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June 21, 2009

Yet another weekend recap

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The past few days have been pretty busy.  Not necessarily with fun exciting stuff, but stuff that is calming my life down.  Granted I’ve been working like crazy on the MCAT, research and $$-work but I’m slowly but surely checking things off my to-do list and that reduces any anxiety I feel.

Running recap:

Friday: 13.5 miles!  The longest post-marathon run to date.  My legs felt terrible the whole time even if my pace didn’t really reflect it.  I figured that my legs would loosen up and feel okay a few miles into the route, which is why I chose to go the 13.5 route instead of the 10 I had originally planned.  My hubris from Thursday, when I said that my legs were responding well to the high mile week, came back to haunt me.  Luckily the saving grace was that it didn’t rain, this made the humidity a little higher, but my legs were frustrating me enough so I didn’t need rain to push me over the edge!

Saturday:  I got up at 6am to do 7 miles before heading into the gym where I am the “receptionist” for the morning.  Well last week my pace was fine at 6 am but I guess I totally underestimated how tired I was becaues the 6am shuffle is was back! I had originally intended this to be a rest day but it was (supposedly) going to be the only nice (re: no rain) weather for a while so I wanted to take advantage.  It was also actually cool temp-wise although the humidity creeped up a bit by the end.

Sunday (today): well I’m taking my rest day. My body is le tired! I did, however, do my week 2 exhaustion pushup challenge test and I got 30! Woot! I am so proud of myself that I’ve gained such strength over the past 2 weeks.  Makes me feel like a bamf.  Today is also my sis’s grad party, which all my family is coming too, so I am successfully avoiding them my working all day. Hopefully everyone will be gone by the time I get home and if not I may have to scratch that rest day and head out for a few blow-off-steam miles!

Before I head off to work hard for the money I want to say HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

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