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June 30, 2009

Up and Down

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Yeah, it was that kind of a day.  Again, I was in charge of the house which stresses me out slightly but I was able to run the household well and kept it running.  As a bonus (because my younger sibs who are 18 and 20 were supposed to help too) my mom is actually PAYING me for doing well.  I know I prolly shouldn’t take the money but I am poor.  So I will.

Jess asked me, in my last post, when I start applying to medical school.  Well, rolling admissions begin tmrw so I will send in my apps as soon as they’re done. Ugh, better get on that.  I prolly won’t actually send them in until early September simply because I want my pre-health adviser to give them the a-okay.

Onto the title of the post:

UP: my run today was spectacular.  The weather was cloudy and cool with 67% humidity! LOVE IT! I was only going to do 7.5-8 miles but the conditions were just too good to pass up so I did 9.  The weather also helped me feel good about my pace because it felt so so so much cooler than the past few days. It also made me want to race. Woot!

The down: I found a $50 gift card.  Well that, in theory, is an up.  But it expired (expires?) today.  So I go to shop and every store I go to says that the card is declined and the most likely reason is that the store doesn’t accept the card.  Which is bull but I figure why argue? I’ll just go to another store. (Mind you, this is AFTER shopping and picking out cute clothes).  So at the last store on my rounds, the woman tells me that she can’t run the card because it has already expired.  WTF? It’s June 30th today, so I can still use the card today. *Sigh*. Suffice it to say I’m going to on the phone with the card company fighting for a replacement because I should have been able to use it today, with no problems grrrrrr.

So rather than go to bed all angry at the world, I am going to sandwich the bad between some good running and recap the past 6 months aka the year is half over.  Yup, I am stealing this from all you bloggers who have already written this kind of post! And it’s definitely an UP because I’m very very proud of my dedication and perseverance in my running, and not necessarily just this 6 month period

Year-to-date mileage: ~1300 miles.  Okay so I’m lazy and really only have immediate access to my miles from 2/25 on (as that’s when I started computer tracking my shoe mileage) but adjustments were made for those previous 7 weeks and the 1300 is well within my margin of error. Wish I was as cool as Jess and was able to tell you how many hours that was.  And if I wasn’t so lazy, I could prolly break it down into monthly recaps.

Race mileage: 26.2. Lame, I wish I had raced more in preparation for my marathon BUT I finished this marathon and QUALIFYED FOR BOSTON. Sorry for the all caps but I think that achieving that is worth having the marathon be my only race (so far).

Also as a follow up to my racing future this year.  I think that I’m not ready for another marathon (wow news flash! I posted that the other day! haha). I am, however, to race the heck out of smaller races. Jess  suggested I look into half-marathons and I think it’s a smart idea I’ve been looking at one over labor day and another over columbus day. I think that doing both is feasible too as the time difference is about 6 weeks.  It’s actually made me excited about running and training. So much so that I’m 99.99% committed to the 5 mile race my town is having on the fourth of July plus there is a 10k that I want to do really really badly.  I just have to make sure that I will be around when it is.

Gosh, it feels like it’s wayyy past my bedtime! Sorry if this posting seems incoherent.  I’m in one of those mental states where everything I say and/or do seems like it’s perfect and amazing. I’ll prolly read this tmrw and ask myself what drug I was smoking haha 🙂

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