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May 14, 2010


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Whew. Even though finals week is never really stressful / crazy for me I guess this just isn’t the typical semester. As you guys know (and are probably sick of hearing) I’m taking quantum physics and we got a take home that…well didn’t really kick my butt but was being a time suck.  Couple that with any “free” time being totally taken up with trying to get my shizznit together for finding, you know, a source of income for the next year and well, I’ve been feeling a bit stressed.

But luckily I’m 100% done with undergraduate work so it’s not so bad.  Now I just need to find a job. And I appreciate all the comments telling me to push through and that I can do it, don’t stress and enjoy these last few weeks.  I definitely needed to hear that 🙂

Thanks for the good lucks on my thesis too.  Except for the fact that I”m not doing one haha. Kind of sad, kind of not but thanks for the support anyway 😉  I think that the confusion arose because I’ve been going to a bunch of defenses for my friends but I definitely did not do one.  I was doing enough already that I think a thesis would have put me in the loony bin.

Luckily I had running to get me through the year and because I’ve been really busy lately (sorry to all those blogs that I read but didn’t comment on the past week because I haven’t had time! And doubly sorry to all the emails i have yet to respond too, I promise I’ll play catch up soon!) here’s a quick (well not really quick) little running recap because I do call myself a runner.  Plus I really haven’t been doing anything other than school work and running.  I’d be willing to bet that you’d rather read about my runs than my Quantum physics exam.  Just a hunch though 😉

Tuesday was a run and a full body circuit (which can be found on the tab on the right-hand side of the page).  The run was actually at a nice cruising pace.  I was really surprised when I mapped out the route and found that it was 8.8 miles and that my pace was ~8:59 (gotta LOVE having that one second under 9s hah).  I guess the soreness in my legs from the weekend wore off nicely because my quads and hammys weren’t shouting in protest.  The circuit itself was pretty unremarkable.  I had wanted to hop into the gym but because of finals week the hours are all screwy and I couldn’t go when I needed to.  I figured the circuit was a good “placeholder” strength workout — a workout where it doesn’t really help you add muscle or make gains but it keeps your muscles from forgetting that they need to work.

Wednesday morning I got up early to run before my Spanish exam (gaahhh can’t believe that’s over with! So sad). The weather forecast wasn’t looking too good (rain bleh) but because of the limited fitness center hours I knew that I would have to get out there if I wanted to do a run at all.  After the exam I needed to work a lot more on the quantum exam.  But I’ve been really lucky lately.  Even though the weather has been quite chilly for mid-May (highs only in the upper 50s and lows into the upper 30s) I’ve so far been able to avoid the precipitation.   Give me sub-zero temps any day (well maybe not as I really do hate being cold) just as long and there is no snow or rain.  It misted a bit during the run but I was able to crank out another great feeling run.  I faded a bit at the end but I think that’s just my legs saying “Hey there, you really want to get us back into a regular running routine?!”

Thursday: So my intention was to get up early and run, do some quantum work then lift.  But life happens.  Or rather flu-like illness happens.  Wednesday night was not pretty with chills, body aches, sore throat and fever.  Basically a restless night of sleep.  Although “sleeping” it off (I was in bed for 13 hours but was tossing and turning the majority of the night so I wasn’t asleep) made me feel better I knew that my plan was out the window.  I was really dehydrated from all the sweating overnight and have that hangover headache.

So I decided to do my work in the morning and if I felt better after hydrating and getting some fluid in me that I’d get out for a run.  By mid-afternoon I was sooooo ready for a study break from the quantum exam so I figured a little run and some fresh air would do me good.  I was also feeling *much* better.  I had that sexy voice from being sick but that was it.  And wouldn’t you know it: my run was the fastest I’d done all week and felt AMAZING.  Well it didn’ t feel stellar at the time, it didn’ t feel bad or anything but it felt like a typical easy run.  Not the case and I had to triple check my route because my pace was really good.  It’s funny how I consider the 8:38s I ran this day to be blistering because it was an easy run but I would never accept that as a fast pace for a tempo.  How how everything is relative (and that’s also a total physics joke with the club too)

Friday was trying to get my planned Thursday lift in.  I was feeling 100% illness wise (although with a slight sore throat and that sexy voice still) so I got a quick run in outside in the misty rain.  Nothing too strenuous because I knew I was essentially doing a double workout with the pending lift but the pace was spot on.  Nothing like Thursday but still a respectable 9:05.  It felt pretty good too and if you had asked me mid-run I’d have told you that I was running way slower.  I definitely think not doing the mega-miles now is letting me run faster on a daily basis.  Guess that’s just the trade off between miles and speed.

I then looked over my Quantum exam, handed it in and eventually hit up the gym for some lifting (and did the arms and legs portion in the Lifting tab on the right).  I didn’t do the abs/back at this time because I wasn’t sure if I really would get to the gym and I love doing core / think it’s really important to do regularly, so I did it right after the run in the AM.  As for the weights, last weekend when I reintroduced lifting I went with slightly lower weights but today, after not being incredibly sore after that lift and Tuesday’s circuit, I decided to go back to what I was using pre-Boston.  And man was it tough.  It hurt — but in that oh-so-good way.  I’ll likely be feeling it tomorrow and I welcome it with open arms.

Aside from the soreness I’m not quite sure what the weekend holds for me running wise. I decided not to go home this weekend so I get one more LR on campus and trying to decided when / where to make this final goodbye LR is a really tough decision!

Anyhoo that’s been my running/working out update since Monday when I last updated it.  And I really am starting to think I should have been an English major given how long my posts are 😉

Now I get to relax a bit and bask in the glow that is NO WORK.  I mean, starting tomorrow I have to start drafting more cover letters, but as of right now I really don’t have to do anything.  I’m trying not to think about it too much because it means that graduation is in 8 days so I guess party time? 😀

(And yet again I’m not proof-reading this post before posting.  Sorry for any typos/grammar errors!)

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May 6, 2010

Racing Toward The Finish

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Now that I finished that second presentation Wednesday night I am *almost* home free.  Just have to hand in 2 Spanish papers, take Spanish exam #5, Spanish final and a Quantum take-home.  Okay so I guess it looks like more written out but having those 2 presentations done and over with makes me feel SO. GOOD.  So it’s like nothing can even touch how stressed I was over them.  Luckily last night’s went extremely well.  I think I was able to really articulate my ideas and break a complex topic down to a level that other people can understand.  My project was about a 50/50 mix of physics and bio so the bio stuff people had lots of questions on.  But I was able to clearly respond and not stutter and get wicked awkward.  Yay.

