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August 29, 2010

Another Long Run and Some Shoe Pictures

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(Let’s see if I can keep my knowledge of how to schedule posts.  Today (Sunday) I’m working on my application essays all day — or at least that’s the goal. I’m also trying to recover from the first of these this summer/fall.  Good times. All to be recap-ed later because I *gasp* took pictures!

So I wrote the portion about my LR on Saturday after the run was done and then tried to edit it so I could keep the tone/tenses correct for readers reading today after putting in stuff about my run today.  It may or may not have been a success.  I guess you’ll have to read and see 🙂 )

I slept for 11 hours Saturday night. For real. Like, who am I?!  I guess that I was really sleep deprived this week?!

I also guess that the massive amounts of coffee I drank on Friday didn’t affect my bedtime.  I will say that, while I am completely addicted to caffeine (I get the headaches and withdrawal if  I don’t have it everyday) the amount in the coffee I had might have been too much.  I wasn’t jittery or shaky during the day but it was kind of like an outer body experience until about dinnertime.

Oops. And I didn’t end up having any more caffeine that day.  No diet coke with lime for me.  So sad but I just did not need it. Lesson learned.

The lesson being more sleep is a good thing.  I didn’t exactly wake up feeling all renewed but it was nice to have gotten a large fix of some “zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”.

Obviously this being a good thing as I planned a long run for Saturday. I really like putting my LR on Saturdays for some reason.  I used to do them on Sundays because I felt that’s when runners did them but when training for my first marathon I got into the habit of running long on Saturdays.  And then during one summer I even did them on Fridays because my weekends were so packed with working 10 hour days.  Just goes to show you how one thing doesn’t fit all.

Anyway back  to the run at hand.

Since I’m still new to the area I’ve been relying on mapmyrun to give me routes.  Or rather I search for routes other people have done in the area and then slightly modify them.  Today I took on of the routes and did it as is.  I did have to tack on about a half mile total to it because the start of the map wasn’t my apartment (how rude!).

I think it’s always slightly risky when trying out new runs in areas that you haven’t been in before.  Hell I think it’s risky even driving in areas that you haven’t been in before because, especially in a city, you just don’t know who lives there, what the roads are like etc.

But I’m a risk taker. Clearly  😛

Courtesy of google images

The fact that my route wasn’t tested out or previewed in a car by me was…okay.  Last weekend I did this (run without seeing all the roads) and it worked out okay.  I made a few minor errors but luckily the area where I was running is a place where I could easily correct: I was in an area where I could “see” the map in my head because it’s on College Hill and the roads are pretty logical.  I wasn’t exactly flying blind today but there was that potential so I was a bit nervous.

But I was really gung-ho about this run because I was going to be able to run through a park/golf course/pretty area with ponds.  Getting to said area might be difficult but the rewards were great.

Plus I got to run in two states (I almost wrote two *different* states but figured “duh they’d be different”.  I can be so blond at times haha) How awesome is that?!

And before I get into my run I want to say “great job” to all those who are doing/have done their 20 milers this week.  I got back from my long run, read about everyone’s 18-20-ers and suddenly what I did felt very short indeed 😉

Not that my run was too shabby.  I ran 13.57 miles (of course in my log book it goes in as 13.5 hah!). This is farthest I’ve run since about mid-June.  I know I did lots of doubles/triples this summer where my miles were way high for a day but for a single run it’s been awhile since I ran this far. I think I’ve done a handful of 11-ers but that’s it. It made me a little nervous but nerves mean you care, right?

Answer: Right.

So I set out in beautiful sunny weather.  Yay 🙂

So I put on my shades to cover up my eyes. But rather than feeling like a star and not stopping my shine I was feeling eh.  And I’ve probably already linked to this song/video but it’s awesome. So deal.

Feeling eh? Well I definitely started out that way.  But I just told myself to relax and my legs would warm up a bit.  I think that my legs feel the same way on all my other runs too but since I left at noon for this run my brain was actually awake and could process the stuff.  But true to form I did warm up and was off.

The way I ended up running my route had me running the more “industrial” part of the run first which I liked.  Not that I liked running through real legit city but rather that I got to run the second part last. This section (aka the first 7 miles) was kind of boring, lots of pavement and no shade.  Granted the temps were outrageous but sunlight shining directly on you makes you hot.

