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December 1, 2010

Previously On MM….November 2010

I think when I wrote my October recap I ended the post saying “Let’s hope November is just as good, shall we?”.

Well it was. It truly was — anyone know that quote? It’s not really a memorable quote but whenever someone says that line, the scene from this movie pops into my head!

I kind of liked not breaking down the month week by week like I’ve done all year and doing a previously.  Like LOST and 24.  I consider myself as BAMF as the great men in my life 😉

And I have to only pick one LOST pic? UGHHHHHHHHH

Thanks google for both images

Anyway.  November was another great month.  While October brought about the firsts for lots of things (including baking as well as Dallas WR marathon training), November was really where the magic was made.  I put in LOTS of hard work and to go purely by the numbers, this was a colossal month.  Not as big as that crazy June I had but pretty darn big.

Since I liked the format I used last month, I’ll keep it the same.  For your sake as well as mine.


  • 454.1 miles
  • 61 hours 23  minutes 15 seconds
  • 8:54 average pace

Comparing 2009 to 2010

  • 2010: 454.1
  • 2009:  293.6
  • Percent Change:54.7 %

YTD (as of 30-November)

  • 2010:  3988
  • 2009: 2766
  • Percent Change: 44.2%


None here.  I was debating a Turkey Trot with my lil’ bro but opted out.  Oh well.  I’m sure that in a few days I can make it up to myself.  He did school me in an xbox dance off on Thanksgiving so I’m sure he’s over not running with me.

I did, however, get my official-in-the-mail acceptance to Boston which is hard to see past WR but it’s there. Waiting.

Not my image. Google images


Lots of good stuff here.  Last month I linked to all my quality workouts leading up for this WR cycle.  This month I’ve done 3 quality ones a week.  That’s a lot to link to.  So here are the memorable ones / highlights of what I was trying to accomplish (the links are mostly so I can go back and re-read if need be in the future):

I think the biggest thing of the training here was that it was all about learning. I’m slowly trying to wrap my head around how to train right.  That there are many types of workouts and each has their own place. That I’m a pretty decent runner if I put my head to it.  That I set expectation really high and can be disappointed because I expect so much from myself.

I think this month really is laying the foundation for how I approach running and training and RACING for the future.  It’s a bit weird to put it like that but I just feel like this month was special (or maybe it’s been there all fall and just now I’m starting to notice)

Oh man, sentimental much? Lots of other confidence building workouts in there this month but those above were the best of.  I also started the hundred pushups and two hundred situps challenges, of which I am in Week 4 of 6 on currently.  Plus some foam rolling.  Maybe I’m changing my bad-runner-habit ways?

I guess I can’t wait, then, for the first weekend in December.  I get to “run the rock

Preferably in that time too. Asking too much? 😉

Baking (ahem slash cooking):

  • Chocolate CheesecakeThe baking queen herself was impressed.  I’m not going to lie: the idea to do this (and to bring it to a Celtic’s game?!) was born after a glass or two of wine.  As all ideas are?
  • Sweet Potato Soup. I was a complete brat and emailed my mom (not even a phone call!) a week before Thanksgiving to request that she make this for me.  I did make it at the beginning of the month but still.  I am such a terrible daughter.

I actually also made Apple Cinnamon muffins but just haven’t yet shared the recipe.  Here’s a sneak peak? (because I’m sure y’all are tired of seeing pictures that I’ve already posted)

Trust me: better pics in the actual post. I'll try to get it up this weekend 🙂


Despite working 40+ hours a week, running 454.1 miles this month (including marathon training runs!) I maintained a really good social life as well.  The highlights include:

  • I celebrated a birthday.
  • Had the best Thanksgiving I’ve ever had.
  • Drank the most tequila I’ve ever had in one night.

All in all a very good month. I mean, we did get the first snowfall at the beginning of the month but I got a tiara.  Who can argue with that?