But enough tooting my own horn.

I don’t think I mentioned how much your guys’ comments about me getting back into running and being okay with keeping it light, easy and fun.  So many of you told me that I need to enjoy being “a kid” and enjoy life because before I know it I’ll be grown up.  Granted I’m trying to do everything in my power to not grow up buttttt I love the support of embracing a different attitude with my running and not worrying about anything.

Which I obviously am loving the whole “run free” thing.  I spent 16+ weeks following intense running and rigorous running.  I do have a post in the works about my Boston training from an analytical standpoint.  I started it, oh a week ago, and still am drafting so don’t expect it tomorrow or anything.  But suffice it to say that I thought not following a plan, not really being able to run these past few weeks…well I thought it would be a let down and I’m glad that I can be happy with it.

Another plus of my “new mindset” (and I do want to state that my go-get-’em intense mindset isn’t gone but it just needs to recovery just as my body did from Boston) is that I’m comfortable taking XT days in stride.

Like today.  As I mentioned yesterday after 4 days of running my legs are feeling tight.  I knew that I *could* get a run in today.  And I even knew that if I were to run a short run that I would still be on the speedier side.  I really don’t think that my run would have been bad today but tight muscles aren’t fun and considering I keep saying I’m going to stretch/foam roll….clearly I never do.  And another day of running without stretching probably wouldn’ t have been good.  I’m such a firm believer that tight muscles are a cause of injury soooooo

I took an XT day this morning.  It helped a bit that there was a chance of t-storms and, unlike Monday, it actually *felt* like it was going to storm.  Of course it never did (not even one drop of rain).  But  I’m sure my legs are liking me after my workout on the elliptical.  In my past few runs, even though I’ve felt spot on and amazing there has been that tightness lingering.  Not enough to cause pain or hinder my runs but enough that I’m like “Oh yeah. Hey there”.  But the elliptical didn’t trigger that awareness.  So I’m hoping that I can find some time to stretch today.  Unlikely but I think that if I keep saying it enough it will eventually happen. No?

I also wanted to take an XT day because this weekend I want to hit my first double digit run post-Boston this weekend.  And, while my tight muscles haven’t been any type of issue ( and I want to make that perfectly clear to stave off the “if your legs are hurting then rest! injury” kind of comments that crop up every time I mention a small nag) I recognize that if I want to do my favorite 11.5 mile route then it’s best to “save” those miles rather than tempt fate.

Obviously this is a type of revelation for me given the training cycle I’m coming off of and I know that some of you have been beating me over the head with it. But whatever. Better late than never.  And, like I said earlier, I’m feeling happy and confident with myself right now.  So it’s the perfect time to push my comfort zone.

Re-reading what I have written and I feel like this post didn’ t really have a point per se.  Oops.  I guess that being so sure of my “training”, I guess “working out” might be the better phrase, and I haven’t felt that way in awhile.  And by awhile I mean the past 4-5 months.  While I’m itching to put the pressure on myself for training and racing, c’mon now do you really think a tiger can change its stripes? haha, I think the lack of pressure is helping me become refreshed and refocused for whatever is next.

And with that I’m going to try and take some of this content-ness and ease and go tackle those assignments I mentioned earlier. [ETA: So I started this post in the AM so update: Almost done with the Spanish papers. Progress!] Only one more day of classes for me! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! Sure most of my peers don’t have Friday classes and are done today but whatever.  It’s still almost done for me! (I’m taking Spanish, totally by choice so I can’t complain too much, so I did, in fact, have Friday classes this semester and thus one class tomorrow.  It’s an exam too.  Talk about a way to wrap up my undergrad career!)

And then I get to go get disoriented tonight.  “Disorientation” is a senior tradition where the class council takes the entire senior class to a secret location to hang out and basically party.  In years past seniors have gone to brewerys, chuck-e-cheese like places for adults, etc.  So I’m pretty excited to cut lose.  Granted I do have that peskey exam tomorrow but it should be a blast anyway 🙂

I also plan to bring my camera but I’m not sure how “blog friendly” they’ll come out 😛

May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayooooooo

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Happy Cinco de Drinko Mayo all.  Today is actually my friend’s birthday and I haven’t been able to celebrate for the past few years because it’s always been the final push of the semester.  The past two years were finals week and this year I have my Experimental Physics presentation tonight…from 1900-2200.  Fun stuff. I’d much rather be drinking margueritas and taking tequila shots.

Speaking of tequila shots work, thanks for all the good lucks on my Senior Presentation on Monday.  I think it ended up going well although I think I rushed at the end and stumbled a bit on my words.  Oh well.  It’s done and over with. Yay.  Although not really because I actually liked reading about the condition I was presenting on.  I just didn’t like the whole put-together-a-presentation/talk thing haha.

All this school (and financial aid and future job) stress must be working it’s way into my sleep because last night I had a dream about toe getting reinfected.  And the infection being WAY worse than last time (and it was pretty bad).  Plus my friends were sick of being supportive in it.  So it was like a double whammy.  Ick. I woke up actually feeling stressed out! Thankfully my toe is FINE (school, financial aid and job? Not so much but that’s something that hopefully will get ironed out soon).  I’m actually on the last day of one of my antibiotics and second to last day for the other.  Yippee 🙂

Okay enough other things and more running!

Oh but first: LOST?! OMG.  Why is this show soooo amazing?! I won’t get into last night’s episode here (because I hate it when people are major league asses and spoil endings like that) BUT if you want to chat about theories, OMG how-could-they-moments or anything just drop me a line 🙂

So *now* onto the running.

On Tuesday I had the most amazing run I’ve had in forever.  I think I said that in my last post too.  But it keeps on stunning me how well my legs are running.  My pace felt really relaxed and… well I don’t want to say easy because I was breathing a bit heavy but it was effortless.  It was one of those runs where I knew I was going hard but I didn’t feel like I was dying.  That said the pace didn’t end up being blistering (only 8:30) but it was still pretty damn  awesome.

