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November 22, 2009

Stale but running is movement

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Hey all.  Hope that you’re enjoying your Sunday afternoons.  It’s a definite make-it-work day as I didn’t do anything all weekend.  And guess what? I discovered that I have wayyy more work that I thought.  So this post might feel a bit rushed.

But I wasn’t too rushed to skip my run.  I doubt that will ever happen.  When I woke up this morning I totally felt like a mack truck hit me.  I opted to skip the movie last night to just go to Vegas night in an attempt to not stay out too late.  I had to go to support my friend who was running the Vegas thing and the movie was wayyy long.  Luckily I was able to get to bed before midnight and got 8 solid hours of sleep.

The bad thing? Well I’ve been fending off a sore throat / cold for a bit now and I think it’s threatening to run rampant on me.  I totally feel like my glands are swollen (they aren’t) and I have a headache but I think that’s due more to dehydration than anything else.  I nixed the first-thing-run to see how I felt after a few hours and some food in my belly. Good call because within 3 hours I felt good enough to attempt 6 miles.

And like AMarathoner said to me at RWOL who am I kidding trying to keep my run to only 6? He predicted 9 and that’s what it ended up being haha. I think this high mileage (ball park estimate of this week? 68!?!) is taking it’s toll — although Matt is totally kicking my ass!  Hence the little ickyness this morning and the quad soreness during the run itself.  But I’m doing POTM so there’s plenty of time to rest after Thanksgiving 🙂

I also think that running has been my constant lately.  I’ve been dealing with some heaviness feelings just because the semester is winding down meaning that I only have one more semester left of college!! That is the scariest thought in the world to me right now.  Especially since I have no concrete plans for the next year.  I have ideas but nothing is set in stone and is definitely subject to change.  But I’m just chomping at the bit to move on with my life.

I’d describe it as a restlessness lately or maybe a stiffening feeling.  I feel like I’ve taken everything I can out of my college experience and want to use it in the real world.  Granted I have no idea what the real world is yet and I don’t know what I actually want to experience: do I want to travel (YES), get work experience, work in a lab to develop my research skills?

Anyway these are the thoughts I’ve been pondering lately and my runs are such a great time to do it.  Normally I like to take my thoughts and leave them in my room when I go out but lately running has embraced it.  I think it’s because I’m physically moving and my life just seems to be waiting, stagnant, until graduation.

At least that was the case this morning.  I welcomed the movement with open arms and pounded out those 9 miles.  Even with the legs feeling some fatigue I didn’t want to stop.  I just felt sooooo alive with the rhythm of my feet going at a steady beat.  The weather didn’t help either: 52* and overcast.  How much more perfect can you get for November?

So running is my rejuvenation.  As much as it’s good for my body it’s working overtime to help my mind.  A panacea if you will.  And with that I’m going to go tackle everything that is due tmrw. Ugh 😉

October 9, 2009

Good news? Bad news?

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Just got back from the medical center with some good news: *probably* not the flu. Or at least if it is, it hasn’t progressed to that bad of a stage.  If I feel this bad and it isn’t the worst yet I’m really not looking forward to this weekend.  But the doc did a strep test and checked me out for pneumonia.  The doc said just to continue to rest and drink lots of fluids and if it got worse to go to the ER this weekend and if I still felt bad on Tuesday that I should come in to get blood work done.  So I guess it’s good news? Most likely not the flu but who knows what it really is and even if it is the flu there’s nothing I can do to treat it.  Prolly just a regular virus.  Yuck.

I honestly tried to sleep in this morning.  I even took a TylenolPM last night — and I despise taking any medication for any reason so this was a big deal.  Still I slept until only 0700. Bummer. But then, me being me, I said to myself “hey I can still get in a short run”. Ummmm yeah, really? After all the crying I did because I was so miserable yesterday?

Well, my friends, I did go out for a short jaunt.  And by short I mean incredibly short because I was so breathless by the end of 1.5 miles, which in hindsight makes me superman that I could go that far.  I ended up with 3 because it was shorter to just turn around than continue my loop.  The breathless thing was really annoying because my lungs are clear and I don’t have asthma.  Guess it’s just my muscles being so fatigued that they don’t want to help me breath in my running. After that I decided to skip doing any core. Also annoying? That the weather was damn near perfect for running.  I hate feeling like I “wasted” good running weather even if it’s for my own good.

