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February 17, 2011

I Dropped The Ball

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Because I totally forgot to post this pic on Monday.  I actually found it back in December and was sitting on it.  Naturally I didn’t end up posting it.  Let’s pretend that it’s the 14th again? At least for a second?


Anyway I guess that it’s kind of lame to be posting it on the 17th. But whatever.  I’m only hours away from my vacation.

But that doesn’t mean I slacked off in the training department as I had an interval workout on tap for today.  I don’t think I’m going to be able to get in any type of quality workouts in during my trip.  Maybe some 6 or 7 milers but nothing serious.  A) I’m on vacay and crashing with a friend and B) I’m sincerely hoping to not be in the condition to bounce out of bed (or off the couch) every morning to get in a hard workout.

Just to be clear, because I know that someone will worry about the workout that I did today: I am not “anemic” (aka lack of red blood cells (RBC) or hemoglobin) just low on *iron* [edit: this is how my doc described it to me. I know that technically anemia is being low on iron, but my case is not severe at all].  I asked my doctor if I could continue to train and she said yes, although to get extra sleep, extra H2O and take it easy a bit.  Granted this workout was a doozy but, like I just mentioned, I’m taking the next 4 days as real easy days when I’m away.

Sarah commented the other day that

From experience, a word of wisdom: in general, the training you do while anemic doesn’t benefit you a great deal. So, as I’m sure you are doing, heal up like it’s your job!

Soooooooooooooo thoughts? Did I really “waste” my last month of quality workouts because I didn’t get to the doctor sooner? I mean obviously the next 4 days will be resting up (or not depending on which life activity you’re thinking about…) but even though I read that last night, I was still planning on my intervals.

Today was supposed to be Jess‘s favorite workout (and GOOD LUCK this weekend lady!) of 2 X 3 miles.  Bleh to me.  When I woke up this morning I decided that, since I did that workout 2 weeks ago, I was going to do something faster and more “me”: 5 X 1.2 miles.

Why 1.2? Well of course, like my tempos, it’s just how a good, safe-car route falls.  And 1.2 miles is ~ 2km (1.2465 miles is exact) and last year while training for Boston I did 5 X 2 km.  So it seems apropos to do this workout.  With lots of my interval workouts that are not on the track I typically calculate what the time I need is to hit a pace.  Since I changed up my workout last minute I didn’t do that this time but I knew ideally I’d hit between 7:00 and 7:10 pace.  Of course that meant nothing during the workout itself.  The idea was just go fast.  But isn’t it always?


Cheetah speed. 60, 70 miles per hour. (Thanks google. And movie quote: anyone on that?"

Drum roll pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease:

  1. 8:36 (7:10 pace) Wow this sucks. It hurts.  My legs are achey.  Did I mention this sucks? I should have figured out what a 7:00 or 7:10 pace is for 1.2 miles.  Silly.
  2. 8:29 (7:04) Okay. Faster. With same effort.  Maybe I can do this
  3. 8:32 (7:07) Ouchie.  My legs hurt.  Am I hurting myself by doing this low on iron? Is there any point in training hard low on iron at the moment?
  4. 8:31 (7:06) Maybe this should be the last one.  I started off pretty slow. Let’s push! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeh.
  5. 8:32 (7:07) Thank god this is the last one. Final push!

The recovery distance was ~.5 miles and took me between 4:45 and 5:00 minutes to do.

My first thoughts after calculating my paces? “Holy #$%” That not too far off my last MP. I really ran 26.2 miles around here?! Second thought? Well I hit my paces. Naturally I’m always going to want to go faster. My legs definitely were feeling really achey afterward so after eating and showering I put on my compression socks.  Unfortunately it’s a REALLY nice day out (it was in the mid-30s when I left for the run and about 50* when I finished!) so I wanted to wear a skirt but my legs trump fashion at this point. I think this is the first time that I’ve ever said that. Normally I’m all “let’s wear heels post-LR or hard workout”

Regardless my legs are feeling a bit tender and sore but the workout went well.  I’m not terribly disappointed in it but my legs did feel worn down and none of the intervals felt great.  Almost like I was running in molasses.  Duh, that’s the low iron levels.  So I’m calling this a win because, despite the weariness, I ran fast.  I can’t wait to see what happens after a few more days / weeks of getting my iron levels back up to normal.