I think it helped that the weather was amazing.  It was on the hot side (~70*) but I was able to keep my room an ice box somehow without air conditioning (cheap ass school — no cable nor AC.  I guess I’m lucky I get heat in the winter) so the warmth felt great.  Like Monday it was a sports bra and shorts day.  Finally I get to show off all my really cute / brightly colored sports bras! 😉 But unlike Monday there was very little humidity so I didn’t feel all gross and sticky running.

Sadly Wednesday morning was not a sports bra morning.  Although it wasn’t cold (still tank-top and shorts weather) the contrast between 70* and 55* is big.  And the humidity was WAY down thanks to some really big and scary T-storms that rolled through Tuesday afternoon.  So I was actually a little chilly at the beginning of the run.  Again, it felt kind of good considering that my body isn’t used to those really hot temps we’ve been having here in the NorthEast.

Yet again, my body surprises me because I ran another sub-9 paced run.  Where were these guys when I needed it during marathon training as confidence boosters? Oh yeah.  No where! The pace felt a bit awkward though.  Not like I was pushing really hard (my runs as of late are taking on the motto: Run the pace you feel comfy with for as long as it feels comfy.  Then adjust) but my legs were feeling the effects of 4 consecutive days of running.  Feels weird to type that out considering the streak I put in over the winter of, not only running days, but of *double digit* running days.  I guess that’s what happens when XT became the focus and I “lost” a bit of running fitness.

But I’m really happy that I’m happy and excited to go out there and run.  It’s so much fun lately and I feel like a kid all free on the playground or something 😀

My only complaint is that my legs did feel a bit tight.  And not just in one particular muscle.  My IT, hammys, quads, calves, pretty much everything was feeling it.  I guess this also happens when you get back into a running routine and run serious distances.  Nothing major, I still haven’t run double digits post-Boston yet (maybe this weekend?), but I totally needed a good stretching session. Or a good foam roller session.  Because, despite buying one 6ish weeks ago, I still have yet to break it out.  Seriously.  Partly because I don’t really know how to use it.  Is it really as basic as hopping on and moving my body over it?

Okay time to wrap this up and go prep that Experimental Physics presentation.  I suppose figuring out what I’m going to say with each slide is pretty important.  But you should check out the giveaway from Erika

April 22, 2010


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Warning: this post started out all concise but became a bit rambling.  I blame it on my dreading to do the mountain of work in front of me haha.

I still haven’t changed the “D-Day counter” on my phone screen yet.  I initially set it about 100 days out from Boston and it said “Boston : ) D-X” just as a nice reminder that, you know, I was running a marathon in X days.

Now it says “Boston : ) D+X”  as a nice reminder that, you know, I ran a marathon X days ago.

And I’m still so on cloud nine.  And a HUGE thanks to all the continued support I’ve gotten from you guys.  I have just been blown away by all your words.  Knowing that I’m part of such a great community really makes me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy.

Also a warm and fuzzy feeling? All the support I’ve gotten on campus.  I was totally blown away from that too.  I really didn’t advertise that I was running Boston to many people.  I wasn’t secretive about it or anything and if someone asked me about it I readily talked about it. But I didn’t shout from the rooftops or anything. Granted it’s hard to not notice someone who is always running, especially on a campus as small as mine.

I was totally surprised how many people– people that I know well, duh, I was kind of expecting them to track me or look me up as well as people that I don’t know well — already knew about it and were asking me how I did.  Of course the fact that I am still wearing my jacket alerts them to it.  But the fact that a lot of them actually followed me on race day, and even tried to find my name in the paper on Tuesday, just was awesome.  And one of my friends decorated my door with a HUGE congrats poster which made me well up a bit when I got back to campus.

Since the race ended I’ve just been basking in the glory.  I’ve been in such a great mood and smiling to myself a lot.  I doubt this feeling will fade anytime soon. Or at least I hope to hell not.  And when people ask how I did I launch into everything and I’m sure they regret even opening their mouths haha!

The natural question you guys might have is “how are you physically feeling?” (the next one might be “what’s next?” and I’m trying to come up with that.  But right now? Basking for a good long while 8) ).  Honestly? Not too bad.  Post-Providence last year I didn’t feel banged up AT ALL.  No soreness and I was able to run some miles the next day.

This time around I’m sore but I can do stairs, sit down normally etc.  Here’s the breakdown by day

Monday was tough in general, once my body stopped moving to sit (or even stand still) the leg-os wanted to cramp up.  Going down stairs was tough, I keep remembering with a laugh how my mom had to support 90% of my body going on to the T 🙂  And that night I couldn’t sleep a wink.  And it’s not because of excitement or anything.  My legs just didn’t want to be motionless.  So I laid in bed really really wanting to nod off but couldn’t.  Typical of any type of hard effort but annoying.

Also annoying that night? That I couldn’t regulate my body temperature so I went from soaking my sheets in sweat to cold and clammy.  Again to be semi-expected after such a hard effort.

Tuesday wasn’t as bad as Monday at all.  My hips, IT band, calves and hammys were a bit sore and tight.  But I could walk down stairs normally and even attempt to lower myself to sit without pain.  The legs still didn’t really like to sit still all that much and the drive back to campus was rough when I got out of the car. In terms of sleep, I slept decently that night.  I even nodded off during a commercial break of LOST.  I never do that kind of stuff in general, let alone during LOST.

Wednesday and the soreness was disappearing. I had PT that day and we didn’t do any of the exercises. Because, while the rest of my body was only semi-sore, my shins? Well they are wicked tight.  Like beyond wicked tight.  Especially my left one, which is the one that was giving me trouble lately.  Some self-massage has helped and I had PT on Wednesday and all we did was stretch, massage, ice and stim.  I think that I’m going to keep going to PT next week and then stop.  I have enough exercises to do on my own and I’m obviously not going to be running the volume that I have been.

Thursday rolls around and the only thing that is tight is that damn left shin.  Everything else feels good to go. I guess I did something right with my training and recovery though as I can walk without limping and can carry out my life normally. If you’d look at me, you wouldn’t guess that I just ran 26.2 miles at a PR pace on Monday.

Sleep sure does feel amazing too.  I’ve been crashing hard (aside from Monday).  Annoying because I have to play major catch up with work and I can’t really afford to sleep right now.  But the body wants what the body wants.  And it also wants food. My appetite is still in full force.