The rest of my day has been pretty lax, which I obviously need.  One of my classes was canceled but unfortunately it was number 2 out of 3 so I couldn’t start my day late or end it early! Annoying.  I was able to also catch up on L&O: SVU and The Office.  Both episodes were so good but so different from each other that it was weird watching them back-to-back.  SVU was wicked intense, I swear that show has really evolved over the years and turned away from just the plot and developed the characters.  Love it.  And The Office was frickin’ hilarious as always.  Doubly so when it’s a DOUBLE EPISODE.

I’m actually looking forward to this weekend despite the fact that it’s October break and 99.99% of the campus has left.  It’s like a ghost town.  But it will give me a chance to sleep lots, watch T.V-on-DVD marathons, read so *good* books (and trashy mags).  I’m also hoping to take a trip to the grocery store and target but that will depend on how much I feel like driving.   Tired + driving =/= good idea.

Ok so I need to insert some more running talk before I get back to the tabloids I have waiting for me (haha): some awesome people racing this holiday weekend (including yours truly on Monday) but Matt and NACN are running Chicago, Katerina‘s running a 10k,  and Lacey‘s running the Tufts 10k with me! As well as these fine folks from RWOL: kmh, suepm, metal, runningalison, arcticblast and chapelheel.  Let’s cross our fingers for some great weather and kick ass races!

P.S. Sarah is having a great giveaway. And the standard I want it so don’t enter rule applies 😛

P.P.S. I think I forgot to mention this when it happened but I actually WON a giveaway from Christina and I recieved it today.  Woot.  What a great way to make a girl feel better!

October 8, 2009


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Why hello there! Last night was actually a very pleasant surprise: I finished the data analysis in record time and completed my lab write up before when I thought I would be done.  So I actually got a little sleep last night. Wahoo!

Since I wasn’t planning of lifting today (because of my upcoming 10k) I had the choice to run at 0600 or 1100 after my morning class which would let me sleep in.  I obv chose to run at the earlier time so that I can use my other time to do some more work.  Oh my life.

According to the sun didn’t rise until 0649! So I did some ab work in my room before rather than after my run so I could still finish everything in time to get to my class.  Really, the only bummer to cooler weather is less daylight.  So sad to think at the end of the month, we’ll be turning the clocks back! And another so-sad-it’s-cooling-off note: I got my first nosebleed of the season last night. Let the cold weather commence heh. NOT.

I’m actually really glad I ran my 8 miles earlier rather than waiting.  In addition to having time to do my homework I was able to watch a beautiful sunrise, enjoy upper 40* temps and witness a wonderful morning unfold.  Very sappy but it’s the truth. The wind that plagued this area yesterday was completely gone and the still crisp air felt so good. I could definitely run in this weather year round.

The run itself was okay.  I mean, I ran a killer tempo yesterday so I wasn’t expecting super-speed today.  I think I mentioned this last week but the day after a hard speed workout my legs just have a little bit more of a spring in their step.  I guess fast running begets more fast running.  Or at least slightly faster than normal.

Unfortunately all this pushing has done a number on my body.  Around noon, just when the end seemed to be in sight, all the illness I’ve been keeping at bay caught up to me.  It’s definitely not full blown yet but I have:

  • the chills
  • severe headache
  • aches in all my joints, but particularly my spine
  • lightheadedness
  • swollen femoral lymph nodes (groin glands)
  • fire-y feeling under my skin
  • emotional/irritable — a sure sign for me that a fever is on the way.

I’m really hoping that these don’t equal the flu! And I’m hoping that I’m in semi-good condition for the 10k with Lacey on Monday.

I can deal with the physical components just fine but the whole emotional thing is the hardest for me.  I had jazz class today and I saw the Dean of Health and Fitness.  Our friendship really is a friendship rather than a formal thing, if I were to address him in a foreign language I’d use the “tu” form (heh but I felt I needed to clarify) and I totally broke down because I am so uncomfortable right now.

He told me to that I looked incredibly worn down, and that he could see it in my eyes / on my face.  And to take care of myself and skip jazz (plus he gave me a new thermometer).  Unfortunately my regular instructor wasn’t there and the fill-in told me that I should just sit out and watch. Ummm really? I was sooo miserable that I had to lay down on the piano bench.

And I still feel miserable.  So weird because I felt fine this morning.  And the medical center that my school uses (it’s the town’s medical center) can see me at the earliest tmrw afternoon.  I think I have the flu and told them that.  Yeah, they can see me tmrw in the afternoon. Looks like the medical center is placing a high priority on sick ppl.

I so don’t want to be sick right now.  I still have a French assignment to do but I doubt it’s really all that hard but I just can’t focus because my body just hurts. Like I knew this would happen but I was hoping that my body was strong enough to last another 24-36 hours when I was on break.  Oh well, time to take yet another hot shower to warm up and make a nice big hot mug o’ tea.