Wowza. Longer than usual post right? I’ll wrap it up with that.  No Boston schpeal from me.  I guess I have thoughts on it but after April 18th, 2011 I don’t know (or really care) what Boston plans I have for the future. My focus is elsewhere, both on running and life in New England in general (aka I’m moving outta here!)

My focus is in the picture below.  T-24 hours and I will be on a bus to Philly!

February 22, 2010

Last Day of Spring In Febrero I Guess

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Yaaaawn.  I didn’t get to bed until 0100 last night technically this morning I guess.  After tutoring stats last night I was working in the lab and while the experiment didn’t take long I wanted to work a lot on the report so that took up about a billion hours.  Okay so more like 3.  But still a 0100 bedtime and a body that wants to wake up at 0630? Maybe not the best combo. Hopefully I can pry myself away from my work at a decent hour tonight (or even just take a break watch 24 live) but sometimes when you’re on a roll you’re on a roll you know?

But gosh it was just so beautiful outside today!  When I got up this morning the weather was clear and sunny and 25*.  It was 0630 so the temperature, while cold, was really pleasant and actually felt warm.  Shorts for me 🙂

I did a recovery/easy run today. I never know what to call Monday runs because they’re typically around recovery pace BUT there’s nothing hard to recover from per se so it feels awkward. I’m sure that my legs need it because they don’t really want to go faster but it’s hard for me to comprehend that it takes 2 days or so to shake out the LR.

My shin bugged me a bit but it’s hard to say what it is exactly.  It’s probably something benign like shin splints like I said yesterday but my mind always goes to the worse case scenario: stress fracture? tendinitis? GAH. But I’ve noticed that it feel the most “pain” (and it’s not pain more of a annoying pressure) when I first get up or if I’ve been sitting for a long time and it gets stiff. So in class I’ve been doing the “alphabet” exercise and it’s been helping.  Plus I’m sure it’s strengthening the shin, so it’s a two birds, one stone deal-io.

A couple people have asked how I did my “pre-hab” as the catchy phrase says.  I wish I had some secret cure that I could market and become rich off of.  Alas I did it the good old fashioned way: stretching and strengthening.  I didn’t use ice, mostly because in a college dorm that’s really cumbersome.  But for my achilles I stretched like a mofo and for my plantar I stretched and Stick’d my calves like there was no tomorrow.  So I guess more stretching than strengthening but I’m 99.99% sure that I did a little strength stuff.  Most of my “injuries” are a result of tight muscles though, so stretching has been the cure.

After hablar-ing espanol this mornning, I hit up the gym for some lifting and man did I feel on FIRE today. I don’t know what it was, maybe I was feeling time pressed because I had a really busy afternoon set up for me?, but I just powered through my routine.  And it wasn’t a half-assed powering either.  I just felt strong.  It was like I was just so focused and invincible (heh almost just wrote invisible!) After lifting I just had to do my warm down outside because at this point it was 45*.  I’ve been so spoiled the past 4 or 5 days with SPRING weather.

Unfortunately this isn’t going to be the case for long. I had been debating switching up my tempo and intervals this week because I knew that the end of the week was suppose to be precipitation filled but I just checked the forecast and the rain/snow is suppose to start tonight.  Bummer.  At least I got to enjoy 45* (!!) weather earlier today and now I don’t feel bad about using the TM tomorrow as there won’t be any nice weather to waste!

And as a follow up on the apparel: I’m leaning towards the celebration one in the men’s sizing.  I’m DEFINITELY getting a jacket.  No questions 🙂 As much as I really do try and be humble in everyday life, I need to brag on this a bit.  And jacket = best advertisement everrrrrrr.

Well after re-reading this post it’s a bit everywhere hahaha.  Oops. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t have any idea what you want to write about when you sit down! Currently I’m sitting in the academic center attempting to do my work (never ending you know?) and praying that no students come for physics tutoring. Does that make me a bad person? Heh.

I promise that tomorrow I’ll have a slightly more exciting post (remember *slightly* hahah) as it’s going to be INTERVAL TUESDAY.  I think I’m doing shorter stuff which is always very scary to me.  I’m excited though.  Going fast is ever so much fun:

Gem of a show...anyone?

