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May 22, 2009

Heat Wave!

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Holy Moly it is HOT! Its been 85-90*+ for the past 3 days.  I’m going to have to start running early morning like it sounds you guys do.  Like I said in the last post, I typically start my runs right before noon.  I feel so fast (and I actually am 1-2 minutes per mile faster) than I do running right when I get up.  If this week has been an indication of the summer ahead, I might have to readjust my attitude.

In addition to going faster, I like to run at mid-day because it gives me time to sleep in (yup I consider 8am sleeping in) and then gives me 3-4 hours to let my body wake-up and warm up.  Plus is gives me a meal in my system because when I wake-up and go I don’t eat anything.  I agree with what everyone wrote about early bird running but when I don’t have to, I won’t.

So needless to say I hit the streets at 11:41 am today and got a quick 7 miles.  Ok, so I’m going to throw modesty out the window and say that I am smart, so theoretically I should always put sunscreen on.  And lots of it if I’m running when the sun’s rays are the strongest.  Well theoretical and reality are two different things at times and I’m looking at skin cancer in the future.  My skin does not like me right now! Ouch.

Also with the modesty-out-the-window theme, I should start running in more clothes than I have been lately.  With current temps I’ve been running in spandex and a sports bra.  Thus increasing the risk of cancer by about a billion. Note to self: wear sunscreen and cover up.  And a hat could work wonders or I might need to invest in more technical shirts.  New clothes are so exciting to wear!

On a non-running note, I sent in my paperwork to get my credentials for Children’s Hospital and picked up a copy of my immunizations.  I think this means I get a cool ID badge in the near future! Eeeek! Maybe I should stop procrastinating and finally pick a topic for my review paper so that when I am cleared to work I can show ’em that I am smart and dedicated and *amazing*? Heh, yeah I should but I just finished season 4 of lost and season 5 is calling my name as well as the NCIS marathon on this weekend . . . oh choices

April 26, 2009

Another week gone

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“Man I don’t know

Where the time goes

But it sure goes fast”

I can’t believe that there are SEVEN days until the marathon! I remember starting out week one and now I’m on week 16 as of tmrw.  I definitely need to step back and admire the work I’ve put into this training.  I thought that 20 miles would never happen, but my longest run was 22.  I didn’t think I’d be able to put in high miles when I was in school, but I hit 70 a few weeks ago.  If you had told me a year ago that I would be running a marathon, I would have asked you where I could get the drugs you were on.  So I must say that I’m happy that I’ve been able to push myself in this aspect of my life.

I am a little sad because today was the Groton 10k road race.  I won my age group last year (in my first 10k!) and I really really wanted to do it again this year.  Stupid 10k and marathon too close together! Obviously I’m hoping for a really good marathon time so I shelved the 10k but I just checked out the results and I definitely would have placed 2nd and had a very good run at 1st. LAME.  Hopefully missing out on this will pay dividends next week.

Also hoping that short runs will help me out.  I finished my last “real” run yesterday: 9 miles.  And I’m not going to be running anything over 5 this week [EDIT: I have a 7 on Wednesday, but I may chop that down].  GAH. I can’t believe that I’ve gotten this far in my training.  Very very nervous for this upcoming week, I need to keep telling myself that taking it easy is what my body *needs* (and very much deserves). I had my first test yesterday because I really wanted to push out an extra mile to get double digits plus I was running so smooth.  And with the weather, that was impressive to me. (on the weekends I head out late morning when the sun is bright)

I ended up getting a little burnt (note to self: WEAR SUNSCREEN) after running in strong sun and laying outside for most of yesterday and today, but it’s already turning into a nice tan.  I’m Scandinavian, I tan, however, like I’m Dominican.  Sooooo terrible, I know.  I really need to get better at wearing sunscreen, I don’t want to end up all leathery and wrinkly.  Yup, I’m vain enough to have my looks be an impetus over say, cancer.  Even though I’ve had numerous spots checked out for cancer. Ugh, I’m lame. Note to everyone reading, wear sunscreen and protect your skin!

But this weekend was soooooo nice, yesterday high of 76* and today it was 89*. Hooooooller! The only bummer is that there really hasn’t been *spring*; it’s gone from winter to summer with nothing really in between, hopefully this week chills out a bit and mother nature wakes up and recognizes what season it is.  And don’t get me wrong, I ❤ the heat but when I’m trying to push through the last week of classes (this week!) and finals, I don’t really want summer.  I’d prefer rain to keep me inside.

Time to start doing all the work that I avoided for my time in the sun!

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