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September 22, 2009

Fall? Really?

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Happy fall everyone.  Today at 1718 EST (518 pm for all you non-24 hour clock fans) it will officially be fall. Interestingly enough it was much warmer this morning when I got up this morning compared to yesterday.  Yesterday = low of 39*. Last night = 53*.  Seriously? WTF? And yes I do know that I’m lucky with this weather as some of you are still in high-summer temps.  But the cooling down reminds me that winter is right around the corner.  I want to see how some of you southerns would take to running in sub-zero weather.  Because yes, last winter I did. 😛

The warm weather this morning lead to incredibly dense fog! It was all misty and mysterious. Like a tropical rain forest, except not as warm haha.  It made me feel very LOST-y, which made me sad that this upcoming season is it’s last and it doesn’t start until January. The fog also made me feel really clammy and soaked me through by the end of the run.

Lately I’ve been feeling a little meh and a slight cloud of blah has settled over me and I’ve been using my runs to think and sometimes even get away from my thoughts.  So I didn’t even notice that I ran 9.1 miles.  Well I kind of did but I didn’t notice that 9 miles takes longer than 7, so I was running wicked late for my 0830 Tuesday Spanish lab.  I finished my run with only 20 minutes to spare! Just enough time to grab a bagel from the dining hall; luckily I wasn’t smelly at all.

And no, that’s not me just being all “I don’t ever smell” and stuck-up (because I do have a friend who refuses to wear deodorant because “my b.o. smells like roses”.  I’m all like noooooooo it doesn’t man) but because I asked ppl (including my advisor!) and they all told me that they couldn’t tell.  Sweet deal. I think it was because the dew from the fog gave me a natural shower haha.

And yes that Spanish class is the one with the freshman who was “making eyes at me” (heh great expression that I haven’t heard in a while LARunner).  Hopefully I didn’t crush how I’m viewed by showing up all gross, although since he’s 18 and I’m almost 23 it feels almost creepy to care in that way haha.

But back to running. I think I need to start paying more attention to how my body is feeling during runs though.  I read somewhere about “associated” and “dissociated” running, and while there’s a time and place for both, I want to start reading my body signals and be able to feel things like certain paces, how my quads react etc.  I’m a very cerebral person so I think this will be very challenging. Like most things of an overhaul nature this will take time and I think I’m prepared to start small.

Jazz dance is definitely helping with this as dancing is a lot of feeling.  Today my professor even told us to stop thinking.  So this is prolly going to be a good segue into translating that mind-body connection to my running.

Enough philosophizing.  Time to go save the world, one physics tutee at a time! AKA hoping that no one shows up so I can do my own work heh.

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