Once I got to the park (and any subsequent pictures are from google as I didn’t bring my camera.  But this is the area I was running in) the place was stunning.  Apparently there’s this bike path that runs about 10 miles or so.  I ended up only running 3 of the miles but I really can’t wait to go back and explore.

Surprisingly I didn’t see  *that* many people out running/walking/biking.  The weather was perfect for this stuff! Granted there were a ton of families in the park area itself and the smell of s’mores and grilling was mighty tempting for stopping.  But with a view like this how could I?!

After passing through the park I got back onto the main roads and headed back to my apartment.  I could definitely tell that my pace had picked up over the course of miles 4-10 and with about 3 left I wanted to see if I could keep up with that.  Obviously I needed have worried because once I lock into a pace I’m there or faster.  So, while I don’ t have data for each mile, I’m really confident that I can say I negative split this one too.

My final stats were: 13.5 miles at 8:27 pace.

It was very very tempting to run until I hit 14 miles.  Without a garmin that would have been tough to guesstimate.  Or hit 2 hours even.  But there really wasn’t any real reason to do that.


Because, and I realized this during mile 5 of my run today, I’m running a half marathon next week.  Or at least I’m really thinking about it.  I’ve run it a couple times in the past and this year would be running it with Lacey. Of course I’m not registered yet (and won’t until race day) but it’s an opportunity that has presented itself and, barring anything popping up unexpectedly, I’ll likely be doing it.  Exciting.

Also exciting? I’m getting another black toenail.  Okay so maybe not terribly exciting especially as I just got rid of one.  But the aching in this toe has felt suspiciously like my toe infections of the past so I’m glad that it appears to be just a banged up toe.  Of course now I’ve jinxed myself and will likely end up in the hospital again.  Like in the next hour.

As far as today (Sunday) I got out for an “early bird” recovery run (quotes because it was a first thing run.  Not because I was up early ha!).  Nothing serious on that front and I’m surprisingly not too banged up.

Well that was what I had planned to run today. Oh hubris.  Clearly I wrote that sentence on Saturday before my ER trip.

After spending the night in the hospital due to the fact that my toe is, in fact, infected, those plans have changed.  Sunday is now a forced rest day.  I still maintain that I don’t feel banged up but my toe is pulling out the trump card.  Luckily I wasn’t stubborn this time and got to the hospital BEFORE the infection spread from the actual toe so I’m only on oral antibiotics now.  Also kind of a good thing I went because now I have a primary care doctor which I was lacking in this city up until…well technically I still am because I need to call on Monday but I have a name and number!

I’ve also made plans to go to the local running store today just to try and make some running friends and connections in the running world. I want to be in the know in my new city. I may also have to break the bank and purchase new running shoes as these are what I’m currently running in

Note the blood and the fact that the heels do not have the fabric anymore.

Yes that is a hole in the mesh of the toe box

But from the outside they look okay and not too worn. Right?!

I probably should be more embarrassed about posting these pictures than I really am. But really, what can you expect after getting just north of 1700 miles.

But now it’s time to get back to working.  I swear I’m making some progress on my application essays! Slow and steady right?

January 31, 2010

O.M.G. Shoes.

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So I forgot to mention yesterday to say THANKS for all the nice words about me being stressed on Friday.  It was just silly stress, well I guess the stress wasn’t silly but it didn’t have a focus or purpose.  But I get so much lovin’ from y’all. <3. And thanks for all the suggestions for fueling during the run.  I hadn’t thought of crackers and pretzels just because of the logistics of taking it. Luckily I wear a windbreaker that has a front pocket so carrying the stuff shouldn’t be difficult it’s just those pesky frozen fingers make everything 10000000x more difficult.  Which is why gels and stuff is out.  I need something that I can stow away already opened, like pretzels in a fold top baggie.  I’ll experiment and keep you guys posted on that.  Luckily it shouldn’t be 14* on April 19th.  At least I’m going to pray it isn’t.

