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May 20, 2010

Running With My Hair Did

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Hey-o! Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed for me and good vibes being sent my way.  Keep them up! Again, I don’t want to go into much (read: any) detail on the blog for fear of jinxing myself but I could use the good vibes 🙂

Anyway, last night (Wednesday) was the formal ball that my school does every year for the Senior Class.  The senior council rents out Rosecliff Manor, in ritzy Newport RI,:

Outside of Rosecliff (courtesy of google image because we got there and it was too dark to take any good pictures)

and we get all dressed up, dance, drink and have a really fun time.  The drinks were so strong (legit 6 oz of alcohol to 1-2 oz of juice/soda etc. CRAZY and well worth the $6) that I’m pretty sure you couldn’t *not* have a good time 🙂

I had a blast and it was so much fun putting on a fancy schmancy dress and pretending to be all lady like for the night. Although I did feel a bit like Abby from NCIS in my dress.  But in a totally cool way that made me feel really special.

Here are some pictures that I took of the event:

Physics and LOST buddy.

Physics and drinking buddy


  • “Haha MM you tower over [him]” (Roomie)
  • “Not now” (Me and [him]) aka i duck down and he leaps causing much amusement to our friends”

Picture of just my friends so you don't think I'm all self-centered and only took pics of myself although I am in the large majority of pics that are currently on my camera. I guess I went around going "hey I need a picture of us!" hah!

Chocolate Room

and damages

Some people decided to stay in hotels overnight in RI but I didn’t.  I didn’t want to spend the $$ on a limo and hotel (I actually used the bus that my school provided to get to and from because it was WAY cheap) and I really enjoy staying in a real bed and not a hotel one.  Therefore I didn’t get back from the party until 0200! As you may recall from yesterday I got up at 0600.  Talk about a long day.

You’d think that with such a long day my body would actually like to sleep in this morning.  And I did…I guess.  0800 is an improvement.  And I did lay in bed for an extra half hour, awake but still tired.  My eyes are struggling to stay open! I decided that running first thing, while I really love doing it, just shouldn’t happen today.  And since there aren’t any senior events until tonight I figured that I could do some “life future” stuff (aka follow ups on interviews, cover letters, job research etc.) until mid-morning.  My favorite time to run.

And since I was/am in love with how my roomie did my hair last night

I didn't get a pic from the front last night so here's one from this morning

I, duh, wanted to leave it in for as long as possible.  I do this when people braid my hair too.  Anyway the long and short of it is that the 15 bobby pins kept my hair in place for the event, sleeping AND the run.  Here’s what it looked like after though

Not too shabby. A bit messy but my hair stayed up the entire run!

But enough about hair.  And on to the outfit I wore today (I swear I’ll talk about the run soon).  Normally I don’t *really* care what I run in.  Yes  I do try and match (no red top with orange shorts or anything crazy like that) but I was feeling really girlie with the formal last night so this is what I wore

Yes. Pink bra. Pink shorts. And if you're wondering I was also wearing pink underwear too. All going with the pink camera and pink wristband I typically wear anyway haha

This was taken post-run and clearly there is a post run glow on me.  I was going to “apologize” for any food baby you might see but you know what? I love this picture.  I look very happy and despite thinking at the time I was carrying a good baby I clearly am not and I love the way my abs look rock solid here.  I think I look strong and glowing 🙂

And for good reason.  The run I went on today was kick-freaking-ass! Despite the lack of sleep I mentioned at the beginning of the post my legs felt pretty fresh.  They weren’t rarin’ to do something hard, like a track workout or something, but they were feeling good.  Coupled with the 70* weather it was a good time.

I guess I was running really fast (for an easy no expectations run) at 8:31 pace! I was not expecting that at all, although given that it was 1130 when I left and my runs earlier this week were all pre-breakfast, it shouldn’t have been too surprising.  It was a really great way to say “goodbye” to the route.

Basically I just felt fluid and efficient.  This is sometimes the best way to define a good run.  Sometimes I’ll say I had a good run but it means that I completed my workout and hit splits.  Sometimes I forget to be intune with what my body defines a good run and to me it’s what I just said: fluid and efficient.  Natural. Everything clicking and nothing feels wrong.  Like you could go one forever. Granted at the end my legs were feeling fatigue but that good fatigue where you know that you worked.  Not enough to kill you (ahem intervals) but enough that your body is tired.

Speaking of, today there isn’t any real senior week event although informally everyone is going to the local bar as the last Thirsty Thursday…EVER.  Wow.  Going to go rest up for that 🙂

And the rest of the week.  Graduation rehearsal, candle lighting ceremony and sentimental night tomorrow and then *graduation* on Saturday.  So crazy.

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