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August 27, 2010

You Know You’re Exhausted When…

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You actually accept coffee on a Friday morning when going into work (I did have to go into work today (on a Friday boo!) despite having put it a billion hours as of last night to do some catch up stuff.)

 And by accept coffee I mean guzzle down two large DD coffees. 

I’ve been working long days and having early mornings so I guess I can’t really be surprised that I’m so tired.  Granted there really isn’t anything I want to change about the situation as I’m loving my early morning runs as well as the work I do at the clinic.  But at some point the coffee must come out.

I’ve said it before but I am NOT a coffee person.  I do like DD coffee because it’s not real coffee and it’s way weak.  Definitely not strong at all but I’m still not really a fan of coffee in general. That said my coffee this morning tasted awesome.  Maybe I just really needed the caffeine.  Hopefully this means I can avoid my afternoon diet coke with lime because, while I have a very high tolerance to caffeine (as opposed to, say, my liquor tolerance haha)  I don’t want to flood my system with an overload of the stuff.

This also means that my run this morning did NOT do its job in waking me up. I even slept in an extra hour! 

That said the run was pretty awesome.

Not quite as fast as yesterday but still quite speedy.  I think that, like some of you said yesterday, the sun being out and it NOT raining definitely lifted my mood.  And, while a good angry runs leads to fastness, happy smiling runs lead to fastness too.

The sun was up again this morning and because I woke up at 0630 the sun was bright and shining.  Not wondrous sunrise but a beautiful for sure.  I left my apartment in a good mood.

Since it’s still a weekday I chose to stick to my 2 X 4.1 route again.  I like it.  I thought that it would be boring to be running the same thing over and over again.  It kind of is but I like seeing the same people and the familiarity of the run.  Sure this weekend I’m going to break away and explore again but for today the usual was good.

My first loop was run at 8:33 pace.  This was really surprising just because my body just felt alright.  I’ve noticed that I have fast times when I’m feeling really on or really off.  Never an in-between feeling yielding a fast start off pace.  First time for everything and it made me happy and want to keep going.  Since I run a route twice I always toy with the idea of stopping after the first loop. 

I have yet to actually stop (and if anyone really knows me then you know that it’s highly unlikely that I wouldn’t) but the thought always crosses my mind.  So a good time for the first loop is encouraging for me to continue.

A good time for the second loop is encouraging too and after seeing a minute negative split for my two routes (which has become the standard. Yay. I know expect to run the second portion a minute faster than the first.  It’s going to be rough the day this fails to be the case haha) with a pace of 8:20. Again, not as fast as yesterday (both on the second loop itself or the overall time at this point) but still really good and boosted me quite a bit.

So I decided to do my little 1.1 mile add-on that I did yesterday.  I think part of the reason I’m liking running the same routes day after day is that you can easily see how fast or slow you are.  Like, if it takes me 10 minutes to run a few blocks today and it takes me 9 tomorrow I can easily see that I’m faster.

But back to the run today…

My add on today was run actual faster than the 1.1 mile add on yesterday.  And I finished yesterday’s sub-8! Today’s was at 7:50 pace.  Okay so it’s two seconds faster per mile but hey.  2 seconds = 2 seconds.  I’m taking it and running with it.  Both literally and figuratively.

Thus my running today was 9.3 miles at 8:22 pace.  Not too shabby.  Now if this was any other day I’d be ecstatic, and don’t get me wrong I’m totally digging how fast this was — especially for the morning, especially for being so tired, but coming off of yesterday (which was less than a minute faster for my overall time) I still feel disappointed a bit. 

But I did get to stave off a young guy who was clearly trying to pass me to show off.  And struggling to do so. 

I win 🙂

You also should know you’re exhausted when you crack up over silly things during your time spent at work on casual Friday.  I’ve had an interesting morning with pretending to be a Spanish speaker and calling people.  Totally butchering the language.  Good times. Good to know that my time spent learning Spanish was well spent. And I love my co-workers 🙂

Guess I’m just too much of a perfectionist? 😀

And since it’s Friday I’m going to stop right there and keep this short. For once? Guess it’s not really all that short! Oh how I should have been a writer haha 🙂

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