January 16, 2010

Woot To The Long Run

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Oh man. It’s been feeling like one crazy day but I haven’t *really* done a lot.  I guess that’s what happens on long run days.  Not only are you running for lots of minutes but it makes time seem so relative and before you know it the day is over!

I’ve been having some computer problems lately and finally got them squared away today.  So I started off my day by visiting the Geek Squad and dropping off my computer before heading off on my long run.  After the run (which I will get to because I ❤ the long run and love to talk about it heh) I went back and picked up my computer.  The guy that helped me was sooooo nice because there really wasn’t anything wrong with my machine.  But he stayed with me for an hour and a half (!) and “fixed” it.  Then didn’t charge me.  I actually walked away with tears in my eyes because I was (and still am) so grateful.

So now that my computer is back I can tell you all about my long run (and I need to catch up on google reader. Man you guys were busy for the 8 hours I didn’t have access to the internet!).  The schedule said 17-19 miles for today.  Which first off is ridiculous.  But in a total loving good way.  It’s only week 3 of my plan which is why it’s crazy that I mapped out a 18.2 mile route.  To put it in perspective: last training cycle I didn’t do my first 18 run until week 6!!

I was a little amped up over the computer situation so I think I went out a little fast on the first portion of my run.  I had a 14.4 mile loop and then was going to follow it with a 3.8 loop.  Nothing too exciting about the first loop.  I mean I did a lot of thinking but mainly I knew that the 14.4 route was just a warm up to the last bit.  Not to belittle that first part but pushing through the last part of any run is where I anticipate a little more effort needed.  I mean they don’t say the marathon is a 20 mile warm up for a 10k race for nothing.

I will say that miles 11 to 14 ended up being the rough ones.  I was going to try to hit goal marathon pace (GMP) during these miles but I just didn’t have the drive to.  Which is okay because I don’t have to hit GMP during a long run for another couple of weeks or so.  I think I didn’t want to because at that point I’d already gone a considerable distance but there was still so much more to go to hit the 18.2 that I wanted.  Despite this I was actually thinking of ditching my 3.8 route in favor of a 4.6 route that would give me 19 even miles.  But I didn’t because my previous distance PR post-marathon was the 16.2 I did last week.  And I thought that almost 3 miles more would be quite a leap.

And I kind of regret it.  Almost.

See as much as I really get pumped off of speed stuff I really live for the long run.  It just comes very naturally to me (part of why I think an ultra is in my future). I take a really long time apparently to find my groove.  Like 14 miles maybe? Because once I hit that second loop I was off to the races I guess.  Which is funny because with most people I’d attribute it to taking a gel or granola bar (as I usually do).  But for whatever reason today I decided to go with nothing.  Yes the entire long run was done on my breakfast.

I have no real explanation for why the first 14 miles were right on par with what I shoot for on a long run (9:00 pace) but the last 3.8 were at 8:25?! WTF?! I thought that these 3.8 were going to be the bane of my existence: my bladder was full, I was worried about my computer, I didn’t have any food on me.  But I felt so damn good that I tacked on an additional half mile for a grand total of 18.7 miles.

I wish I had the foresight to know how good I was going to feel so I could have hit the upper range of 19 in my plan.  But 18.7 is just as good which is why I don’t regret not doing 19. I even thought about eeking out another 1.3 to make it 20 (because I ended the run on such a high and my legs felt ready to GO) but didn’t only because I don’t need to.  I’m trying this thing called “Trust The Plan” 🙂

I’m sure the lifting played a part in why I felt so good.  That and the hills I’ve been doing.  And the slow as hell recovery runs. Sure it’s been torture but like I said yesterday, it surely is a prescription for greatness. So thanks to everyone whole told me that yesterday.  It means a lot and helps me stick to “Trusting the Plan”.   Rebecca also mentioned this when she said “I’ve found that the slower I do my recovery runs, the more I can put towards tempo/LT workouts.” I definitely feel the same way and think that it also holds true to these long runs. Plus I felt like I could charge up the hills on my route (there aren’t many and I guess technically they’re more like inclines in the road haha) without altering my pace.  If I keep getting this kind of feedback from my body I think I’ll be okay come April.

