every night.  Sure it’s only 20 or 30 minutes or so, cutting into my sleeping time, but I love to read.   So it’s nice to be able to get lost in a story line.
  • Boston Medical. Which is on tonight 🙂 I’ve been absolutely fascinated with the show!  And no, I don’t think it’s because I want to be a doctor although I’m sure that’s part of it.  One of my friends, who is studying interior design, loves it too.  Always a plus to have some chica time. Anyhoo, hopefully my  *last* MCAT class tonight doesn’t run late so I can get home in time to watch the whole thing.  I’ve had to miss the beginnings sometimes and I hate missing the beginnings of shows.
  • And I know this is supposed to be THREE things but I need to put in a 4th (again):

And it’s not just this song but I’ve been really letting music lift my mood lately.  Lacey made me a mix CD that I’ve been listening too on repeat and other people have been “making” me listen to music I otherwise wouldn’t have.  But it works: I put on a good song and for 4ish minutes my thoughts are NOT on stress.

And my friend, who I stayed with in Philly, put up her pics on FB so I have more to share.  Sooooo here’s another.  And I’m going to dole them out slowly because I want to keep you guys coming back for more.  Unless you’re my FB friend.  Then you’ve likely stalked my pictures already and are bored with them haha.

Longwood Gardens. Check out the sock tan line. I am soooo attractive haha

P.S. If you’re not on my blogroll but want to be: let me know! I’m terrible at updating it when I find a new blog I love reading!

August 13, 2009

Rac — er concert report

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Guess humidity isn’t a great friend to anyone around here judging by the comments of my last post! Hah. Tuesday night we did get a pretty big downpour which helped cool things down a little bit, not much but I’ll take what I can get.

This is prolly going to be a long post as I’m going to encompass all of yesterday in one post.  I was up for 20 hours.  Yikes. Also: great concert + blogger who tends to ramble at times = long post.

I’ll start with my run yesterday (Wednesday).  Last day of interning (or at least going into the clinic to intern) so I got up at 530 for a 6 miler of a recovery run.  I kept the pace nice and relaxed although I don’t know if that was conscious or not.  My legs might have been protesting a little from the tempo Tuesday. Nothing exciting here, just a run-on-the-mill recovery run.  I did get to enjoy what might be my favorite run in my neighborhood.  Only reason I mention that is because I think I’m going on a vacation next week then leave for school, so I’ve got to be thinking “goodbye runs” from here on out.

Interning was the usual.  I did get to read for fun in the morning, as my morning duties were getting patients to fill out a survey.  Ever since the MCAT got done I have been a book glutton! Definitely not a bad thing, but I have been so book deprived this summer! The only “bad” thing about yesterday was that I wanted to leave work early so I could get to the concert on time.  Normally I love staying at the clinic but I would be coming out of Boston to the suburbs before heading back out because I had to feed my neighbor’s cat.  It was a very very tight schedule yesterday but I managed to get to the concert on time! Woot for driving really fast in rush hour traffic — well maybe not woot, more like a prayer of thanks for not getting myself killed in the process!

And the concert: AMAZING! Going into last night I didn’t really know what to except.  The show was at a baseball stadium so it was basically one big party. The headliner was Jason Aldean with openers Dean Brody (hmmm won’t let me put the link in so here’s the URL if you’re interested:  and Jimmy Wayne.  I actually knew more of all of their music than I thought. — I only have one CD between the three of them (a Jason Aldean one).  But I literally won FRONT ROW SEATS. Like legit, front row.  It was awesome. I got to touch Jimmy Wayne when he came into the audience (yes I am still a teenager at heart). I wish I had brought my camera to show you guys but I forgot!

Oh and just a note, because it just popped into my head: I do thoroughly enjoy being tall.  But I felt like an Amazon woman last night.  Luckily I brought my roommate who is just as tall as me (if not taller) so it wasn’t as awkward.  But still pretty awkward when Jimmy (yes we’re on a first name basis) walked by and was what felt like a foot shorter! Ha. Also just to note, if you look at a picture of him it appears that his hair requires more maintanance than mine. Not sure how I feel about that heh. Oh, and just a random note, it was Dean Brody’s bday yesterday and the whole stadium sang happy birthday. Awww.

Jason Aldean rocked it too.  For real.  If you ever get the chance to see him — DO IT.  Words really can’t describe how I feel about it.  Suffice it to say that I want to move to the south where there are real honky-tonks and bars that play country music.  That scene just felt so comfortable.  I would say that the 90% of the songs played were ones I knew, so I got to sing along loud which makes any concert extremely fun.  Even my roomie knew a few and she doesn’t like country music.  He also played some rock songs that she knew and I didn’t, which was something to laugh about.

So there is my concert report.  If I had to give it a grade, I’d give it an A+. I had so much fun, which is why I did a whole post on it I guess.  If my ipod still worked I would load it up with his songs to run too.  I will say, however, that I am a fogie because my ears are STILL ringing!  I’m prolly going to take it easy today as a result of little sleep (thank you internal clock!) and the to-do list that is in front of me and very overwhelming.

July 12, 2009

The good with the bad

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I’ve in kind of a bad mood / funk right now so I’m going to try and keep this short to minimize the complaining  haha.