It was, however, another cold one here in southern New England.  I purposely chose to push off my run ’til noon so I could take advantage of the 22* (feels like 6*) weather rather than bitterness when I first got up.  The wind wasn’t too bad actually so I, again, overdressed.  In fact I was sweating during this run! Craziness.

After some stalling (because I always stall when I know it’s cold out. I know I can handle it but I’m never like “hell yeah it’s cold out! Rock on!” So I stand at the door to my building for a good 5 minutes just waiting hah) I hit the streets for a recovery run. Despite having run 20.5 miles yesterday my legs didn’t feel bad.  Sure when I first got up they were a little grumbly but they loosened up quite nicely and I was able to hit a nice clip from the get-go.  Not sure what I started out at but my overall pace was 8:56 for a total of 10 miles.

Very fast for a recovery run.  But it didn’t feel that way and in fact I was trying to keep myself from speeding up even more! As for the distance, my rule of thumb is the recovery run can be 50-66% of the long run distance.  In this case ~10.25-13.6.  Even with my self-imposed rule I was at the low end of my run.  I originally set out for 6 miles but was really feeling it.  That said I don’t think I would have wanted to go any further than I did.  My body was definitely happy with stopping at 10 and surprisingly my mind was too.

One highlight of the run was that I “broke in” my asics sneaks that I bought last week when I was home.  It’s weird because in the past I’ve never had more than one pair of running shoes in my possession but at the moment I have FOUR.  They are

  • 2000+ mile New Balance 768
  • 700 mile New Balance 769
  • 10 mile Asics Gel Kanbarra 4
  • 0 mile New Balance 769

I wrote “broke in” with the quotes because I am now a firm believer in the fact that a good pair of shoes should NOT hurt you.  I didn’t always think this and up until a year ago (when I got my first pair of real running shoes — the 768 ones) I wore cheap ass shoes from Walmart.  They weren’t specifically running shoes but rather athletic shoes.  Which was great because I wasn’t running huge miles or intense work so the price was right but they cut up my feet so bad for the first 1-2 weeks I wore them.  In fact I think that the blisters I got from a pair like them was the reason I had to be on IV antibiotics for a resistant strain of staph in my toe last January. NOT GOOD.

Now I love my New Balance.  More expensive yes, but for the way I run totally worth it. Last week I was at Kohl’s and there was a huge sale of many types of running shoes so I looked around and since there weren’t any New Balances that fit me the way I wanted and I ended up finding the Asics.  Which did you know stands for “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano” (a sound mind in a sound body)? Well I didn’t until a week ago.

The verdict on these guys? Well they’re a keeper for sure.  My only complaint is that they didn’t have any “wide” versions at the store and I settled for regular width.  But on my test drive today I was wearing double socks (because it’s cold!) and there wasn’t any real discomfort.  Yes they are a little tight in the toe area but nothing major and nothing that dropping that second pair of socks won’t cure. I doubt I’ll wear them for my LR or speed work but they definitely will help me make my NBs last longer as I plan on wearing these guys as my recovery run shoes.

Another highlight of the run was when I was finishing up I ran past a police officer and I said “good morning” to him (which I ALWAYS am nice to the po-pos.  My dad is a cop and I genuinely think that cops are bashed far too often! But that’s a rant for another day) he replied back with “man that is some dedication you have”.  He probably meant me being out in the cold because obviously he had no idea how far I’d run or what my running schedule is like but I was so touched by that. Definitely brightened my day.

Well I’m off to a Sunday meeting.  Ugh I hate Sunday meetings, I know most people are doing work today but I never do work on Sundays: I hate feeling rushed doing stuff last minute. Plus I want to enjoy my Sunday before my week starts.  The calm before the storm anyone?

Hope you had a great weekend and are having a totally relaxing Sunday 🙂

January 25, 2010

What makes a high mileage runner?

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I’m still dealing with computer issues UGH.  These rounds are 100% not related to last week’s though and I’m hoping that it will get solved soon.  The computer people seem to think it’ll be okay soon so fingers crossed!