November 3, 2010

Previously On MM…..October 2010

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We were under another freeze warning here in the North East so it was a brisk 28* when I rolled out of bed this morning.  In some ways the temp was nice for a recovery run just because I didn’t have to go fast in such cold weather but I definitely ran faster than a normal recovery pace just because it was so cold. I wanted to get back into my warm apartment! Still shorts weather although I did break out a second pair of gloves 🙂

I typically do a week by week summary of how the previous month has gone.  I’ve been doing this for maybe 10 or 11 months now and I’m sick of it.  Mostly because I’ve been getting lazy about recording my thoughts on each week as it passes and by the time the last day of the month comes I only have numbers.  Which are good and all (I’m a numbers nerd remember) but it’s not as exciting as recapping the bet of the month.

So, at least for this month, I’m going to nix the *weekly* numbers and data and give you a brief highlight from this month.  Kind of a “previously on MM…” (in fact I like that title so much I just went an d re-did my title post from “Very Best of” to what it is now haha!) I’ve seen other bloggers recap their months this way and I like it.  Especially since I’ve been doing quality things, not just in miles and paces but RACING and TRAINING.  As well as other things.  Ummmm I apparently can add cookie baker to my resume 🙂

But just for the record, because I still love numbers and data, in October of 2010:

  • 422.1 miles
  • 61 hours 51  minutes 36 seconds
  • 8:48 average pace


  • 2010: 422.1
  • 2009: 307.8
  • Percent Change: 37.1%

YTD (as of 31-October)

  • 2010:  3533.9 (this is the running tally I keep at the top of my log book. According to my monthly total tally my miles are at 3534.4 miles. Weird.)
  • 2009: 2472.4
  • Percent Change: 42.9%


  • Sure I did more races in September (2)  than October (1) but the Tufts 10k was pretty freaking fantastic.  Where I continued my trend of smashing PRs and ran a (to me) astounding 41:20! Plus I got to run it with Lacey. Makes it even better and sweeter.

Therefore, because WR is soooooooooooo soon, I got to do some seriously hardcore


Okay, so maybe even before registering for WR I was running intensely, but within the second half of the month I got in some focused workouts (and I know these links are really recent.  So you probably remember these workouts without clicking.  Or maybe I just like to think I’m important enough that you remember haha!)

  1. 18.1 plus 2.3 mile run — when I thought that I’d be running a portion of a November marathon with a friend
  2. 10 X 800 meter repeats
  3. First tempo that I completed feeling good about — but maybe that’s because I had literally registered for WR 10 minutes before going out the door!
  4. Official first 20 miler of cycle — and on a workday too!
  5. 2 X 3..errrr 2.85 mile repeats

All of which I feel really good about. Don’t get me wrong: I did have my first aborted speed workout ever this month too — and on the FIRST DAY. Way to start off the month!)

But the rest of the month? Very confidence boosting and the hard work I’ve put in this summer and early fall translated into a GREAT month of training.  When I think back to October I’m going to think of the goodness that made me start to buy into this “I can do whatever I want in running.  I CAN DO IT” aka confidence building.

Therefore some good food must be involved.  And by good food I mean cookies.  Because that’s all I’ve really had to make that’s been blog worthy.


I channeled my inner baking queen this month with

I know that 2 cooking things isn’t a huge number but hey: I am not a cook in any way, shape, or form.  I’ve never before felt the need to cook for myself  (and hello dining hall for 4 years!) and suspect that will change now that I’m on my own.  Granted I still don’t find the time often because of my work schedule but October has taught me the satisfying nature of baking.

So two this month.  Who knows how many next 🙂


I know I don’t really blog much about my life in general (just little snippets here and there) but October was really good to me. The first few weeks after moving here were really exciting and then September was pretty painful: the excitement had worn off and I felt a bit lost. October was really good to me socially and ended with a bang on Halloween weekend.

Which, by the way, I got to give out candy to trick or treaters for the first time. I think I may have been more excited than the kids 🙂

The Girls

So a GREAT month.  Let’s hope November is just as good, shall we?

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