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect either: 45* and partly cloudy.  I got to wear shorts and a tee-shirt! And of course my gloves, but they weren’t the “lobster mittens” (as I so lovingly refer to them as) but just the regular old gloves.  Perfect conditions for a damn near perfect run.

I could go on and on about how awesome this run felt.  But I won’t because I don’t want to beat a dead horse. Plus 18.7 miles makes a girl very hungry.  Must. Go. Find. Food!

P.S.  I won Nikki’s LED hat giveaway! Thanks girl! I can’t wait to try it out and report back 🙂

January 15, 2010

Musings on a Friday

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I know it’s only the beginning of the training cycle but man I look forward to each of my workouts and I’m eager to take my medicine.  I see them as a prescription to greatness.  I know that there will be factors out of my control come race day (or during the training cycle even) but I get giddy just thinking about not only my next hard workout (tomorrow’s long run) but even the recovery runs and strength training stuff which I did today.

I felt like I slept pretty soundly last night.  I did get up once to use the bathroom but was able to fall back asleep pretty quickly.  I hate the nights where my bladder wakes me up and then I can’t fall back asleep.  Annoying.  I also work up before my alarm which to me usually means that I’ve slept well.  It’s probably related to the intense tempo I did yesterday.  Hard speed work never fails to let me sleep like a baby.  And where did that expression come from anyway? At least I was a baby that never slept.  But I was very colicky.  But that’s a tangent. (And might be how this post goes as it’s Friday haha)

My point of bringing up sleep (aside from the fact that it’s something I’ve been thinking about lately) is that I felt rested enough to tackle the recovery run first thing.  It was a very gentle run.  Pace was definitely not pushed and, like I’ve said about past recovery runs, I was non-judgmental during the run.  My pacing lately has been feeling like just what I need.  I’m trying to work on being non-judgmental at the end of the run when I look at my watch.  It doesn’t last long but there’s that twinge of disappointment that I didn’t hit a faster pace.  Maybe I should leave my watch in my room.  Although that would screw up my data / number crunching ways haha.

I quickly refueled as I knew I was doing a lifting session today as well.  Nothing unusual about the lifting except that both men’s track and field and men’s swimming were in the weight room.  Ugh.  I go to a small school so the gym and weight section isn’t all that big.  Plus the athletes here take over and take up all the space.  So I had to fight for a bench and a small area to do my routine.

Despite the annoyances of lifting today I’m really glad I did.  It let me hit strength training THREE times this week.  I’m not sure my future schedule will allow me to keep that up but I see it as laying the bricks of my fitness foundation and that I’ll reap the rewards in April for the marathon.  I’ve also noticed the exercises getting easier so I either need to find a new/different routine OR up the weights.  I might just up the weights now as they aren’t wicked heavy but I don’t want to go to far and have too much muscle.  As a distance runner I just don’t need that kind of power the way a sprinter does.

After lifting, instead of warming down on the tm like I usually do, I went outside for my warm down.  Why? Because it was 40*!! It actually didn’t feel as warm as I thought it would but I think that’s because it was really cloudy.  I was still in shorts and a t-shirt though (and my gloves. Thank you Raynauds).  I typically shy away from doing my warm up/down outside (I get too tempted to turn it into a run) but I couldn’t pass up a temperature like that.  And I was bummed about not being able to do an actual run.  But I don’ t think I could have: at that point I had run my recovery run AND done a full body lifting session.  My body was beat!

Now it’s time to beat the mind.  I have some work that I’ve been putting off since coming back.  Oops! I doubt it’ll be too strenuous but it still needs to get done.  And on a Friday night too.  So glamorous 😛

[Edit: Yes the book I was referring to yesterday was Riki Tiki Tembo. Glad I’m not the only one who has heard of it haha]

November 18, 2009

Effortless and Cold

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Oh man, I prolly should start checking the temperature before I leave my room in the mornings to run.  Apparently I cannot trust what the predicted overnight low is.  I woke up this morning thinking that I would be running in mid-30s, which is totally appropriate to wear shorts and a similar top to what I wore yesterday.  Yes, well, no.