Since I last posted I’ve been feeling pretty good .  After Saturday’s beastly 17 I wasn’t sore at all.  Very surprising because when I got to my mom’s house I had all intentions of stretching and icing butttt that never happened.  Oops.  Instead I just bummed around.  And later I went out shopping and bought another pair of shoes.  Kohl’s was having a sale of running shoes and I found a pair I liked.  Not my usual shoes (I like New Balance 769 and these are Asics Kanbarra(?) ) and they aren’t a “W” (wide) but they will work.  I won’t race in them but they’ll be good for training. I also scored tons of free food.  I should go home more often to help with my grocery budget heh.

My runs since Saturday have been okay.  I think the killer paces that me and Lacey hit at the end took a lot out of my legs.  At least that’s how it felt because both runs were at 9:20 which is much faster than past recovery/easy runs have been. Guess fast running begets fast running. And as a final note the temps were a complete 180* from each other: Sunday morning I had 10* and this morning was 55*.  Seriously New England: I want consistency!

Any way back to the title of the post. This has been a question on my mind lately.  It’s kind of akin to the former fat kid who is now skinny but still feels like a fat kid.  I still feel like a newbie runner.

Maybe a little bit ridiculous as I’ve been running for at least 5 years and even longer if you count sports that include running.  Sure I’ve only been racing for 2.5 years (because I’m not counting high school track which was a joke for me) but even that is kind of a long time.  So why do I not see myself as experienced? Maybe because during those 2.5 years I’ve only done…maybe 8 races? Definitely not double digits yet for sure.

But to look at my training log a different story unfolds.  I’ve put in such hard training and over the past year my mileage has soared (clearly as I hit 3116 miles in 2009).  And I’m not just talking about the recent HUGE weeks.  I remember in the beginning of last year thinking that I would peak for my marathon at ~55 miles.  I peaked at around ~73 (I forget the exact figure but 73 sticks into my mind for some reason). And I loved it and thrived in it.  But still I never really thought of 73 miles as a lot.  Yes it is a lot but it just felt like something needed to be done to get my goal of finishing my marathon (and I’ll admit a debut BQ was a goal too) so I never really thought of it a “high miles”

I also remember when 5 miles felt like the longest run ever.  Now it feels like a warm up.  To stand here at a point where I can bang out 2 weeks of double digit runs everyday and recall this is fascinating to me.  It’s hard to believe that I’ve come so far. I can remember the progression semi-well though.  I remember the first time I ran 75 minutes without stopping and then expanded that each week a little bit.  It’s kind of like the adage of cooking a frog: put him in the pot and then boil the water rather than just throwing  him in with the boiling water.  Of course the adage is more succinct than that I’m sure. Oh the power of paraphrasing.

And yet I don’t think of myself in terms of a high mileage runner.  Even when I write out weekly recaps and total my distances over time.  But, I’m sure it’s pretty obvious, that I really am a high mileage runner.  Looking at this summer when I was running 55-60 mile weeks and not training for anything and still pretty fresh from the marathon.  And this fall when I hit 60 often and then 70 and culminating with my finals week with an 80.6 mile run.  Nothing low mileage about it.

Maybe it’s because I’m not hitting 100 mile weeks, which *really* signals high miles.  Who knows.  It did take me a while to wear the term “runner” with pride and not feel like a fraud.  It was during my senior year when I would go out for runs on top of my bball practices because I just wanted to run.  And then it was reinforced after the season ended and I didn’t have a real reason to run because I didn’t have a sport to stay in shape for but I still ran anyway.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that it was a gradual thing rather than BAM I’m a runner. Maybe this will be something similar.  Maybe the shift is already happening and it’ll take awhile for it to click. I have noticed during these first few weeks of Boston training that my body is acting like a high mileage runner and responding as such but my mind isn’t there yet.  Not ready I suppose to “accept” the title even though my body is already there.

This kind of “label” is different from racer which I knew I was when I finished my first race and felt like I had nothing left to give in my body. But I think it’s starting  because I take pride in the fact that I can go out there and put a 13 or so in the books without batting an eye.  And I’d enjoy it too.  I know lots of runners who think a 6 mile run is a long run and that my 13+ is crazy talk.  I have a friend who is 400m runner for her school and is like that.

