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October 10, 2009

On the mend

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10 hours of sleep! Hooooooooolleeeeeeeeeer! After lounging around yesterday afternoon, an NCIS marathon with my roomie and a marathon of slumber, what is the result? An almost 100% me.  I guess the whole rest = do not move at all thing works.  Very well in fact.

I did set out for a run in the late morning.  Given how I’d been feeling the past few days I didn’t think hitting the streets immediately was a good idea; smarter to get some water and food in me so that the run didn’t feel like torture. Wasn’t sure how far I could / would go but, being the overachiever / perfectionist that I am, I really wanted to get a long run (ie: double digits) in.  And we all know what happens when I get an idea planted into my brain.

I had spent the morning catching up on a season of Numb3rs that I missed.  Bamf show and even cooler because I understand a lot of the math and physics behind it. Yes I do get excited about that kind of stuff (nerd alert hah).

Around 1100 I decided to change and go running.  It was perfect weather.  If it had been about 5* cooler it would have been a perfect fall day.  But it was warm enough to wear a tank, which I chose the cutest one I could find, and yet totally not revealing — it said I’m a serious runner and yet also a female —  because I was running by the house that all the TAs live in.  Yes I am girly and awkward and creepy like that.  But if for whatever reason I saw my lovely TA I wanted to look good dammit. I am slightly embarrassed by my thought process but hey, it is what it is. And sadly no TA sighting.

I set out with the plan of doing some small loops in case I got tired early but then, in a moment of clear delusion, I thought “hey I can do my 12.5 mile loop no problem”.  And it wasn’t a problem. I even was able to maintain my typical long run pace.  Healthy? Maybe, breathing was a little harder but I never felt like I was dying. I think it helped that the weather was so nice.  I mean, sure I was tired but after a long run who isn’t? It wasn’t a feeling of clear exhaustion either, so I feel confident that resting up Thursday and Friday was the cure in letting my body fight the virus.

Rest (or at least rest in any aspect other than my run) happened today too. I’ve just been lounging around really, watching more T.V. on DVD and whatnot. The funny thing is this: I am soooo not a party person.  Sure I go and have fun but I don’t “rage” the way other students do.  Okay well that’s not funny and / or interesting really but this is: while sick and infirmed all I wanted to do was go out and rage.  Seriously! And now that I’m semi-healthy and could conceivably go out AND am having a good hair day no one is on campus.  Prolly just as well, I’m hoping for another looooong slumber tonight.

I also spent an exorbitant amount of time at Target today.  I figured that I had the time just to peruse.  I was able to keep a mental running tally of the things I wanted so that I didn’t go too over budget.  Luckily I had a $50 Visa gift card but honestly? Who wants to just spend only 50? I am proud of the fact that I got 3 boxes of cereal, 1 box of oatmeal, milk, bagels, running shorts, sports bra, and running capris  for only $54.16.  Talk about bargain shopping!

Special shoutout to Matt and NACN, Metal, Runningalison as they gear up for Chicago tmrw! Looks like the weather will be nice.  Plus congrats to kmh304 who ran a 3:07 with a BROKEN ARM in the Baltimore marathon this morning.  Man, I can’t even fathom doing something like that with two healthy arms.  And LARunner who, if RWOL is right, ran a 3:06 at Hartford. I definitely feel so honored to be able to “talk” to these folks! Awesome running guys 🙂

August 28, 2009


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So I didn’t *totally* jinx myself this morning like I was speculating about yesterday.  True, this morning my legs were a bit stiff which totally affected my pace but it wasn’t as bad as I was picturing it.  But then again, when is anything as bad as imagined?

I did another 8 miles (8.3 to be exact).   Lately I’ve been feeling 8 milers because they’ve been giving me enough time to loosen up the legs get some good strong miles in mid run then ease up a bit as a warm down.  At least that’s been the case these past few runs.  I seem to find that even though my mind wants to jump right into the ideal pace, my legs want 2ish miles to wake up — at least in the morning.  I’ve also been “listening to my body” and slowing down (rather than pushing) the very last mile because, as my overall mileage is starting to increase, my body needs time to adapt. All these 8-ers have been boosting my overall mileage but I’m not feeling worn down or anything.  Yet (knock on wood because – let’s face it- I just jinxed myself again.)

The weather held up yet again this morning.  It was practically really cool all night, not as much as the previous one, but it was still about 60* when I set out and I felt a little chilled at the start.  The clouds were really pretty patterns this morning in what I think of as a “beach pattern”.  Very pretty! The clouds got burnt off by the sun as I was running making it a little hotter but still amazing weather.  Too bad this stupid hurricane that I mentioned yesterday will be here tmrw ruining the wicked awesome weather streak.  Grrrrr.

I also got some packages today! I love how a trip to the campus post office can totally make or break a day haha.  I got the textbooks that I ordered (a small yay) and season 6 of NCIS (a big huge YAY!) Can’t wait to get some free time to watch it.

As a segue into spending lots of $$ I also went to Target last night for a cheap drying rack.  Well I found it along with about $40 worth of other stuff too.  Hmmmmm, I may or may not have blown a significant portion of the money I have put away for discretionary spending and the semester hasn’t even started yet! But it was mostly non-perishable food which is something I need.  Since it’s still the summer here on campus I’ve been too lazy to walk to the dining hall during the 6 hours (2 for each meal) that it’s open and as a result have already gone through 2 tubs of peanut butter.  Evidently I love peanut butter.  It helps that it goes well on lots and lots of things too. Luckily food at Target is cheap so I got a lot for a little.

Sweet deal, my mom just got here to drop off some stuff that I had forgotten.  Hopefully this can turn into a grocery shopping trip too? Oh how I can hope! Enjoy your Friday nights! Doing anything amazing?

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