When I got back to my room and after trying to warm up I hopped online and it was 28* out! This was about 1.5 hours or so after I left and after the sun had been up for a while!! I’m thinking that it was closer to 24-25* during my run.  No wonder I thought my fingers were frostbitten by the end and I actually couldn’t move any fingers/whole hand for 20 minutes.  Luckily my dorm is a swipe-ID-to-get-in otherwise it would not have been pretty.  I can remember being stuck outside last year because I needed a key. And to go in the completely opposite swinging direction I took the hottest effing shower of my life after.  My skin was a combination of pink/red and I’m surprised I didn’t burn myself haha.

But despite being severley underdressed for a severely cold day my run was pretty rockin’.  Hmmm I think I used that word to describe yesterday’s run too…a run in which I ran a lot.  Same trend different day.  I pounded out 9 WICKED AMAZING miles.  Maybe I was trying to speed up so I could get out of the cold faster? Maybe I was reminded by Lacey about the Pile on the Miles challenge (POTM) I’m doing? Maybe I just love to run and don’t want to cut back?

Likely it’s all three (and prolly many more too) but I got in 9 miles. Unlike the past few runs (and yesterday included) I felt like winter was approaching.  And despite how much I HATE (yes I am using a very strong word here haha) winter, I actually really like running in it (granted I like running in anything I suppose — just got to be in the right mood) so it got me excited.

My legs felt strong and powerful for almost the whole 9 miles.  Isn’t that just a great feeling?! On runs like that I feel like my legs are hollowed out steel and/or machinery: incredibly strong and unbreakable yet light as a feather.  Although now, I must confess, I am dealing with a slight pain in my butt.  It’s right around the hip area and feels pretty “deep” in there so I’m not sure what that’s about.  It’s more of an annoyance than anything and isn’t debilitating or sharp painful.  Likely the result of already having put in 27 miles this week over 2 days.  But it didn’t affect the run as it was pretty effortless too.

My HR also kind of indicated that my run was “effortless”.  Normally when I finish a run my HR is around 160, maybe 180+ if I’ve been doing a hard workout.  But this morning? 120!  Don’t know if that was a factor of the cold or my effort but I’m leaning towards the former as my pace was spot on again.  My breathing today also indicated an easy effort as I felt like I was breathing slow and steady and normal the whole time.

Not normal? My sleeping — although I guess my habit of 4 hours a night is getting to be my new normal.  The funny (well not funny haha but interesting) thing is that I can get 3-4 hours and feel 100% awake because of when I wake up in my sleep cycle but I can also get 3-4 (or even more) but feel completely drained because of the same reason. I think I’m going to try my doctor’s suggestion for reseting my cycle by staying up all night this weekend and see what happens. I’ve tried melatonin before a la EarlyRunner’s suggestion but it doesn’t work.  The only thing that has worked in the past is Ambien but I really try to avoid the heavy hitters if I can help it.  That may be the case if by next week I’m still not sleeping.

Also not normal? My French class getting canceled today.  But I’m totally okay with it.  I mean I was a little pissed because I wanted to get my paper out of my hands but I slid it under her door so I feel like it’s done.  That might be the only thing that is done and complete in my life so I’m going to go check off some things on both my school work and life to-do lists.

Happy Wednesday! And doubly so for me because I’ve stopped thinking of Friday as a real school day 😉

October 27, 2009

Stress? Got that. Stress relief? Yup, that too

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Hey y’all.  Going to try to keep this quick as life is stressful at the moment.  I’ve got some stuff in the works to de-stress it, so keep your fingers crossed for me that what I want to do gets approved.  My stress level has been through the roof this semester, not sleeping, no appetite because stomach upset 24/7.  Not good.  But I think it’ll all work out.

And the stress is why I’ve been working out.  So another 6 miles in the books this morning (hey 6 is better than 8 right?).  Actually 6.2 but hey, I like being able to say 10k.  Especially to Hot-Spanish-TA who actually uses the metric system.  Because yes, today was that day, the one where he teaches our class and I like to be able to use the metric system when we talk about stuff we’ve recently done.  And class was awkward today because we kept sneaking stares at each other (today was the first time we seen each other post-bar night on Thursday). And catching each other doing it.  Way to be stealthy.  Ha!