And the plan for this week is no running at all.  Granted I’m sure many of you would think that wanting to run after a marathon is crazy talk.  But I know that my body will likely be ready within 3-4 days post-race to run.  But since I am SO incredibly overtrained my doctor has advised me to not run for at least a week.  We’re going to reevaluate after this weekend.  Kind of a bummer because the weather has been gorgeous this week.

I can, however, do some XT-ing in order to keep the blood moving post-race and fight off excess soreness.  On Wednesday I did a short elliptical session.  I didn’t really change much in the elliptical routine (same level/resistance) but it felt so much easier than that type of session did pre-race.  Interesting.  I’m not quite sure why but I didn’t feel like I was pushing that hard at all and I easily was going faster.  Don’t worry though, I kept checking my HR and it wasn’t elevated too much (~60% max). Same thing with this morning (Thursday) too.  Not that I’m complaining. Guess I’m recovering nicely 🙂

I figure I’ll keep doing these types of sessions throughout the week and weekend, adjusting my effort as I see fit.  I want to get in a spin session at some point but I think that, even though my cardiovascular system doesn’t feel strained right now, the smart thing to do is hold off on spin because that gets my heart pumping.

So I’m going to be pretty boring this week.  At least in the running/working out department.  After taking a 4 day weekend I’ve got plenty to do in the work side of my life.  Gotta get cracking on it though because I was informed the other day that after this week there are only 2 more weeks of classes.  Eeeeeek! And I’ve had no desire to do work.  I had an exam Wednesday morning but I just couldn’t bring myself to study.  So I didn’t.  I don’t think it went too badly though.

So I’m off to try and play catch up with life.  Hope everyone enjoys the day! Aside from my mountain of work I plan on trying to get outside.  It’s really pretty out and Earth day after all 🙂

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April 16, 2010

Just Release. And A Look Into My Academics

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Hmmmm yeah. I had nothing to really say yesterday. Hence no posting. Also my running has been boooooring.

But I did get in the 6 (well really 6.3) miles I wanted too on Thursday.  It was sooo hard to NOT push more miles.  I really didn’t start feeling good until the end — per usual — but obviously more miles with such little time left is silly.

I’m still in a semi-zen state although planning the logistics of getting to the start, what I’m going to wear and (most pressing) what I’m going to pack to head to the hometown for the weekend are starting to get to me. I don’t want to deal with it so I keep putting this stuff off.  But with 3 days to go…well let’s just say that I should really think this stuff through BEFORE race morning.

But I think that I’ve got some plans underway.  I think the lack of planning is because I’ve thrown out all expectations for this race.  Seriously.  I think I talked a bit in the beginning of the training cycle how I wanted to get 3:29:59.  Well I just don’ t think that this is going to be that race for me.  And I’m not saying that out of taper doubts or being all self deprecating or fishing for compliments.  I really just don’t think my body is in the right place to gun for a spectacular time.  And it’s my own fault really.  I got caught up in the more is better bug.

I kept trying to push and push and push.  I think I wanted it too much. But like I’ve said all along: I’m a newbie at this.  Sure it’ll suck to not PR (I think that every race I’ve ever run has been a PR) or to smash goals.  It’s a learning curve though.  I’m only 23 years old and have plenty of running years ahead of me (*knockonwood*!!).

Oddly though, as soon as I realized over the weekend that 3:29:59 is likely not in the cards, I was at peace with things. Releasing all that pressure just made my life feel really good and less stressful.  It’s been like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  And who knows, maybe going in with little expectation (other than have fun) might just make a good day and wonderful things happen.  It’s not like I’m purposely going to keep things nice and easy if I’m feeling good.  But I think that I’m a bit overtrained, so I guess I’m just trying to be a little more realistic.

Although as much as I’m not feeling like a stellar time is in the cards I’m feeling more self-assured and confident in myself.  It’s like I’m very comfortable in my skin at the moment.

Guess the taper is making all philosophical. Hahah.

I also feel more at ease and on top of things in my school life too.  Obviously training for a marathon is a huge deal and I’ve been obsessed with it for the past 4+ months.  Now, I’m not saying I’ve been slacking on my school work butttttt the combo of trying to do hardcore studying and hardcore training has been so draining.  But once I released the running tension, it was like I got renewed focus and productivity.

I talk so much about running here that I think many of you suspect all I do is run.  I mean, I know I bitch and moan about school sometimes but I wanted to take this time (since I’m still not running much) to share a bit of two projects I’m working on.

My Capstone: I’m continuing my research into Adhesive Capsulitis (frozen shoulder) that I was doing last semester.  In the fall I look at what it was and who was affected.  Kind of boring, but at least I was able to find information and literature on it.  Now I’m trying to look into the mechanics of it and it’s not known.  Like at all.  And I’m the kind of person that likes to be able to find information.  Not cool.

BUT I was able to do research on mechanical and chemical stress in the body and how that affects cell growth (which A.C. is characterized by huge amounts of cell growth).  The way it works it that a stressor (be it a hormone or increase in pressure) can change the way a cell responds to it’s environment.  For my purposes I’m looking at stressors that cause cells to grow uncontrollably and unchecked.  It’s kind of (really) cool but still frustrating because I can’t run experiments or trails or have access to real patients.  I guess this is good for me to learn that life doesns’t happen in a bubble the way college is set up.

Plus it strengthened my resolve to want to go into endocrine as well as try to pursue research in a diabetes research facility next year.  Fingers crossed for me — it’s really hard to get the kind of position I want. But that still leaves me sitting at my computer trying to put together a powerpoint presentation. Ugh.

Experimental Physics independent lab: The first half of the semester this class was all about doing pre-selected experiments to solidify our knowledge of physics concepts.  The second half my lab partner and I get to design our own experiment to study something physics-y but of our choosing.  And since my lab partner is basically a slacker (which I am SO trying to not be bitter about) I designed a lab to measure the effect an increase in pressure has on the human heart.

I tried to base my model on obese people vs. “normal” people (that sounds so bad to type out like that!!). The lab was taking tubing and creating a closed circuit (it ended up not being closed due to the difficulty of making the tubing stay) and varying the amount of pressure being placed in a particular spot on the tube — aka like fat around the heart.  Placing a marble into the model I was able to measure how fast it traveled with the different pressures.

