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October 18, 2010

I. Am. Registered.

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For Boston.


Post Boston 2010 Euphoria

After major hemming and hawing (and talking to some amazing peeps from the RWOL marathoners dailies) I bit the bullet and registered.  I don’t think I’m technically registered yet — as they need to confirm that I qualified but I entered.  I guess the biggest thing in getting me to register was talking to some of my RW peeps and having them tell me some really nice things.  So if you’re one of the guys that pushed me to do this and consider myself a good runner to RACE Boston then thanks, you know who you are 🙂

Plus I want OUT of New England by next summer and I don’t think I’ll be able to afford a trip back East anytime soon.

So yeah.  I’m doing Boston again. It took FOREVER for me to enter too and I wasn’t sure if I would get it because I didn’t enter until late in the day(I think it was a bad link?) but I’m in. Now I need to find a training plan. And hope that the BAA doesn’ t charge my credit card for the billion attempts that I made.

Which is semi-exciting after having that 20 miler on Saturday under my belt (and I think I miscalculated and actually ran 20.6 giving me the full marathon for the weekend 🙂 ).  Obviously I won’t start training until late January or early February as it’s highly likely I’ll only follow a 12 week plan given how strong my base is already.

Post-20 miler I’m feeling quite good.  There is some soreness (mainly quad and I’m pissed that all the hills I’ve been running — both up and down — didn’t make it less soreness!) but I think I’d be fooling myself if I said it wasn’t to be expected. But I did a lot of walking last night while out (because drinking and drive is NOT cool so I’d rather walk a billion miles to the bars.  Which I did) and some *gasp* stretching.  Not much but I’m sure it helped a lot.

Which is why I went out for a semi-quick shake out run when I first got up and before an event that I was going to go to for the clinic (gotta represent VISTA man).  The run actually wasn’t too bad at all and was surprisingly even paced: the first portion that I timed was at 9:04 pace and the second was at 8:59 pace and the whole thing averaged out to 9:01.  Silly pesky :01…or rather :02 as I’m becoming elitist when it comes to where I want my paces to be.  Oops.

But the overall pace was slightly surprising given how much slow I was during the days that followed the Tufts 10k.  But I guess different types of effort.  I feel like I can run FOREVER.  But give me a short and fast race? Different kind of running.

And then after running I headed to the coast to participate in a 1 mile walk along the coast where the money raised was going to the clinic.  The weather (which was perfect, yet again, for my run this morning) was also perfect for the late afternoon walk: by the time we started it was probably in the low 60s with the sun shining BRILLIANTLY down.  There was a nice breeze off of the ocean too which felt great.

And you really can’t beat the smell of salt water.

Here are some pics of the area.  I really wish that I lived closer to here / I knew about it sooner / I was training for a marathon because the place is sooooooooo beautiful and I’d LOVE to do a long run here (a long run is really the only way I’d justify driving so far).  Maybe once the winter thaws out during Boston training? Though knowing New England that’ll never happen!

I think I’ll miss fall the most when I move out of here! The changing of the leaves (despite most of them being green in this picture) is something you really don’t get anywhere besides the NorthEast.  But NorthEast = snow in winter and I’m looking to stay away ahahah

For most of the walk I jumped from rock to rock that’s seen in the right of this picture.  It made me feel like a kid!

As did this NEMO KITE!

A candid that my coworker snapped right before I jumped off the rocks. My hair is a hot mess. Thanks wind!

All in all I’m really glad I went.  I was ambivalent about it on Friday but I’m really happy that I ended up going and spending my Sunday this way. It would have been better spent watching my men play (and what a game it was! I wish I could have watched it live!)


butttttttttt I’ll take what I can get I suppose.

The rest of my Sunday was entirely dedicated to relaxing and doing as little as possible.  AKA catching up on NCIS and The Office.  I was WAY behind but now I’m not.  Although it did make me sad that I have to work late on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  Not that I have a tv that shows television (it’s DVDs only).  But an excellent way to end the weekend nonetheless 🙂

It didn’t however do much to make my Monday morning run any easier.  I had to get up at 0530 (never fun) and the entire run was in darkness.  I got some pre-dawn by the end buttttt no sun.  Now, of course, the sun is really bright and I’ve had to close the blinds.

Not much to note on the run itself.  Slow-ish but not slog.  I think that’s important.  The overall pace can be whatever but as long as I don’t feel like crap the run is doing something for me.  The most exciting thing was that I saw two full grown adult raccoons!

I was going to put a picture of a rabid raccoon here. But I figured that would be prejudicial as I'm sure most raccoons are not rabid despite what my parents told me If you're really interested check out google images!

It promptly scared the living bejeezus out of me.  When I was little it was drilled into my head that ALL raccoons were rabid. Something that is apparently ingrained in me to this day as I hightailed it OFF my pathway onto the road.

I guess that put a little pep into my slow step this morning.

In other random news I have a Halloween costume.  And I’m excited. October 31st needs to get here now.  Or at least the weekend that we’re celebrating Halloween. Hollllleeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr.  But such a tease because I’m not going to share.

That’s how I treat my readers for reading this monstrosity of a post that probably reads like a stream of consciousness with no structure or semblance of outline.  I’m so nice 😀

But you can check out the giveaway from Tricia and HotLegsRunner.  Clearly nicer than me!

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