I guess I don’t have a concrete point here, more just musings because I’m grappling with the whole “high mileage runner” term that I hear thrown around.  So much of it is relative and based on personal history / experience.  Since I clearly have no answers I’m going to throw this question back at you: When did you realize that you were a runner?  What does high mileage mean to you? Do you consider yourself high mileage?

EDIT: Lacey emailed me the pic of my shoes so here it is:

Yes I know that they look terrible and worn and what not but they don’t cut up my heels at all so they still feel fine.  Oh justification hehe

Woot to 2000+ miles

Me and my shoes 🙂

Double Edit: Blogspot isn’t letting me comment on your blogs at the moment! Hopefully that gets fixed soon because I’m not ignoring you 🙂

January 7, 2010

Tempo Pace. Can I Get A Definition Here?

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Finally back at school.  Last night I *almost* put it off again though. Now it may come as a shock to y’all but I am completely resistant to change (oh yes I can see your jaws dropping to the floor now). Even though I *needed* to get out of my hometown I still didn’t really want to have to pack up stuff from home, load up the car, drive an hour, unpack my stuff and make a trip to restock my fridge so I don’t starve over the next few weeks.  Obviously everything ended up fine and I am here and okay.  But I hate the whole process.

When all was said and done last night I was so tuckered out that I put on an episode of NCIS and promptly fell asleep.  Tossed and turned a little but mostly because I think my little sister got me sick.  She was soooo ill on Tuesday and I’m terrified that I’ve caught what she had.  I had that feeling on sickness-onset, like my body is fighting something but hasn’t succumbed to it yet.  And if my body knows what’s good for it, it won’t. Heh.

But the best way to beat illness (and jump right back into being on campus) is to get on a set schedule / routine.  What better way to set the bar than with my running? According to my plan Thursdays are tempo days.  I actually have no problem with that (even with the intervals being consistently on Tuesdays) as fast running begets fast running.  Sure I may be a little tired the first few weeks of the cycle, as I really haven’t been doing any regular speedwork post Providence marathon, but the intensity really fuels me.  Hopefully this combination works in the long run and gets me that PR I want in Boston!

As I discovered last week on my tempo run, my body needs a longer warm up than I’ve currently given it.  I just always want to jump right into the meat of my workout and feel that in the past I simply have not let the kinks work themselves out.  Granted on the TM this is okay because gyms tend to be warm but in the winter and outside my muscles just need more time.  So I gave myself a nice 2.7 mile warm up.  It was ridiculously slow but that’s okay: I’d rather have my warm up be on the wicked slow side than let that carry over into the tempo portion.

The actual tempo itself wasn’t so bad. Even though it was a heat wave (35* at the start! 39* by the end!) I think the slowness of the warm up should have told me something about what to expect over the course of the 5.4 mile route I was tempo-ing it up on.  Like last week I was lacking a bit on mental focus.  I kept catching myself zoning out.  Which is fine for an easy run but the point of a tempo run (to me at least) is to concentrate on keeping your pace and being mentally aware of what’s going on in your body.  I was able to be semi-aware though and definitely noticed a heaviness settling in on my legs during the last half mile or so.  This is exactly what a tempo should feel like though: when you’re done you could do more but you’re 100% thankful that you don’t have to.  I do feel like I could have given it more during the early miles but I’m pretty happy with it nevertheless. I finished up with 3.2 miles of warm down for a grand total of 11.3 miles.

My tempo pace range (according to McMillian) is 7:34-7:54 and I split it right down the middle with a 7:44 pace.  Not the amazing 7:20 I posted up last week (which by the way was run in a freaking SNOWSTORM and was faster. Go figure) but still good to get the job done and was working me optimally.

I did have some confusion as to what I was supposed to do today.  According to my plan (I’m in Week15) I had 8-11 miles with 2 X 15 minutes at marathon tempo pace, defined as 10-15 seconds faster than MP.  Using my only marathon time that equates to 8:05-8:10 which is faster than I traditionally have been doing my tempos.  This is also not what I consider a tempo run; to me it’s a 30-60 minute (depending on where you are in your training cycle) continuous run at a pace that is slightly slower than 10k pace.  For me this equates to  7:15-7:45.