I’m still not quite sure what my results mean (the more outside pressure lead to an increase in velocity) so I’m trying to find research on hypertension and obesity and what exactly causes the two to be related.  Like with my capstone I doubt there’s a lot of literature out there on the mechanism, so I’ll likely be looking more into the physics behind hydrolic pressure and fluid mechanics.

So hopefully you found this post to be interesting.  Since I use this blog as a way to talk about my running (because no one in my “real life” gets running) I tend to ignore the other things.  But I swear I’m more than one dimensional!

And here’s a giveaway from Run Girl Run. And from ErikaH

P.S. I do apologize for not getting around to responding to comments.  I hope that once I’m off campus I’ll be able to catch up on them!

March 26, 2010

Whew. TGIF yo!

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Gosh I’ve been a bad blogger! Not only have I gone a couple days without posting but I’ve been neglectful on your blogs. I have been trying to keep up but there have been moments where I just clicked “mark all as read” on my google reader.  Sorry if over the past few days you fell victim to that! I tried to do it as infrequently as possible. But I’ve been turning on my computer as little as possible the past few days.

Because sometimes life is more important than blogs.  Shocking I know 🙂

Where have I gone? You might ask.  Two words: quantum physics.  I got my take home on Monday night and I dropped off all radar for Wednesday and Thursday and this morning/afternoon. It’s been a really grueling exam.  Maybe more time consuming than hard but still.  It wears me down.  Luckily this week was on the light side for my other classes and I was able to dedicate lots of hours to it. Total count? 23 hours.  That’s more than I spend running. Or sleeping for that matter haha 🙂

So what else have I been up too?

  • Foam roller has arrived.  I’m lucky that I had time to hit up the post office and pick it up (plus another pair of shoes. Holler).   Unfortunately I haven’t had the time yet to open the package. (And I’m very encouraged that many of you love your foam rollers and have found it to be a great investment.  Hopefully I can find the time to open the dang package!)

  • PT.  Had session #3 on Thursday.  My right shin’s “bruise” (the only way I can accurately describe the feeling) is less pronounced.  I still don’t really have the range of motion that I want buttttt it’s a start.  The bad thing? I think that the same thing is starting on the left shin.  But I’m in PT so I asked my PT to do a little ice and massage on it so that it doesn’t get worse.  It’s just an inkling (repeat: nothing serious!)
  • Hip exercises & stretching from PT.  Man these are hard! My hips and butt hurt after doing them.

I have also been running too. On Wednesday I went for a recovery run from the Tuesday of intervals.  It was pretty slow but it wasn’t as slow as I anticipated. I went early enough that, while I didn’t see the sun actually rise, I got to still see all the pretty colors of dawn. I also got a good lifting session in the afternoon.  I felt pretty strong doing it which was great.

Thursday was a “tempo” day.  I don’t know what is up with me and tempos but I cannot do one!  I know that there are a lot of factors that go into an “on” day and whatnot and I know that the fact that I’m in Week 4 of training works against me (because I’ve put in lots of weeks.  And many of those weeks have been high miles).  And I think I’m not 100% recovered from my Tuesday sessions on Thursday.

So I recognize that.  That said, I’ve been struggling with consistency this whole cycle with tempos.  I would think that over the course of a cycle there would be a speeding up of the average tempo pace and then, around now, a stalemate or even slight slowing.  All with the same effort level.  But I’ve just been all over the place, and overall I’d say that my fastest tempos (save the tm ones) were in the very beginning of the cycle, so an overall slowing.  I think that after Boston I want to focus on getting a real feel for tempos no matter what distance I end up training for during the summer and fall.

Anyway here’s the data from Thursday:

  • 3.8 mile warm up @ 9:44
  • 7.1 miles tempo @ 7:44
  • 3.8 mile warm down @ 9:16

Total time: 127 minutes 30 seconds
Total distance: 14.7 miles
Average pace: 8:41

Immediately after this run I went to PT. Like I mentioned above, PT is going really well.  I’m not as tender in the right shin (although the left is nagging a bit).  I’m glad that I chose to run before because both shins were sore right after and it was good to get some treatment.

Today was not a good day overall. Well I guess now it’s all good but it was overwhelming to go through.  It started at midnight with me still working on my exam.  And I was being productive but the math was just taking along time.  Eventually I put it away and fell asleep to RAIN.  And I knew that the rain would continue in the morning so I planned on hitting up the gym.  After Thursday with my shins buggin’ a bit I figured the TM would help me baby. So I guess the rain was a good thing in that sense.  Also I was hoping that the rain would help with my allergies.  Nope. Still congested and still lots of bloody noses.  Lovely.

And I’m glad I planned for the TM because it was sleeting when I got up.  Although the weather was so weird: sleet in the early AM, snowy in the late AM and SUN in the PM.  I banged out a fairly quick recovery run (all of my TM runs are faster than outdoors and I figured that with the tempo from Thursday being a bust that I didn’t need as slow of recovery).  My shins were a bit troublesome, mostly the left one (like the one I’m NOT in PT for) but I got to watch the second half of a really cool History Channel special on preserving the Valley Forge National Park and it had cool info about the whole American Revolution.  And then the first part of a “Punishment” special where the focus was on torture.

And then in the PM (clearly procrastinating from the quantum exam) I did some lifting.  I ended up doing my warm up on the elliptical because I was worried about the shin and I’m glad I did because I did try to do some running to warm up and the shins were saying NO.  Nothing to worry about but I knew that it was a smart choice to do something else.  After the warm up and lifting I was able to do the warm down with running 100% pain/tenderness free. So I guess the muscles/tendons needed time after sitting in class/doing my exam all morning.

The rest of my day has been putting in more hours to the exam.  The good new is that I’m done (finished at 19:22 tonight!).  The bad news is that I know I’ve made errors.  But they’re silly errors (like one of my answers is a factor of 2 off and I’m NOT going back and redoing it for something insignificant like that) and I know that I have the process correct of what I’m going to do.  And my professor is fair and has even told me and the rest of the class that the process is the most important and let him catch the small math errors. Fingers crossed that all my hard work (23 hours) is going to pay off!

Whew! That was a marathon of a post.  I guess that’s what happens when you don’t have time to check your email much less blog.  Oh well.  Now I’ve got to go shower because I went running at 0700 and never had the time all day to do it.  It’s going to feel so good to just wash this week off of me.  And then? I’m off to Relay for Life. It started hours ago but my exam was basically my life.  I’m going to slide it under my prof’s door as I head over. Can’t wait until it’s out of my hands!