P.S Yas asked yesterday how much I run while incorporating lifting.  My primary focus is my running so I run a lot and have been running for 10 days or so before taking a rest day.  So it’s about 6-7 days a week depending on when that rest day falls.  I only am lifting 1-2 times a week so the lifting is really supplementary.

October 7, 2009

Gee Whiz

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Well maybe I had too much on my plate yesterday.  Or just misjudged how much time I had as I had physics tutees the whole two hours and I was counting on those two hours for some of my own work.  Oh well, the long and short of it is I didn’t end up stopping my work until midnight (and sadly only got the stuff due immediately this morning done) which means that by the time I hopped into bed and fell asleep it was almost one!

But my 0600 alarm still went off and I hurdled out of bed like there was a fire or something.  I know some of you *cough*matt*cough called me out on the TM tempo I was planning for today.  I know that tempos outside would be the most beneficial to me, if I was able to keep my mind mentally there and on track.  With so much going on I can’t do that because my mind is wandering and mulling over various things, both important and not so much. My usual thing is to do math or think in either French or Spanish.  Sometimes I’ll try to figure out how to tackle a problem set or what I’m doing for the weekend.  But my mind is always going a mile a minute and usually NOT on the run at hand.  (Definitely not the case in races where I get wicked competitive and ALL I think about is the race). I think my “thinking style” is pretty normal though, right?

I figure the TM is at least teaching my muscles how to run at a certain pace and giving it muscle memory.  Still ever since doing my speedwork in August and the beginning of September outside I feel sooooo guilty using the TM as a crutch.

This morning, however, I was given the perfect excuse: pouring rain, thunder, lightning.  Normally I am terrified of storms but this one allowed me to hit the gym up so I loved it.

I decided to do another progression tempo like last week only ramp up the intensity. Instead of just going up .1 mph (~5 seconds faster) I went up .2mph (~10 seconds faster). Here are the splits

  • 730
  • 719
  • 708
  • 658
  • 649
  • 640

I’m feeling really good about that run.  The last two miles were really hard but it felt so good both mentally and physically to do them and have them completed. Again, like last week, the warm up was horrendous and it felt awful.  I think I might be running it too fast, but interestingly enough I run the same pace for the warm down and it feels too slow. Oh relativity (which I think I’ve said before, story of life I guess).

I came back to my room and fixed myself the most delicious brekkie.  It was a peanut butter and banana sandwich on a think (height wise) bagel.  YUM.  I take packages of bagels from the dining hall (I mean who doesn’t? Plus my room & board money is really paying for it.  Totally justified.) and they aren’t necessarily the biggest bagel in terms of diameter (which most ppl go for) but they are thick so the innermost layer of bagel stays semi-soft while the outside get a slightly-more-dark-than-golden brown.  Seriously? Heaven in your mouth.  A tall glass of milk hit the spot too.

Question for y’all: Lately I’ve been getting Charlie Horses in the am in my calves.  I know that there are billions of causes ranging from lack of sodium (definitely not the case with me, I pour salt on anything and everything), calcium (again, maybe not the case because of all the milk I drink and yogurt I eat), potassium (eat daily banana and tomatos and peppers etc), dehydration (quite possibly although in the past few weeks I’ve gotten MUCH better about drinking lots of water and fluids).  So any other sneaky causes of Charlie Horses? Although it should be noted that I’m able to “anticipate” and feel one coming on so I can preventatively stretch it out so I haven’t had a full blown one yet.  And don’t really want to either.

Also: illness update.  There have been 4 confirmed cases of swine flu on my campus, and while I’m not afraid of the swine flu (I’m personally more concerned with the regular flu) I think that my illness is flu-like.  Boo! Granted, I am definitely not sick yet but I can feel my immune system fending something off.  Last night when I was falling asleep I can feel something “off” in my chest and how I’m breathing.  Nothing that is changing the way I live or anything just a subtle weirdness.  I think I’m getting paranoid but with an upcoming break (and a prime opportunity for this bug to defeat my defenses) as well as the Tufts 10k for Women on Monday I think I’m going to try and take it easy.  Much easier said than done but that is the plan. I did my last hard workout before the race and now I need to pump some fluids in me and try to minimize the stress and maximize the sleep.

Today promises to be just as busy as yesterday though so we’ll see.  I don’t have to tutor tonight so that frees up 2 hours extra to work.  AND it’s supposed to pour all day in heavy bursts so maybe I can bunker down in the physics room during any free time I might have to pound out assignments.  Only the two largest ones due tmrw: analysis of Geophysics data and my physio lab write up. Jeez, when I signed up for classes last semester I thought that this was going to be an “easy and relaxing semester”. So much for that idea!