I had a *terrible* night last night. First, I tried to get some studying/practice testing in for the MCAT but that didn’t go so well and I ended up staying up later than I wanted because I was super frustrated over the whole thing.  Upon reflection it’s no wonder I did poorly (or semi-poorly) because I haven’t had a good solid 8-9 hours of sleep in quite some time.

In any case I finally fell asleep and a *massive* thunderstorm rolled through and literally jolted me out of bed at some ungodly hour! Naturally I’m have an irrational fear of t-storms so falling back to sleep was tough. And when my alarm went off at 6 I was going to get up and run a bit but I figured with less than 5 hours of sleep, I’d skip it and try and make it up after work.  I’m sure the people absolutely loved me at work. I went from so tired I’m hyper to major crash and back again.   Didn’t help that every loony-toon person out there decided to shop and seek me out for advice / help!

Unexpectedly my boss let me go an hour early so I was able to fit in a mind clearing 7.3 miles.  It was toasty but it felt so good just to sweat out my bad feelings and all the lingering ick I’ve been accumulating the past few days. Running is such a good detoxify-er, and in many ways: perfect cure to a hangover, bad moods, residual ick both mentally and physically. I’m really glad I was able to get that run in and be able to run as far as I wanted rather than having to be back in time to make dinner for the kidd-os, which usually occurs when I work my shift plus extra.

Well since I started off complaining I’m going to leave you with things that went well this weekend, because I have the tendancy to only talk about the bad and not enough about the good.  So:

  • I had the house to myself all day Saturday as well as Sunday morning; the rest of my family was in NY at a family reunion.  While I didn’t have a raging kegger or anything I did enjoy the evening because I got to hear the *quiet* that occurs when I’m the only one around.
  • Running pretty much always can lift me up and be a highlight.  My run yesterday was a spectacular recovery run, perfect pace and perfect feeling.  And as I mentioned above, the run I just got back from was much needed and provided some clarity.
  • Work.  Yes, I just complained about it but I got to leave an hour early! Yahoo! Plus, yesterday at the gym I was able to draft my med school application essay and bang out some “work experiences” and prioritize them.
  • Getting through another MCAT prax test. Again, I just complained but, seeing as nothing in my life is 100% bad (yes I do realize that), the mere fact that I got through it and gained exposure is a good thing.  It will only make me stronger.
  • I’ve been able to sit down and enjoy a good book; really getting absorbed.

So I said I’d make this short, but I lied.  I suppose it would have been short if I just stuck to complaining haha. But recognizing the good that happened was beneficial (maybe just to me) because my funk is lifting a bit.

Ok, I’m going to try and start a weekend recap a la Jess.  Hopefully I will post that shortly, just need to do a little number crunching!

July 7, 2009


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In my last post, the clouds were all figurative. Apparently the weather gods took a dislike to my being happy about the sun.  It rained and poured and thundered and lightning’d.  The sky was pitch black at points and it looked like armageddon.

Ok, so it might not have been *that* bad.  But it was still mighty unpleasant out there.  Luckily I am a fiend and was able to time my run so that I was out there for the only minutes of the day that was run-able.  Yippee!

8 miles. Prolly exact too.  And at an exact, even minute, pace. My inner OCD loved it. My legs were throbbing and tight today but what did I expect when my run yesterday was really fast (without intending it to be) and I pushed my entire body through strength? Even the act of getting out of bed was tough on the ole muscles. Nothing really spectacular on this run, which really annoys me as this is supposed to be a running blog.  If nothing special happens it forces me to come up with something interesting.  Which requires brainpower. Which is a very precious commodity these days. *LeSigh*

Hmmmm, well I  meant to use The Stick last night while parking my butt on the couch and watching The Closer, but that idea flew right out of my head so fast I doubt it was an actual thought. So be it though, and tonight I vow to do better. Stretch too. Very important!

I also plan on doing better in my studying.  I’ve just been so lazy on that front.  Like, I know that running and reading are important to me but this stupid test costs more than I make in a week.  I could put a little more effort into it, you know?

Speaking of reading, I am sooo into the Alphabet Series.  As I can never put together a succinct summary of anything, check out that link.  My g’ma got me into it forever ago and I’m almost caught up (the next one coming out this winter is U).  I love reading and once I start a good mystery / detective / military book, I will not put it down.  Very very dangerous when I have actual work to do, or when I need to sleep as I often unwind from a long day by reading before I go to bed.

Also speaking of reading, Monica over at RunEatRepeat has a great contest that you should check out.  Or not, as the less people who check it out means the greater chance I have of winning the prize. Heh.

Wow. Complete hodgepodge of ideas here.  I will tie everything back to running by posing this question: anyone have a favorite / really good running plan they love for a half? I’ve set my sights on 2 halfs for the fall but don’t really want to follow RWOL’s SmartCoach again.  I want something that will really really push me and make me a fierce competitor. Woah about those pictures. I had to do it. And here’s another (my personal favorite) because I really can’t resist. Story for another day I’m sure but trust me, I’m giggling with delight here, plus I totally changed the name of this post to reflect that.  🙂

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