And check out this giveaway from Racing with Babies and this one from TheHealthNut and this one from Tricia.

Hope everyone is having a great Friday night!

February 9, 2010

UUUGGGHHHH & more hardcore intervals

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That just about sums up my night.  I was feeling all great post-workout yesterday and my physics lab just tanked it.  I was in the lab from 2100-0100.  Yes 4 hours. I was cranky and tired and frustrated.  Basically the night didn’t end so well.  I was also sooo keyed up from the failure that was the lab experience that I couldn’t sleep at all.  I was wayyy too overtired. Pretty much a mini-meltdown ensued as this was the straw that broke my back.  I guess the plus of not wanting to sleep was that I got to catch up on my pleasure book?

Anyway I just got out of a meeting with my advisor who helped me a bit with the lab and I just came from finishing up the experiment with my partner and we got it to work.  It was a stupid trick that we didn’t know about.  Last night we were doing everything right but we needed the laser about 3 meters farther back.  But whatever, I feel silly for getting all worked up.  But everything’s okay and now it’s just re-writing the lab report. That and about the 30,000 other things I need to do.

BUT enough complaining.  There’s absolutely nothing I can do to change my stress and get rid of the stuff on my plate.  I can, however, change the way I respond to it so that’s what I’m trying to do.  I’m attempting to let the little things (like catching up on 24 from last night or watching LOST live tonight) go and concentrate on the big things (Spanish paper and physics lab).  Prioritize because as much as it pains me to say this school > LOST.  I know: admitting that hurts me too.

Obviously I need a good hard sweat session today because I was a bit keyed up when I got up this morning.  Lucky for me it’s Tuesday which means: intervals! And I threw in hills too because I skipped them last week. Here’s the deal-io:

  • 2 mile  warm up
  • 2 X  [4 X 800m (.5 mile) ] @ 10k pace (7:08) with 90 seconds recovery between intervals and 5 minutes between sets
  • 1 mile warm down
  • 5 minute bathroom break
  • 1/2 mile re-warm up
  • 2 X .5 mile hill @ 5% with .25mi recovery (.5%)
  • 4 X 90 seconds (7-8-8-7%) with 60 seconds recovery (.5%)
  • 2 miles GMP (8:00)
  • 1 mile warm down

GREAT WORKOUT.  I kind of need to pat myself on the back here for a moment (because after the hell of last night I need a victory haha). It felt hard but not exhaustive.  Painful but not extreme. Yay.

It’s gotten to the point in the training plan where intervals days are starting to repeat so I’d already done the core of this workout (the 800s) in the first week of training and I think I’ve had to have improved since then because of the previous reasons.

I actually slowed down the interval part by 5 seconds (from 7:03 in week 16 to 7:08 today. Still faster than my 10k PR pace though which was the prescribed pace) which may have helped make it seem easier but I definitely felt like I had more in me, not another set or anything but maybe 1-2 more. That kind of reminds me of Yassos, except without the 5 minutes between sets. Given my pace that I did today, as well as the pace I did 6 weeks ago, the correlation to a marathon pace would be around 3:31-3:34.I’m not too sure how I feel about Yassos as predictors but since I’m shooting for a <3:30 (I’m serious though: a 3:29:59 is the goal) I’m somewhat near that if you believe in that stuff.  Not too sure if I do or not.

In any case I finished the interval portion feeling not drained.  Sure the workout was tough but I wasn’t feeling worn or anything.  Not just in the physical sense but in the mental sense too. Which is good because I still had my hill portion to do.  Hills, like I always have said, are SO MENTAL for me.  I absolutely dread them. I don’t think I will ever fully embrace them in the sense of enjoyment.  Yes I know they’re good and have accepted that but love? Whole new ball game.

I hadn’t done long hills in 3 weeks so I knew I wanted to incorporate them.  At the same time I knew doing 4-6 of them would be pure torture from a mental standpoint.  So I ended up with 2 of long, not steep hills and 4 short & steep ones.  I think this worked out to my mental benefit because 2 is a great number.  After the first one I was already half way there! And the shorter ones are never really bad because you’re only doing it for 90 seconds. Definitely seems like a blink of an eye.  So I found myself enjoying hills more than normal (still not saying much though) because I was constantly switching it up and I couldn’t get into a negative rhythm.

Throwing in GMP (8:00) was not in the original plan.  I’m not sure how I feel about them.  They aren’t fast enough to work on my body the way speed work does but they’re not slow enough to be easy.  I guess it’s more for my mind to wrap my head around the fact that this is the pace I want to average for Boston. Which, after such a hard/intense workout, felt easy-peasy.

I left the gym feeling rejuvenated and all my anxiety from last night was melted away.  Funny how I said that yesterday and the rest of the day went to hell.  Hopefully today is NOT a repeat of yesterday haha.

And yes these miles were all on the treadmill.  I don’t think I’d be able to run lots of run on the thing but, like I’ve always maintained, the treadmill is great for speed work where exact pace is critical (and without a team to compare myself to I doubt I’d be able to maintain exact paces on my own). Plus I got to watch a really cool program on the History channel on our galaxy and universe in the context of gravity which was cool and very informative (yup the physics nerd in me was nurtured there) and then when that was over I caught some of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. Guilty pleasure for sure.  🙂

Before I go slave away at my work, check off some of the top priorities of my work and feel accomplished by doing so, I want to say thanks for all the amazing comments you guys give me!  I feel like y’all are looking out for me and I love it.  Not many people in my “real life” know what it’s like to train or run or anything like you guys do so it’s always awesome to read your perspectives and advice.  Okay end Hallmark moment heh.

But to give back to you, I want you to check out this picture that was awaiting me this morning on my computer. I can’t get it to be put in-text so you guys will just have to click here.  Trust me, it’s worth it.

February 8, 2010


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That’s totally how I would describe my run this morning.  I think I jinxed myself when I said that my LR this weekend didn’t beat me up.  Well maybe not jinxed by my words but my fast “recovery run” — that surely didn’t help.  My pace today was what my pace should have been yesterday: 9:38.