Obviously I chose to do my “traditional” tempo but I’m slightly worried that I’m hurting myself in the long run as my pace today was a good 20 seconds faster than my plan AND I ran that pace for longer than prescribed.  One caveat is that I think that I’m capable of a faster marathon time and if I use the goal MP of 8:00 (3:30 finish) then my plan says tempo pace is 7:45-7:50 and I’m basically spot on.  Granted that makes my McMillian calculations faster and I was too slow then for today.

Oh and unrelated note to the meat of this post (and bear with me, I know this post is long enough as it is!): I ordered new shoes.  GASP.  I (somewhat shamefully) admit that I still have the 2000 miles shoes (now there are 2163 miles on them) as well as a “newer” pair that have “only” 710.  Surprisingly I still remain uninjured *knocksonwood* but I do notice that the older ones need to be regulated to lifting/xt.  The newer pair still feel springy.  Weird huh? In any case I picked up my new-new shoes from the post office today.  Same model but they’re ORANGE.  Who knows what I’ll actually break them out — not likely until marathon day gets MUCH closer, but I have them.  It’s a start 😛

RE: DD drinking man on TM next to me.  He was walking.  At about 2.6mph which is slower than I walk on a daily basis.  But I said I won’t judge or anything because the coffee smelt so good.  So I’m trying hard not to judge.

Also (gosh I am so bad at writing a short concise post!), I got a new camera for Christmas but didn’t like the color I got it in so I’m planning on doing an exchange this weekend (or today if I become not-so-lazy).  I can’t wait to start incorporating pictures into my posts and actually showing you guys aspects of my life. Hope you’re as excited as I am heh.

November 12, 2009

To Be Overtrained or Not To Be Overtrained

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Thanks for everyone who mentioned that I could be overtraining. I definitely hadn’t considered it although it does make sense. Even with my 40 mile week a few weeks ago I had been pushing for a really long time. In the back of my mind though (denial anyone?) I really don’t think that it’s the case. I’ve been overtrained before and it felt different physically. Maybe I’m just getting more in tuned with my body and am being more sensitive in detecting this stuff earlier. But on the other hand the sleep stuff usually was the last thing to crop up whereas it’s really my only symptom. Hmmmm food for thought. My hunch is that the sleep stuff is just related to me having lots of things going on and I don’t actually want to sleep because I don’t want to “miss” anything. And I guess overall I’m not too worried about it because my body is never crashing, even at night. But something to keep an eye on nonetheless.

And clearly not in the form of cutting back was my 9 mile run this morning. 9.3 to be exact and I bit the bullet and just committed to the whole distance at the get-go as it was all one route rather than a buildup of add-ons. A nice round number in the metric system of 15k. I’m starting to get my mind to thinking about things metrically: the rest of the world does! So far, so good too and I definitely like the fact that it makes me unique from most other Americans and definitely those who are around me.

But back to the run. I actually ran into my friend who was going to the gym at the same time I was leaving for my run. She mentioned that it was too cold for her. Funny because I was worried about being overdressed in my longsleeve shirt and shorts in the 42* weather haha. The sun was up, so it wasn’t dark, but the sky was overcast which was really nice. I love the feeling of c0olness just enveloping my skin like it did today. It’s almost the same feeling as being wrapped in a quilt that just hugs you. Maybe I’m weird.

So the weather set me up for a FLYING run. I had left a little later than usual so maybe that had something to do with my pace (the old “oh man I don’t want to be late but I want to get my whole run in still!”) but I noticed a quick clip right off the bat. My legs didn’t feel “springy” and I wasn’t bounding down the road but the turnover was there. A good precursor to speed. I did feel a bit of a slow down during miles 6-8 but my legs threw me a Last Mile Party (thanks Jess because I ❤ that term!) which was really nice especially when I saw that my pace was 10 seconds faster than my goal easy!! Woot!!

Since I’ve been running in a fast new way lately I’ve also been trying to look at races for Thanksgiving / early December. There are lots of options but I always have a hard time committing to this kind of stuff. Lest we not forget I signed up for the Tufts 10k two days before the actual race and my last half marathon the day of! I’m also trying to coordinate with other ppl, so if you’re in the Boston area (cough*Lacey*cough) and have a race in mind: LET ME KNOW! haha.

