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September 16, 2010

Three Things Thursday

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AKA: What I do when I’m feeling uninspired for a post 😉

Except by now we all know how I feel about odd numbers.  So Four Things Thursday it shall be.

1. This song was (and still is) stuck in my head. Normally when I’m linking to songs/videos I just search and link.  Today I felt compelled to listen to this song in its entirety. Enjoy.  Because you know I’ve just re-listened to it about, oh I don’t know, a billion times already.

2. My running went well this morning.  My sleeping? Not so much.  I did “sleep in” today (aka I woke up early and couldn’t fall asleep so I went out on the couch and watched an episode of NCIS and thus was “up” at a later time than usual) and settled on running only 7 miles.  Well that was the plan.  And I was going to stick to it because it was absolutely FREEZING last night again.  And I hate being out in the cold. I got up at 0530 and forgot to check the temp but when I remembered 2 hours later it was only 46*.  It’s not even officially fall yet and overnight temps are cold.  But I went slightly longer than planned and I felt a surge of energy at the end which I made the decision (very likely against my better judgment) to add my typical extra bit.  Not to get too psycho-analytical on myself but I think me craving the long run is myself being REALLY EFFING SCARED for this 5k.

Exactly how I feel. Thank you google images for capturing it

3. I met with my pre-health advisor this morning.  The meeting went really well.  I’m going to leave it at that (sorry but I just don’t want to go into details so this #3 thing is a bit evasive! But I’m all smiles because of it so I’m going to be mean and secretive about it 😛 ). It feels exciting and right even though nothing is set in stone. While this makes me nervous because I am such a planner to the max, I feel strangely calm, like I talked about yesterday.  But there are sketches of ideas so I’m not completely shunning my Type-A ness. I’m still a go-getter 😀

Thank you google images

4.  It’s almost Friday.  And that’s a good thing because it means I’m closer to my margarita party with the roomies.


So there you have it.  My four things.  I probably could have written more.  Funny how I decided to do this type of post because “I didn’t have anything to write about” because I feel like I could have written 4 more things.  I think I just like doing bullet points and having randomness. And I would have written more except it’s a clinic day.  So I’m likely running around all crazy at work by the time you read this.  Such is life.  But I really can’t lie and say that I’m miserable because I love it 😀

Enjoy your Thursdays!

And I was going to link a picture for “margarita” in my #4 thing but I decided that it might make today longer than it has to be.


June 24, 2010

As Many Things As I Want Thursday

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Soooooooo I’m kind of liking the Three Four As Many Things As I Want Thursday.  I don’t think I did it last week but whatever. I’m feeling a bit lazy today.  Or just too busy to really think of anything creative. Or maybe I just like the bullet style 🙂

But first (and I’m not counting this as one of my Four Billion Things) I’m really glad that you guys agree with the whole “Tell Yourself You’re Awesome” deal-io.  I know it’s kind of a “heavy” topic or at least a more personal one for a blog, and I debated a bit before hitting publish, but worth it to get it out there that dealing with insecurities with running is NORMAL. It happens to everyone and, to beat a dead horse, I think there was an article awhile ago about Kara Goucher having lots of self-doubts.  So we’re in good company 🙂

I also think that on some level, that having small insecurities is a good thing because it shows that there is passion and a sense of *caring* involved.  If you’re so confident that you’re going to do well or awesome or amazing then, at some level, what’s the point of even trying?  Sometimes the fact that I don’t know if I can complete a run is just fuel to go out there and do it.

Okay so now my Four Things.  It did start out with four but then I decided to add more.  Because it’s been a way to procrastinate on my studying.  Oops.