Annoying because Monday isn’t defined by a recovery day, it’s an “easy day” so I feel like I should be able to move faster.  At least that’s how I felt when I was done with the run and calculated my pace.  In hindsight right now I’m happy that the run was so slow because I have a hard speed session tomorrow.  From now on I need to keep in mind that it’s my 3 quality workouts that count.  Not the 3-4 recovery/easy runs.

The run itself, while slow, was remarkable only in the fact that it was one of the rare runs where I ended slower than I started (not counting the initial 5 minutes where my body is fighting inertia).  I might have started out too strong (stupid ego!) and the last half I could feel the turnover in my legs slowing.

In fact I cut the run shorter than planned.  For recovery/easy runs I typically combine 2-3 short routes to make up the distance I want and today I only did 2/3 of ’em. It never felt painful or a struggle to move or anything that would indicate to me that my body was really worn down but I definitely think that this weekend caught up to me and the *smart* choice was to stop sooner than I wanted.

Throw in lackluster sleep + school related stress and I can definitely see how it all adds up to an uninspired run. My body isn’t what’s run down per se, it’s my “being”.  I’m being pushed in many different directions.  Training is intense. School is just so stressful this semester with all the work I need to do. I’m a senior trying to figure out post-grad. Working a couple campus jobs. Organizing events (such as Relay for Life)and being a leader on campus (physics club and being a freshmen advisor).  And other responsibilities. Gah. And yet here I sit blogging 😉

Plus the weather has been doing nothing to make me excited about stepping outside, so I’m sure that today wasn’t purely physical.  I know I live in New England and winter is by definition cold BUT I’m sick of it.  You know how DC and the south has been hit with snow as of late? Well the reason that the snow isn’t traveling further north into my ‘hood is because it’s actually too cold for the storm systems to hit us.  On one hand I’m soooo thankful for it because I’m not a snow fan but on the other hand I’m not a fan of temperatures in the single digits / teens when I wake up and highs in the 20s, maybe hitting 30* if we’re lucky.  A catch-22 for sure.

Moving on though (and flooding myself with positivity because: positivity leads to more positivity!), I also got in a good great strength session after my Spanish class.  By this time I had some pep in my step.  I was worried that I’d end up dragging through the weights because I ended my run lagging a bit.  I was planning on bailing if I got to the gym and was still feeling blahhh. Definitely not the case though as I powered through my routine (found here for those of you who have been asking). It felt so good to feel strong! I absolutely LOVED the feeling.  Not that on a regular lifting day I don’t feel good (I never quite love lifting but I never truly hate it either) but today was just a rock on kind of day there.

And wouldn’t you know it but after that kick-ass workout I felt 100% less stressed and better about life.  Very funny/interesting to me because usually it’s running that does that to me and today it was the lifting. Either way I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Speaking of gifts…I got some packages in the maaaaaail.  Sure all college kids anxiously await any type of mail but packages? It’s like Christmas morning.  I recently won 2 giveaways and now am the proud owner of a L.E.D cap light (from Nikki) and a pedometer (from ErikaH).  Thanks ladies! Can’t wait to try them out, with the cap light I might have to get up extra early though because the sun is rising earlier (!).  Not that I can really complain because I’m really excited to use it 🙂

Alrighty off to go tutor again (I tutor stats on Sundays and physics on Mondays).  I don’t think the intro class has a homework due tomorrow so I’m hoping to get some quality time with my lab report and other fun work.

Happy Monday all!! I’ve actually been taking a lead from EE and trying to embrace Mondays.  Granted this is only the second Monday of the semester but waking up this morning was a bit easier once I tried to look at Monday as a fresh start and something to enjoy.  Like a blank sheet of paper: it’s all about what you make of it and I’m going to make mine florescent vibrant colors 🙂

February 7, 2010

Inexperienced Racer

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Hmmmm. So I’m totally not hurting as much as I thought I would be after pushing myself really hard in yesterday’s 19 effort.  Which, by the way, I 100% agree with all of you who said “be careful” and “training plans are set up in a certain way for a reason” and “there’s still 10 weeks to go”.  I totally did not see it that way when I was running, I was too focused on my anguish of the run and, in some way, wanted to punish myself.  For what? Who knows.  But I’ve always enjoyed a little bit of pain. 😉

That said, later that night when I was doing homework and laundry (yes I am soooo cool on a Saturday night), I realized that y’all were right.  At that point there really wasn’t anything I could do except try to learn from my “mistake”.  I don’t really consider it a mistake or bad per se what I did yesterday but rather the mind of an inexperienced racer who desperately wants to succeed.  And not just a “good job” succeed (which obviously will happen just by virtue of running Boston as a second marathon) but a “DAMN!” succeed.

Needless to say I’m a bit overzealous.

This morning I wasn’t feeling it like I predicted during my hard second portion effort.  Well maybe I was a bit at first.  I have a physics lab to do this afternoon so running my post-long run recovery run at my favorite time of late morning just wasn’t going to happen so I got up when I woke up and hit the streets then.  Normally I like the late morning because it gives my legs a chance to, not only get a few more hours of rest, but a few hours of walking around to loosen up.  Oh well, life. What can I do?

Back to the run.  The first mile was definitely granny shuffle.  Like I probably could have walked faster.  But no judgment on my part ( at least consciously as over time I did speed up).  Over the first few miles my form started to come back (granny shuffle isn’t just named for it’s super slow speed) and I felt fluid.  The pace was definitely still shuffle pace but it didn’t feel that way which was nice and allowed me to keep myself judgment free.

Over the course of the next few miles my pace had to have picked up quite a bit (and I know the last mile was at 8:35!) because the average pace for the whole darn thing was 9:10.  Wayyyyy too fast for a recovery run.  Sure it started out really slow but I must have really picked up the pace to keep a 9:10 average.  Keep in mind that my typical LR pace is ~9:00 and according to the running calculators my recovery should be at 9:30-10:00.  Guess those 19 didn’t take a huge toll for today. Maybe it’ll be a delayed thing and tomorrow I’ll not want to move heh.

I guess I should start paying attention more to my pace on recovery runs.  The past 6 weeks have been so intense that I haven’t had the need to monitor my recovery pace.  Not that recently the intensity has let up but my body is adapting to it.  That may be an area for change (the intensity of my quality workouts) but it shouldn’t change the way I do recovery.  Again: inexperienced racer showing.

