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April 29, 2011


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Okay so I am more than a little sad that Michael Scott is gone.

He always left me satisfied and smiling.

thanks google images

Can you tell that I watched last night’s episode AGAIN?! Mostly because, after getting up around 0600 every morning, sleeping in on my day off isn’t going to happen.  And apparently whenever I don’t have something time-dependent to do in the day (aka get my butt to work) running first thing just isn’t going to happen. So weird because I used always be one of those people just ready to GO.

Since I was cleared to run on Tuesday I’ve been taking advantage of that (duh) and running.  A lot.  At least relative to what I thought I would be doing at this time.  Jess commented that she thought that a tear in my tendon would require surgery and was way serious.  So did I in fact.

The fact that I don’t need it either means A) the tear is really really small or B) it was more of a wearing and fraying of the tendon.  I’m leaning toward the latter because I didn’t need surgery and my short runs the past few days have been pain free, which means to me that it’s healed up…at least healed up a lot.

So my runs lately have been feeling pretty darn good on the whole.  Wednesday I had a so-so run before work. Completely pain free but I think my cardiovascular system is still taxed from the marathon because it was exhausting. I’m sure it was partly due to the humidity though (this week, while warm, has been really thick).

And then I caught up with a college friend after work.  And we had a weekend kind of night. On a Wednesday night. Holler.

From Freshman Year of College! (my friend who I saw is the one on the right)

Despite that, I was still up and at ’em Thursday morning.  The run turned out really well too.  I guess it goes back to the thinking that the runs right after a night of drinking is always a good run for me.

Because this one was really fast and felt really strong and really good.  It felt almost like a tempo: hard but way fun and exhilarating. (twss)

Some thoughts that passed through my head on this run?

  • Ugh it’s humid (63*, 97% humidity). My hair looks a mess.  And I’m running through the grad school today. Double ugh.
  • Ugh it’s rainy.  Maybe I  should’ve worn a shirt! (I was in a sport bra)
  • Ugh it’s humid. I’m glad I’m not in a shirt.
  • Man my breathing is hard, but controlled.  Most excellent.

That last point occurred to me during the last mile or so.  It felt great to be running strong! Not that my runs have been *total* crap for the past x amount of weeks.  But they’ve just felt like runs.  This felt like a run, if that makes sense.

It probably helped that this song was stuck in my head:

I really am digging this song. Like, when it comes on the radio it gets blasted and…well not really sung…more like shouted.

Anyway, like I said up top, I chose to not get up out of bed and run first thing on my day off *yesthreedayweekend* so I’m going to try and squeeze that in between lots of errands.  There were bunches of thunderstorms yesterday which cleared out some of the humidity.  Always a good thing.

Another good thing? I’m finally going to be making the signs for Sunday (I do have a couple of ideas but am soooo indecisive about which ones to pick! I’m doing a double sided poster) finally going to be putting gas in my car and finally going to be putting food in the fridge. YAY.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Friday so far. Yes I’m aware that it’s not even 0900 yet but I hope it’s been f-a-b-o-l-o-u-s just the same. I know I am because A) I’m not working (yes I’m that petty and rubbing it in) and B) you guys are too amazing in telling me how much you love my Boston race pictures

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