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May 8, 2010

Thunder, Please Don’t Ruin My LR Plans

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Hola! I can’t believe that yesterday I had my last class of my undergraduate career. Craziness I tell you! As I expected it doesn’t really feel any different than the end of any other semester, I’m sure it’ll hit me after finals week when it’s “Senior Week” and pretty much only the seniors are on campus but right now it just feels like business like usual.

Or not.  Normally on the weekends I have So. Much. To. Do.  But because there are no classes I don’t have anything.  My Quantum professor hadn’t yet written our exam so we’re getting that on Monday and my Spanish final is something I’ll study for the night before…leaving this weekend free to lounge around and read *for fun* GASP!  The weather was really nice for this on Friday but today it’s suppose to T-storm.  Clearly not a read outside day but a curl-up-in-my-comfy-chair and read day.  Not too shabby in my book either.

Unfortunately the storms meant that I had to push my highly anticipated double digit run off.  I was hoping that the storms would miss us, or blow over earlier as I woke up in the middle of the night to a big storm, but sadly I still am hearing the thunder.  Who knows though: as I type this it’s still pretty early on Saturday morning (although I make no promises as to when I actually hit post hah) and I might be able to get out there.  Doubtful though.

So while I wait to make a decision of what to do today I’ll briefly recap Disorientation.  I do not have pictures because, despite bringing my camera, I just don’t ever play photographer.  I leave that up to my friends and no one has posted their pictures on facebook yet for me to steal 😛

But the gist of Disorientation, like I mentioned in my last post, is that the whole senior class is shipped off to a mystery location to have fun…and drink.  This year we went to a bowling alley.  And I know what you’re thinking: bowling? But it was cosmic bowling and there was a bar there along with an arcade and laser tag.  And it was surprisingly fun although there’s only so much bowling one can do.  So the night ended in dance party fashion with my class turning the back area of the bar area into a dance floor.  I had a blast.

Sadly, though, I couldn’t drink because of the antibiotics BUT that night I took my last dose of antibiotics Yippee 🙂 Sure they’ll stay in my system for a bit longer but I don’t have to take any more pills.  I was taking so many each day that I had to set alarms haha.  Luckily that is over with. And that’s an excellent thing.

Not so excellent that it’s over? Jazz class from last semester.  If you guys remember / have been reading for awhile you’ll recall that I took a dance class in the fall which I had a BLAST doing.  And remember how I vowed to stay flexible/limber? Yeah well that hasn’t happened but I went to the Dance Co. show last night (because my really really good friend is an awesome dancer and captain of the company) and I really want to dance.  Mhhmmm I have no coordination whatsoever but the dancers made it look so easy and fun.  And it made me miss Jazz. Like a lot.  Because dancing at dance parties is fun but totally not the same haha 🙂

So kind of a hodgepodge post here.  The thunder is getting LOUDER so I think I’m going to have to nix a run today. At least one outside.  I guess I’ll head to the gym soon, once it opens, and do a bit of elliptical, a bit of running and a bit a LOT of lifting.  Not too much of either cardio because I really need to get back into lifting.  I haven’t lifted since the second week of April! I meant to do lifting last week but with the toespolosion (thanks Sarah for that word!) it clearly got nixed.

It feels weird to write a post pre-workout like I’m doing now so I’ll mention yesterday’s run.  I knew that my legs weren’t going to be the happiest because of all the dancing the night before but I was pleasantly surprised.  Yes the pace wasn’t as great as my runs in the earlier week but I felt strong the whole way through.  Always a good thing! Nothing too special about it.  It was “chilly” at 45* but still felt good and a t-shirt/shorts were comfy.  And I took a risk and went sans gloves.  My hands did go a bit numb but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  The reason I went without ’em was because I got to the ground floor, realized I forgot them and didn’t want to trek back up to my room haha!

Okey-dokey time to get my butt to the gym (and I’m hitting post without proofreading! If you notice any grammar /spelling errors let me know!).  Again, a hodgepodge post but the feedback I was getting suggested that hodgepodge can be good? Let me know if you hated this and reading it was like pulling teeth.  Hopefully the weather won’t be so lightning and thunder-y tomorrow (doesn’t look like it will be at the moment. Windy, yes but storms? No) so I’ll be able to get in my double digits on my favorite route.  Speaking of favorite routes though I am really sad that I’m going to be doing *real* goodbye runs this spring because I won’t be coming back in the fall! Tear for sure!

Also I’m finishing up a “My thoughts on my Boston training” post but I’m not going to post it until the week because I’ve discovered that not many people check blogs over the weekend.  So look out for that early next week.

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