And as a follow-up to my bladder issues yesterday, I think Jess’s theory makes the most sense: I’m not sweating as much and the extra fluid is going to my bladder.  So I’m not sure what to do to combat it.  Wear more layers to sweat more? Haha

In terms of the food / drink I’m having beforehand, this was my thing yesterday:

  • 0815: Bowl of oatmeal with banana and pb made with ~8oz of water
  • 1100: Leave for run.

So I’m already not drinking anything within a short time frame of leaving and can’t abstain anymore.  It’s interesting to note that on my early bird runs (sans breakfast) I don’t have the bladder issues so I’m sure it’s related to my breakfast but I’m still getting plenty of time to digest and have that stuff work it’s way through me.  So I’m still stumped. Conundrum for sure.

And on the random aches and pains front: I’m convinced that my foot stuff is related to a tight calf.  Last night I was using the Stick on my calf and my foot felt so much better! Definitely need to be more diligent about stretching as the recurrence came after a slacking in that department. Perfect evidence to keep up a routine. It was also weird to see my big toe contracting and moving while I was massaging my calf.  I mean, I know that everything is interconnected but still weird to see.

My bruised knee hasn’t really gotten any better. Definitely not worse but annoying.  It looks like a bruise and feels like a bruise but it’s been ~1 weeks since I noticed it.  Shouldn’t it be going away by now? Do running knee injuries present like a bruise? Clearly I’m a little paranoid after realizing my inexperience of yesterday and pushing that 19 miler.  I’m sure it’s nothing but the mind likes to jump to worse case scenarios, no?

Alright. Enough of a procrastination break. Got to get back to experimentally calculating the wavelength of a laser.  Kind of fun but my answer isn’t turning out the way I want it.  I’m an order of magnitude off.  Boo. I might have just figured it out? Hollllerrr. Hahah

Enjoy your Sundays everyone! I guess I should say something about the Superbowl but my beloved pats are not in it so I won’t be watching.  Granted I do have to tutor tonight so I wouldn’t have been able to anyway but whatever 🙂

February 4, 2010

Tempo. Not Too Shabby.

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It’s Thursday. Ergo: TEMPO THURSDAYS.

I had a really fitful night of sleep last night.  I was so keyed up over my physics classes that I couldn’t power down.  That and my nose was so congested (and I couldn’t blow it!) so I definitely had a hard time getting up this morning.  I ended up sleeping with two pillows (which I don’t do because having my head at an angle bugs the heck out of me) so it was a rough night and morning.  I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror before heading out on my run and it was not pretty.  I have pretty low standards of how I need to look in the morning so the fact that I thought I looked like hell is telling.  Oh well.

I also woke up feeling like my right knee had been hit with a sledgehammer. OUCH.  It doesn’t hurt when I walk or move at all (well stairs a bit) but touching it makes me think I slammed it into something without realizing it because it’s painful when I poke and prod it (note: don’t poke and prod bruises).  It definitely feels bruised and I don’t think it’s a running- related pain.  Just a I’m-incredibly-clumsy pain.  Unless knee injuries feel like a bruise? Guess I need to pay attention to where I walk. Funny because I don’t remember banging into anything.

Regardless of the weird knee thing I decided to do my tempo workout first thing (like last week) for a couple of reasons

  • I have soooo much work to do so I wanted to have my workout under my belt before getting lost in the world of Quantum Mechanics (Sorry EarlyRunner I doubt I’ll do a post on it unless it’s really requested because I don’t understand most of it myself! haha.  Maybe at the end of the semester when hopefully I’ll have learned something)
  • I really like running first thing.  It sets a tone for the rest of my day.
  • Tempo running in the morning, sans TM, sans breakfast is hard.  I really like a challenge and I think that if I can conquer tempoing correctly as an early bird than I’m in excellent shape.

As much as I complain about tempo running on my own (because let’s face it I do contemplate the tm for these runs every darn week) I really love it.  Of course if you were to ask me during the tempo portion I’d hate it and likely want to hurt you.  But at the end it’s all good.  I always feel the good exhaustion at the end of a tempo because I’ve been running hard.  And a hard effort is most excellent.

Which is exactly what I got. Given that my sleeping hasn’t been all that great lately I was worried about what I could do today.  Early morning quality workouts are completely different from early morning recovery runs — duh and I think I wrote the same thing last week. Oops. I figured that if I could just keep the pace the same or equal to last week (7:44) then I’d be good.  Not going to lie: the first few miles were tough.  But I’ll let the numbers speak for themselves

  • 3.8 mile warm up @ 9:45
  • 7 mile tempo @ 7:35
  • 3.8 mile warm down @ 8:55

Total time: 124 minutes
Total distance 14.6 miles

I wasn’t planning on going for 7 tempo miles this morning but when I finished the 5.5 mile loop that I was going to do I miscalculated my pace.  I figured that I was going at a longer tempo pace so I kept it up for another 1.5 miles.  Mmmmm yeah wasn’t the case and I’m sure today was a progression tempo as the last 1.5 was at 6:58 pace. So clearly I was beasting this tempo.

It didn’t feel like it though and, like usual, I tend to doubt my abilities to run tempos on my own.  I always think I’m going MUCH slower than I am and I always wonder how I’m going to complete the workout.  It’s silly because in the past 6 weeks of training I’ve never once failed at a tempo run (*knockonwood*!!) but the lingering doubt is still there.  I guess in some ways it’s good because it drives me to run faster and harder — one of the thoughts that goes through my head is “imagine how disappointed you’ll feel if you’re 5 seconds off pace” — but still I wish I was more confident with it.  Hopefully that’s something that will evolve over time.

But from my perspective after the run: I’m extremely happy with how it all worked out and think I was crazy for the worrying.  Especially because with my rounding system I think I’m under counting the run by about a quarter mile, with .1 of it in the tempo portion.  (My system means that 1.77 + 1.24 =/= 2.01.  It really equals 1.9 because I don’t use the hundredths place decimal).   That means I’m faster (not by much but faster nonetheless) than I’ve calculated.  Not too shabby indeed.

Hopefully I can channel some of that awesomeness into finishing up my Quantum problem set now. I don’t have that much to left to do (I was actually pretty productive after my run)it’s just that the math is very messy and I don’t want to.  Then I get to play with lasers for my Experimental physics lab.  At least the lab is exciting because writing up of the lab report won’t be.

Happy Thursday all!

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