P.S. Ummm, Kathleen, yes TAs are always hot and this one is from Spain.  So it’s like double the hotness factor haha. Extra incentive to try and get fluent.  And it definitely is a requirement for TAs to be attractive. I’m convinced it’s a part of the application process.  At my school the language TAs are graduates (sooo like 24/25 years old) from a school in a country that speaks that foreign language.

P.P.S. And I know above I wrote that the weather is suppose to pour all day? Well in the past 4 hours it’s gone from brilliant sunshine to pouring and thunder.  Indecisive much? Plus the power went out for about an hour.  Gaaah. Luckily it’s back on but my blood pressure prolly went through the roof!

October 6, 2009

Workin’ for the weekend

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Whew. I guess that gene that regulates busyness is an over functioning one that’s for damned sure. Here’s how I’ve spent my day thus far:

  • 0600: Wake up and do core and 6 mile run while watching the sunrise.  Legs not as springy as I would have thought after yesterday’s rest day.  Quad soreness is gone though so the rest did some good.  I was planning on doing a tempo but after what was going to be my warm up I said “No way, no how!” The run was still at a quick clip, but I think it felt that way because my legs had been so worn down from last week.  Regardless I was running 45 seconds per mile faster today that last week.  Yay for rest!
  • 0830: Spanish lab where I may or may not be in love with my TA
  • 0930: Geophysics, where we started to analyze the data we collected yesterday
  • 1100: 45 minutes of weights (upper body and lower body with no core) elliptical for warm up/down.  My muscles definitely felt fatigued by the end but they also felt so *strong*.  Hard to explain what I mean but I think you guys get it more than my non-running / working out friends.
  • 1200: Meeting with Spanish profesora to discuss a paper.  She was really impressed when she found out that this was only my second year speaking Spanish. Sweet! Plus she wants me to hang out with the Spanish TAs / majors to make me fluent.  Holllller.
  • 1230: Lunch.
  • 1400: Jazz dance class.  Again, a blast.  I always go into that class feeling like complete poo but leave in a good mood.
  • 1530: Shower and cereal.  Hot hot hot shower and honeybunchesofoats:cinnamonclusters.  YUM.

And now I blog.  There are a million and one things I need to do right now though.  Including (but certainly not limited to): French poem analysis, completion of Geophysics analysis, Spanish activities and physio lab write up. And tutor 1900-2100. Holy Busy Batman!  Even though you might not care about the banality of my life, it makes me feel better seeing it all typed out.

Plus I know that it will all get done.  It always does.  I also have this weekend pulling me through; not only is it a long weekend but it’s EXTRA long because it’s our fall break so I have Tuesday off as well.  That said, I am prolly going to get hit with the flu because I’ll be relaxing and that’s always when you get sick.  Always. It’ll be annoying but okay, I’ve been feeling all achy and headachy and chilly for awhile now so it’ll be nice to get it done and over with.  See? Silver lining. Heh.

Now I’m debating whether or not a tempo tmrw morning is a good idea.  The plan is to do it at the gym on the TM because the mental aspect isn’t there still.  (This isn’t worrying me though about the 10k on Monday, I always BRING IT for races — but yet a reason for not wanting to get sick).  On one hand, I don’t want to make any impending cold worse but on the other hand I’m not sick right now.  Get those miles in while I can? Oh decisions decisions.

Alright ready? Break! I feel weird not writing a novel here but my mind is a million miles away on other things. And have no fear: I am about 75% done writing my book reviews and about 50% done with my final fuel posting.  Gosh does anyone remember when I started those? Pre and during fuel? Well hopefully I will have the post one done soon.

Hope that everyone is having a less hectic day than me.  Happy Tuesday (only Tuesday?!)

October 3, 2009

Soaked to the bone

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I finally feel like I’m drying out from my run this morning.  Yes, I know I wrote yesterday that I would likely take today off, but the weather conditions made it too good an opportunity to pass up testing what I can handle.

First recap of last night: Sadly my roomie did not hit 1000.  She’s now about 5 shy but the team did win so the mood was not sour because we came from behind to win.  After the game I went to hang out with the birthday girl which was way fun.  She’s over the whole “let’s get as drunk as possible” phase of her life (some of my friends, however, aren’t) so she was actually coherent and the party was a blast.  We went to the before-dance keg that the Programming Council sponsored which was sick because we got THREE free beers.  Pretty sick.  There was also a photo booth, and once the pics get scanned they will be posted because they are hilarious!