And it may be time to buy new shoes: as of this today I have 1637.0 miles on them.  They’re still holding strong though.  Maybe I can keep ’em til I hit 2000? That might be a tough call as they heels are starting to show signs of wear and tear.  They might rip through! Fingers crossed though because I want to be able to brag that I got 2000 miles out of these babies!

Keep ideas coming re: how to invite Hot Spanish TA out to celebrate the big two-three. I send him a fb msg last night (early this morning?) — in Spanish — saying that I’d love to borrow some Spanish music to listen too. Hopefully the grammar and vocabulary was correct heh. And hopefully this could be a gate into inviting him? And EarlyRunner: you just made my day with your comment of “well he sanctioned you being at his sangria party” hahaha!

Whoops gotta go, we physics folks are going to play with liquid nitrogen and superconductors. Oh the joys of being a science nerd 😀

October 18, 2009

Rainy day and shoe mileage

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Hello Sunday! I actually really like Sunday because I’m so type-A that I have all (or damn near all) of my work done already so it’s a day that I get to bum around and recoup while my friends are going crazy and stressed with all the work that they ignored all weekend.

Which would be nicer if the weather was nicer. It’s rainy and windy right now.  Yuck.  Sorry Lacey you had to run in this.  Not too sure how you did (no online tracking!) but I’m sure you rocked.

But, while I can’t rub the fact that I am able to enjoy the weather outside more than my friends, I still can curl up on my half-circle chair and listen to the rain while relaxing.  So I guess it’s still a win for me, even though I can’t be an ass to my friends.  Because, seriously, that’s what friendship is haha.

Part of me wanted to be bamf and run in this rain.  But my legs definitely deserved a break so I hit up the gym for some quality time with the elliptical.  Can’t remember the last time I did that, and I counted my looooooooong walk to the gym as my bamf time. Because even though it’s  <5 minutes, it felt awful.  Although it nearly killed me to be on the elliptical and see people running on the TM.  Because I wanted to be like “GO OUTSIDE”.  Haha, I guess I get very competitive (not quite the right word?) when I see other people running.

A Marathoner wrote a little blurb on his shoes miles today and I thought it was apropos for me to do the same.  You see, I am a cheap cheap person.  Prior to marathon training  I bought the $10 Wal-Mart shoes.  For real. Since then I run in New Balances but since they are so damn expensive (the cheapest I can find online is $80 which is way more than I’m willing to pay) I tend to run my shoes into the ground.  I guess I even did that with my cheap-o shoes too.  Which is why I would get really bad pains as they wore down.

This has not, however, happened with my NBs.  Since February I have bought a new pair but I still run most of my miles on the old ones.  Currently the miles on my old shoes are 1405.5 and the newer ones are 607.9 (and wow that means I’ve also surpassed 2000 miles for the year. Holler!). That is crazy mileage on shoes.  Most ppl recommend changing ’em every 300-500 miles.  Which I had intended to do but my legs are NOT feeling any pain or aches.  None whatsoever.

I’m not quite sure what to attribute this to.  Maybe my cheapskate mindset is overruling the pain but I doubt this is the case, as with the Wal-Mart shoes I would always get shin splints after a certain mileage.  And I don’t think that it’s because NBs are made really well, as the shoe itself is wearing down upon visual inspection.  It’s so weird but (and this definitely makes me feel sooooo like an awful person) as long as I’m saving money, I’m happy. But I’m open to theories as to why I’m not injured in these shoes.  My current theory? Guess I don’t really have one, as my feet/legs felt great when I first got the shoes and they feel great currently.

No Hot-Spanish-TA sighting yet.  And a couple people have mentioned chatting him up, unfortunately at the moment he is the TA for my Spanish class.  Which means that he teaches the 0830 Spanish lab on Tuesday morning which is a big informal class setting, not actual teaching but just talking and getting comfy with the language.  Could be awkward to flirt or whatever, could not be.  But I guess it could hurt to start talking to him now because next semester I’m pretty sure I get the other Spanish TA. And I don’t know if I said it before but Hot-Spanish-TA is from Spain which ups the hottest factor a bit, I guess though, but I usually go for the bamf, military man type  haha.