Anyway this blog is RUNNING not how-to-be-15-again.  But it gives me stress relief.  Although my stomach-in-stress-knots is seriously replaced by other stomach knots.  But again, I digress.

THE RUN.  It actually felt pretty good, despite all but the last .2 miles being in the dark.  Because the sun didn’t rise until 0712! Gosh, I so totally need daylight savings BAD.  T-4 days. My legs felt better.  Very strong at the beginning (?) and end.  The mid 2-3 miles felt some fatigue but I was on a loop path and to turn around wouldn’t have saved me any distance.  I guess the Last Mile Party Jess talks about it real.  I mean, I’ve “experienced” it before but nothing like today.  Very pleasant and it’s welcome any time.

Although it’s very tempting with this party my legs throw to tack on more distance.  Just to quickly recap: I’m cutting back my miles because I’ve been going harder and harder each week with no target distance. I just want to give my legs a chance to be at their best when Boston training comes around.  And I’m a little worried that if I keep running and training this hard now and then (potentially) go even harder for Boston that I’m going to get hurt.  And I definitely don’t want that!

I also have been able to enjoy my runs.  This morning, while I didn’t see the sun really rise, I got to see the “cotton candy” sky.  The dawn colors that are so beautiful.  And, once I got off the main road, listening to the sounds of nature.  Plus the crisp air (~35*) was cool enough that I didn’t sweat too much but I was comfy in what I was wearing while not being all bundled up.  Just a trifecta of awesomeness! Gosh, not only am I a 15-year-old gusher, I am such a sap too! But it’s so true: my surroundings were just beautiful. Once I was able to see them that is haha.

Alright then, gotta go tackle some work and cut down on this “Things that Stress Me Out” List!

P.S. Before I do my Facts of Life for today (which I am SO GLAD you like) I just want to say / ask if my replying in the comments section is useful to you? Do you come back and check to see if I’ve replied? I’d just like some feedback 🙂

And now, the Facts of Life

31. I find it hard to believe there are actually people who get in the shower first and THEN turn on the water.

32. Shirts get dirty. Underwear gets dirty. Pants? Pants never get dirty, and you can wear them forever.

33. I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t at least kind of tired.

34. Bad decisions make good stories

35. Whenever I’m internet stalking someone and I find out that their profile is public I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. 546 pictures? Don’t mind if I do!

October 2, 2009

Week = over!

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Thanks for the good lucks guys.  I’m not quite sure how the exam went.  The essay questions I felt really comfy with but the multiple choice? Ugh.  Always such a hard section for me.  Oh well, it’s over now.  And I’ve been really successful so far about NOT compulsively checking my notes for the right answers.  Less stress this way I think.

My morning was just as crazy as normal.  I was up bright and early (well maybe not so bright as it was pitch black). Did some core work while I waited for the sun to come up.  You know how the other day I was complaining about my radio? Well the only time I get reception is at 0600 and it’s the top-40 channel.  If you’ve been following me at ALL you know I ❤ country.  So I get to listen to “Party in the USA” and that Pitbull song while I rock the abs.  Heh.

Another cool morning, maybe 42* when I left? Funny how it wasn’t that much warmer than yesterday but mentally knowing that it was above 40 made heading out so much nicer haha. And since the weather was chilly I did another 9-er! Craziness.  And I ran it faster than yesterday by about 90 seconds which (for the not-so-math inclined) is 10 seconds per mile faster!

My quads are still feeling sore though and I think it’s because I’ve been pounding on them so much.  If you have a good memory you’ll note that I’ve really been putting in the miles.  Since tmrw is suppose to be rainy and thunderstorm-y I think it might be a nice day to catch up on some TV (L&O: SVU, the Office, NCIS, Numb3rs) and get to do some work.

My morning classes went well.  I had to recite a French poem that went SPECTACULARLY compared to how I thought so I was tres happy.  And I actually had physio class where we learned new material.  Ew.  The test wasn’t until 1400 because my prof wanted class time to keep plugging along in the course.  Lame.