Due to the combination of shenanigans and my body’s uncanny way of getting me up early, I got very little sleep last night.  Just enough to cover the basic sleep need but no more.  Unfortunately when you’re as sleep deprived as me just enough isn’t nearly enough.  The hours I did get though were deep, I think the rain over the night helped a lot.

Too bad it didn’t STOP raining by the morning.  When I got up I checked to see what the day would look like.  Yes I know that I did this last night/yesterday but sometimes the weather people get things wrong, you know? But boo, rain all morning/afternoon with the chance of thunderstorms.  I checked the Doppler (yup major dork alert) and the t-storms didn’t look like they would hit me (and so no one worries, during my run I never once heard thunder / saw lighting).  What I did experience was something akin to a monsoon during the first half of the run.

Okay so maybe not monsoon as I’ve never experienced one but it was torrential rain.  Like so hard it actually hurt at some points.  On the route that I chose there was a point where  I could’ve taken a left and shortened the run (and finish nice and dry at the gym) or take a right and complete the 11.5 mile route originally wanted.  And, like it’s any surprise, I chose the later.

I think it’s because I’m constantly trying to see how far, how strong, how tough I am.  I need to prove something to myself almost each and every time I do something (and not just in running either).  It’s not that I lack self esteem or am insecure or anything (although I do confess to moments like that) but it’s a compulsion.  I’m not even competing against others really (although it does feel nice to beat someone in anything heh). Just me against myself.  And that’s why I found myself pushing through the driving rain.

Which really wasn’t so bad once my feet were soaked – maybe after the first mile? Haha.  But the heavy rain did let up so that the steady regular rain that followed it felt like a light drizzle.  Oh relativity! And there was even a point where it felt like the sun was trying to break through and the dark sky turned to more of a light gray.  It’s the little things in life really.

And, because I really do like to push myself, I ended up with 14.2 miles.  Every single one in the rain.  If it’s any consolation the temperature was 62* by the end of the run.  So at least I wasn’t freezing the whole time.  Again, the little things. And just to prove how bamf I am: I was the only person out running.  Go figure.

And I don’t really know how I look when I’m running.  Especially in the weather that was this morning.  But I am 100% positive that I do not look good enough to honk and holler at.  Yet 6 cars did that.  At first I thought they were annoyed that I was on the road but I’m fairly sure that for most of those I was carefully on the shoulder, especially after my feet got soaked and I didn’t care about getting wet.  Interesting…

Also interesting, yet no means nice, is my body.  I think all the lack-of-sleep, running-so-much etc. has caught up to me because I can feel a really bad cold coming on.  At every vertebrae I feel chilly and achy and it’s slowly extending into my joints.  Please someone tell me that this is just an after-effect of being sopping wet and NOT a cold or, god-forbid, the flu!

But I am chilly even when in a suffocatingly hot room: I went to my friend’s dance co preview today and the dance studio was hot and humid but I couldn’t bring myself to take off my sweatshirt because I was chilled. Which is weird because I was hot too and felt like the air was so heavy that it was hard to breathe.  GAAAAH. I know I’ve been asking for lots of good vibes lately but if you any left: I really would like to not be sick anytime soon.

It’s prolly nothing and all in my head.  I could use a spa week or something! Definitely going to be a low-key night: try to get a little work done, drink lots of apple cinnamon tea, read some more of Born to Run then go see Up which is the Baachus movie tonight.

Guess I’ve got a lot on my mind because I definitely didn’t set out to write so much 🙂

Before I go Mary awarded me the Kreativ Blogger award.   Sweet deal, so now I will tell you 7 things about me. 

  1. I am the oldest of 6 children (all from 1 marriage and all names start with the letter K)
  2. I played varsity basketball and varsity volleyball all 4 years of high school but stopped after graduation
  3. I ran track for my freshman and junior years of high school.  Freshman year was sprints &  jumps while junior year was distance (because all my friends were on the distance team)
  4. Under ripe fruit = heaven
  5. I only eat instant oats.  And most of the time half the packet gets eaten before the water boils so I have to add another packet.
  6. This past January I was almost admitted to the hospital for cellulitis and a really bad staph infection in my toe.  Luckily I was able to receive all the IV antibiotics as an outpatient but waaaaaaaaay scary.  The toe is still purple.
  7. I only get sick once a year but when I do, it’s a doozy.

And I tag:

  1. Taydor Tott
  2. Matt
  3. Emily
  4. Kathleen
  5. Liz
  6. Jess
  7. Lacey

But really I love reading these things so even though I’m limited to 7 I really want everyone who reads this to do it 🙂

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