  • Last night I decided to call it an early night of studying and went to a BBQ.  I think technically it was a housewarming party for my friend? Buttttt it wasn’t at her new place.  So I was a bit confused.  But a night out with the girls is always appreciated.  Drinking + farm stand ice cream (her family runs a state park) + good music = dance party.  Can I get some love for the dance party?
  • My toes still feel weird.  And I’m still not quite sure what it is .  A couple people suggested that my shoes are too tight but I would have thought it would result in blisters if that was the case.  This is more that the tendons and muscles are sore and almost tender-like.  Jess made a really good point that I’ve been trying to run on my toes a bit more (it makes me feel and go a bit faster I think. Maybe it’s all mental.  I will say that it takes so much effort to do so though despite the more powerful feeling)
  • Plus these shoes I’ve been wearing for….well I think the term “awhile” is an understatement 😛  But maybe rather than being too small they’re just worn out. LeSigh. I have given consideration to the fact that I’ve been running A LOT lately.  Like practically marathon training weeks.  It’s almost embarrassing how much I’m running lately. Therefore…
  • I need to plan some races.  Yes I love running but lately I’ve just been running for the sake of running.  Which was fine post-Boston but Boston was kind of a long time ago.  I need to regain some speed.  It’s not like I’m not thinking about it.  Pretty much on every run I go on I’m like “Damn.  I should do something fast today.  But then I get settled into a pace.  And no fastness occurs.  I’m pretty sure having a race on the docket would change that but hey, I’m too lazy to do some actual searching.  I should hire a personal assistant or something.
  • I also need a vacation.  Seriously.  I have job training in Philly during July and probably will stay with a friend for a couple extra days after but I want a tropical island vacation.  Or actually anything that isn’t where I am now.  Sadly my schedule is so tight this summer that it’s going to be hard to do.  But not impossible.  Kind of as a tangent to racing, I’ve been toying with the idea of a destination race.  Likely a marathon because it just doesn’t seem right to travel and do anything less.  I’m totally open to suggestions and, while I am starting a year of poverty service in August I’m not going to be really picky about cost.  Wow. Those are words I never thought I’d say.  Thoughts?
  • I actually am wearing sunscreen right now.  Well maybe not as I think I sweated it all off on my run just a few moments ago.  But I’ve been waking up recently and the first thing I see are two scars on my chest from getting two *atypical* moles removed recently and I realized I needed to just suck it up and wear the stupid sunscreen.  Skin cancer is probably one of the, if not THE, most preventable cancer due to sun exposure which is in our control.  I need to smarten up and make sunscreen the first thing I put on everyday.
  • My second run went well yesterday and was incredibly faster than the first 7 miler.  I ran the same route as the morning run just to see what kind of difference I could produce.  It was about a 5 minute difference.  Hollllleeeerrrrrr.  And my run this afternoon was a lovely 8 miler that was, oh I don’t know, 8:22 pace.  Where is this coming from? I still think I’m dehydrated, sleep deprived and stressed out though.  Maybe that should be my new math equation to good running 😉
  • I’m stealing this one from Ada because I really liked it: What are the 10 countries in the world that only have 4 letters in them? I got 5 of ’em before I had to resort to google.  And she posted the answers in a recent post so you can cheat that way if you want 😉

So much for Three Things ahahah.  Maybe I should have majored in English or Writing rather than Physics. Hope everyone enjoy their Thursdays 🙂 And here are two pictures of me and Jess when she was here in Boston over the weekend.

We look incredibly put together for having run 9 miles!

And again. We look really put together. And awesome 🙂

June 10, 2010

Three Things Thursday

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Or really four because, sorry Erika, the number 3 (as well as all even oops I meant *odd*! — thanks Chelsea! numbers) bugs me. A lot.

So I don’t know who started this (or even if in the internet age we can attribute it to only one person) BUT since I’m so swamped I can’t write an original, mind blowing and creative post I decided to steal this idea as a template 🙂

  • Studying is taking over my life.  I HATE that I can’t blog or comment on yours as much as I used to. And I hate that after going out last weekend I realized that going out is a biiiiiiiiiig no-no.   I need the time to study.  But the plus side is that I really feel like I’m grasping concepts in the way that the MCAT needs me to.  Note: I didn’t say grasping concepts as a whole.  That’s because I do already know this stuff (I mean I took year long classes on it!) but I need to reteach my brain how to think like an MCAT person or even teach my brain to study.  Because I do not know how.  But my brain *hurts* at the end of the day and I feel productive.  Which is nice 🙂
  • I’m 99.99% sure I have a place to live next year for my job! My roommate (god bless her for doing all the apartment searching work!) found a killer place and after some drama with a third roommate dropping out and then scrambling to find another because the place was TOO GOOD to pass up, we probably have plans.  Which is exciting.  So keep your fingers crossed for us!
  • Strawberries are soooooooooooooooo good. Like X good. Yesterday I ate an entire quart with my lunch and today I did the same.  Thank god that my mom works at a farm stand and we can pick our own.  And since they’re from a farm stand they aren’t the genetically-modified-to-be-as-big-as-my-head.  They’re nice and small and I eat too many for it to be a good thing for my wallet.
  • Running is  cyclical.  I knew it was going to bite me in the butt after writing so much about how running was kicking ass.  I know that I’m not crashing or burning or anything like that (and even my pace is still faster than what I’d consider normal and it’s so much fun to see how naturally fast I can go in the second session).  But the feeling of the stars aligning is gone and I’m back to being mere mortal.  Bummer.

So that’s all I got for you! Hope everyone is having a great Thursday.  Mine has been studying so far (I’m being so “bad for blogging right now haha) but I’m going to get a quasi-long run in before my MCAT course tonight.  So no double. It’s funny how much I’ve been looking forward to them!

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