Oh I think I’m going to start replying to comments in the actual comments section from now on, unless I get a question or comment that I feel is wicked cool/important and I want to share.  So look for replies there!

P.S. Congrats to all the peeps who’ve checked in on RW or FB and let everyone know how their races went.  So many inspiring stories.  Makes it even harder to not run today! But congrats to jjroyer (3:10:41 – BQ), VeganFritz (3:06:46 – BQ), Ctimes2 (417) at the Detroit marathon, Twenty6point2 (3:46 – BQ) at the Baystate marathon, and Chris (3:05 – BQ) at the Columbus marathon.  And miles2gether on his first marathon yesterday at KC. Great work guys!

May 1, 2009

Trying to Relax

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AKA: t-2 days!

My shoes came in at 954 this morning!   At least that’s when the post office notified me that my package had arrived, I was so excited that when I got the shoes, I immediately put them on in the middle of the campus center.  They’re good! Slightly differenet than my old ones (these are the newer model) but I think it’s because they’re brand new rather than the actual shoe type itself (if that sentence even made sense).  Thanks for all the kind word from everyone yesterday, they really mean a lot that people cared!

I’m starting, however, to second guess my decision to run a marathon the day before finals  week starts.  My original thinking was that most of the heavy work is typically given to me the week BEFORE finals, and thus when I’m tapering.  Well the school gods decided to play a joke on me and give me relatively no work this week, allowing me to really notice that I’m tapering.  I was hoping school would have been a good distraction haha.

In reality, finals might just kick my butt.  Most of my classes need an excellent grade for me to pull off an A.  I mean, I can live with the B+/A- grades, but I am such a perfectionist that I want the damned A.  So I have to really study, which wouldn’t be a bad thing except that my finals are at the beginning of the week. Grrrrrr.

Ok enough venting, I think I’m putting out all my negativity because I’m nervous for the marathon.  There, I said it. I am nervous! But excited at the same time.  Which is good because it means that I care about running, duh.  I’m heading down to the expo tmrw to check things out and hopefully the weather turns nice as its a little dreary out right now.  So now its time to sit back, eat some carbs, curl up with a good book (or lost because thats how I roll) and try to relax 🙂

April 30, 2009

Stress I Do Not Need

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I think I had a stroke or two this morning. Over running shoes.

My shins started to hurt last night and, since this happened back in February / March I assumed it was my shoes.  I was correct because my current pair had 553 miles on them! Yeah, way too many but I’m cheap and like to run my shoes into the ground.  To give you an idea of how cheap I really am, this pair was the first >$15 pair I’ve ever bought for running.  My parents bought my bball shoes when I was younger so I can’t say how much they were.  Luckily I had bought a second pair of this model over my spring break mid-March so I dug them out last night.  And they’re the wrong size.  Ok, so they’re still 11s but I need a WIDE and these were medium (go ahead and judge the size of my feet, whatever, I’m 5’11”).  I’m so mad at myself because I should have double checked when I got the second pair, but I figured when I told the (highschool) clerk that I wanted 11W that she would have brought out 11W.  Oh well, I won’t make that mistake again! But the marathon is 3 days away (!) and I don’t have properly fitting shoes?!?

Talk about stressful.  I calmly called all the sports stores in my middle-of-nowhere area and none of them carried my shoe or anything that I could comfortably say would be an ok replacement.  So that left online.  Normally I am loathe to order things online (yup I am an oldie when it comes to the internet and technology) but some AWESOME people at RWOL suggested it.  However, my schools post office isn’t open Saturdays and I’m nervous that overnighting them will not be successful.  But I did it after lots and lots of searching, and it didn’t even cost me that much; mucho cheaper than getting them in a store.  Additionally the model of show I’m wearing is old, so I have to order the newer version.  The description is the same on both shoes so we’ll see.  Better than wearing old shoes or too narrow shoes.  Hopefully they get here in time

Big thanks to the marathoners over at RWOL! My friends could see that I was stressed out over it (and I was really flipping out too) but they all wondered why it was such a big deal and my marathoning online friends totally got it.  Major major thanks again! Hopefully I can relax and bring my blood pressure down 🙂 Maybe some lost or 24 is in order?

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