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September 30, 2010

Make It A Hurricane Before I Go Insane

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And no not this kind because it really hasn’t been that kind of week.

I mean the storm that is hitting the southern east coast right now and is moving up to us in the NorthEast.

I didn’t realize that so few of you were math nerds like me! Hope I didn’t bore you too much with my¬†math-y post yesterday! Oops ūüôā

I ended up calculating the pace of my run yesterday and it was a very sluggish 9:25.¬† I’m actually surprised it wasn’t slower than that.¬† I really never felt any kick at all.¬† But I guess it just means I *really* pushed myself the day before with those hills. Similarly my legs didn’t feel the greatest when I got up this morning. And my body in general didn’t want to get up.¬† The way my covers conformed to my body was really nice.¬†

But there was some lingering soreness in the legs, from the hills maybe? I wanted to do a speed / interval workout today but I nixed it.  I know that my legs never feel the greatest first thing in the morning but I want any type of speed work I do to really count. 

I’ll do it tomorrow.¬† After two days of easy stuff my legs should be good to go (and after pondering today’s run below I think they will be).¬† Maybe the first interval will be rough (when is it not?) but the workout will work out alright.¬† Fingers crossed.¬† I still don’t know what workout I’m going to do though. Decisions decisions.

It wasn’t so hard to decide on today.¬† Since yesterday was a really short run (like <7 miles short) I knew that today was going to be longer. Even with the prospect of speed work tomorrow. That said, I didn’t know how my legs would feel once I got out there so I opted to do some loops.¬† I wanted the first one to take me through the city for ~5.5 miles and then I would see if I wanted to do that again or just do my pathway. Here’s what went down:

  • 1st loop: 5.6 miles @ 8:59
  • 2nd loop: 5.6 miles @ 8:48
  • Total:¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† 11.2 miles @ 8:54

The first 2 or 3 miles were ROUGH.¬† I thought it was going to be a repeat of Wednesday: slow as molasses.¬† I’m sure the weather is having something to do with it: as much as I love warm weather, it’s hard to really push and feel awesome when it’s 73* and 95% humidity.¬†

Don’t get me wrong: I LOVE this weather.¬† But there’s a reason that mid-50s¬†and cool crisp air allows so many PRs to be set (like my half earlier this month).¬† I’m hoping, like that weekend of the half and hurricane Earl, that the upcoming tropical storm Nicole brings some cooler fall weather to us.¬† Because it is fall.¬† New England needs to recognize it.

The end of the run ended up feeling very strong.¬† Too bad I don’t do mile splits because I know that the last 4 or so miles were really fast and I flew.¬† I was totally DRENCHED in sweat (with that kind of humidity how could I not be?) but it made me feel BAMF and likely fueled those fast miles.¬† While I still don’t think I would have been prepared for speed work this morning I think that I’m¬†right in thinking tomorrow’s session will be a good one.¬†

Assuming that the tropical storm isn’t going to be too bad.¬† At the moment we’re under both a wind and flood advisory I think. Too bad the tropical storm isn’t a hurricane, at least in non-running thinking terms.¬† I’m kind of itching for it.¬† A whole “batten down the hatches” kind of storm. By the time most big storms get up here they’re tame.¬† I almost want a house to blow away.¬† Not mine of course but I think that’d be cool to see: a roof blowing off a house.¬† Gosh. I just re-read that and I totally am a horrible person for writing that!

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In other news, before I¬†risk¬†turning this running blog into a “complain about the weather blog”,¬†I think I have enough black toenails that I don’t have to buy nail polish for a really long time (once I get a black nail they last FOREVER).¬† Interestingly enough none of the ones I currently have are due to running.¬† Yes, I am that cool.

Also cool? It’s the Flintstone’s 50th birthday

I’ll end this post on that note.¬† Kind of a blah day.¬† Still not a “make it a hurricane” type of day. I didn’t have the smoothest night last night or (with the exception¬†of the end of my¬†run) morning¬†and I’m dragging.¬† More like a coffee day? That remains to be seen.¬† Mix¬†the dragging in with the weather and it’s a recipe — I was totally going to write a math equation eff it here it is:

lack of sleep + uneasy dreams + changing weather + long clinic hours =

Okay so maybe that’s a bit over-dramatized.¬† And by a bit I mean a lot.¬† I got¬†an excellent¬†run in, ate a good brunch at work (leftovers from our breakfast feast at yesterday’s staff¬†meeting. YUM)¬†and¬†I just got my blood pressure checked by one of the medical-assisstants-in-training and it was really good (98/60), like always.¬† Plus I get to get an EKG done later for them to practice AND I get to go into a bunch of exams because there’s a lack of volunteers to do the recording today.¬† It’s the little things ūüėČ

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