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April 24, 2010

Still High

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Yeah so I still don’t have much to say lately on the topic of running as I’m not training anymore.  I’m still high off of Boston though 🙂

And still wearing the jacket 8)

My body still seems to feel good post-race. I’ve been sleeping a lot lately, which is really good for my body.  Sleep post-race is just as important as pre-race because sleep is when the body heals and recoups.  Clearly running racing 26.2 miles takes its toll on the body.  Even D+5.   It’s obviously good physically for me to be clocking out early but it’s not so good for my grades.

But then again I’m still riding the Boston good vibes because I’m not fighting myself to stay up (I don’t think I could either if I really wanted to).  Plus the good vibes are also causing me to chill out a bit because I’m not as stressed about getting it all done.  I know it’ll get done.  And in fact I’m typing this as a short break from all the work.  I’ve been going at it since 1000 with only a half hour break for lunch!

Friday I did some more elliptical, easy manual stuff.  The effort was like the past few days too, it felt easy and effortless to do this session and I think that the next session will be something more challenging by changing the incline and/or resistance.  I reintroduced doing core work yesterday too.  It had been a week since my last session and, like most things in life, it’s inertial.  The longer I go without it the harder it is to make myself dedicate the 15-20 minutes to it.

As for Saturday…you know how I’m in a “no running” week because of all the overtraining stuff.  Well it’s more like a “no running 4 days”.  Because I wanted to get out an run today.  I’m not quite sure what got into me but the weather was beautiful when I woke up (~50*), bright and sunny with no wind.  I’ve been really good resisting all this week with weather like that and it’s suppose to rain the next few days so….

I went running for the first time post-Boston.  Again, my body is feeling great and my shins have no tenderness in them.  So I hit the streets for 7 miles.  My quads did feel fatigued by the end so I’m likely going to finish out my “no running” week with, go figure, no running. 7 miles was probably a bit too ambitious for my first run back but like I said my body no longer feels all beat up.

The run was also slow but no more so than my easy/recovery runs during the training cycles so, while seeing slowness sucks, I’m okay with it.  It was just so much fun to be out there and LOVE running.  In the weeks before the marathon, moreso the Monster Month weeks, I never really craved to go out and run.  Yes I felt amazing during and after but getting out there door? Yeah, I’d stand for a couple minutes at the entrance to my building before heading out.

Today (and even in the week before the race when I was doing really short easy stuff)? I was raring to go out and just *run*.  I think I mentioned this in my race recap but racing Boston re-ignited my passion for running.  I distinctly remember thinking at some points that “I love running. This is why I love running.” And today was no different.  Every step was fun.  Listening to the birds and wildlife was fun.

I finished the run, yes with fatigued quads, but with that light feeling that I just did something I love.  It’s hard to describe but I’m sure lots of you know what I’m talking about.  Not a runner’s high but the feeling that I just spent an hour or so doing something for *me* and doing something that was purely for me.

The rest of today is going to be spent finishing up my work as well (hopefully getting outside to do that! Hate to waste this day inside) as doing some babying to my body.  Lots of stretching and icing and massaging.  Maybe I can get one of the physics boys to help out with that last one 😉

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