After the exam (which took forever and was hard!) I went grocery shopping because I was out of dairy stuff.  Plus it’s also very nice to get off campus every once and a while.  I essentially live in a bubble, oh small liberal arts school. I can steal all the bread, grains, fruits and veggies from the dining hall but dairy? Not so much.  And I drink ~40 oz of milk a day and eat 2-3 8oz yogurts.  Granted some of the milk is at meals but I love having afternoon bowls of cereal and I need my own stash of milk for that. So now I have a fully stocked fridge.

I also have a fully stocked bureau because I did laundry last night. I had been putting it off for about 3 weeks and I was at serious risk for running around naked (and given how cold it’s been and the fact that my school won’t turn the heat on for another 2 weeks-ish that wouldn’t be good).  I realized how worn out all my sports bras and underwear are.  Definitely need to hit up the mall or something.  Yay shopping! But boo shopping because that means I need $$.  Something clearly lacking in my life.

Okay, Friday night = watching my (former) roomie playing vball during homecoming weekend.  She’s 12 kills away from joining the 1000 kill club.  Since I know you guys are so nice, if you could send some good vibes her way I’d really appreciate it.

And since it’s homecoming weekend lots of my ’09 friends will be on campus so I’m sure tonight will be lots of fun even though I have no concrete plans right now.  There is a dance (yes my school has dances) so that might be fun.  I think the theme is black light? Definitely could be interesting.

It’s also my friend’s anniversary of her 21st.  Always a good time! Heh.

Hope y’all have a great Friday.  Let’s celebrate this wicked long week being over!! 😀

October 1, 2009

It’s October?!

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Jeez, how did that happen?

So here’s my September recap: 290.7 miles. WOOT!

And you want to know total time? Well my dear friends since the week is not over and I have not calculated any time yet, plus September didn’t start on a Monday you’ll have to wait until I find the time to run the numbers. I just did a quick calc but it made the average pace coming out to 5 min/mi.  And there’s no way that is true. I wish though!

Last night was very chilly, I got up for my run and it was 38*. Yikes.  And my school isn’t going to turn the heat on for another 2 weeks sooooo I guess I’ll have to break out the down comforter if it gets any colder.

I guess in some way it made running easier.  Not to get out the door but the actual put-one-foot-in-front-of-the-other act that I so desperately love.  If I had posted right after the run I would have told you that my quad pain/soreness was 100% gone — hindsight tells me maybe my muscles went numb? But never fear muscles, during my AM class the soreness returned to me.

The run itself though was really good.  Intuitively one would think that the day after a really hard tempo would be a slow recovery run.  Not for me.  I think speedwork wakes up my fast twitch muscles because the next day I always run faster than average without meaning to. Weird right? Anyone else like this?

So my pace was great today, although I should clarify it as my overall pace.  I always end up speeding up and slowing down over the course of a whole run.  And I felt strong. So I ran 9 miles.

I also was able to fit in a quick lifting session too.  I did the same thing as Monday but without such a long warm down and I included core.  Definitely didn’t want to run anymore than necessary.  Especially since it was inside and all the girls in the gym decided to put on makeup and perfume beforehand.

And I feel all out of sorts with my life right now.  No nothing catastrophic has happened but I just feel overwhelmed with everything I’m doing.  I have so much work that is due for tmrw hanging over my head but I also need to study hardcore for my physio test, conveniently tmrw too.  I really haven’t had any solid chunk of time to study today, between multiple meetings and classes I haven’t had any more than 30 minutes at one time to myself.  And it stresses me out hardcore.

I was planning on updating you about my “future” because I was supposed to have a meeting with the career center here BUT I went in early this morning to change my 1130 appt to the PM.  So the girl (student worker) told me that 1600 was free and I told her to change my appt because a later time reduced my stress slightly. When I got there, however, the ppl at the desk told me that the woman I was supposed to meet with had another meeting.  Ummmm WTF? Shouldn’t the girl have known/told me about that this morning? I definitely would have shown up at 1130, changing was a convenience thing. The next available appt isn’t until the 26th.  Yeah, like a month away.  I mean, my reason for the meeting isn’t 100% urgent but I still want to get a jump start on finding a job during my gap year.  Gah…

On the bright side it gives me an extra hour to study tonight. Which I should get back to…if you want, I’d appreciate some good vibes sent my way (hint*hint*nudge*nudge)

Happy First Day of October though!

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