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June 10, 2011

Previously on MM…May 2011

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I am soooooooooooooo totally aware that today is June 10th. AKA we are officially in mid-June.  And I never put up my May recap-y post.  In all fairness I didn’t put up any posts this month so far.  So in one sense I’m really not that late because this is my first post all month.

Needless to say I’ve been busy.  And once my computer got that virus 2+ weeks ago I haven’t turned it on once after getting it fixed. And then I went away last weekend for a graduation (in the middle of nowhere. Beautiful. But middle of nowhere.) So I’m popping in real quick before I head away for a wedding this weekend and I go even longer without posting. I have some awesome pictures from my weekend away that I want to share. (I totally rubbernecked on my runs) and I’ve had some strange/amusing encounters on my runs lately so I know I’ll be back.  I sure hope so because I’ve missed y’all!

Anyone remember when I posted daily? Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

thanks google

May 2011

  • 425.6 miles
  • 67 hours 16 minutes 3 seconds
  • 9:29 pace

May 2010

  • 286.6 miles
  • 42 hours 40 minutes 49 seconds
  • 8:56 average pace

The biggest, most obvious, difference is the increase in miles. WOW. I posted my miles with my Dailies crew and got a couple of questions/remarks of “how do you run so many miles?”.  Well I really don’t know.  It’s not like I’m sacrificing much here: I’m an early riser in general so getting up between 0530 and 0600 typically happens no matter what time I go to bed and I’m lucky that I don’ t have kids or a spouse or those obligations.  That frees up lots of time.  Plus I”m young so my social obligations don’t start until at least 2000.  Somehow it all works out.  I mean, I definitely skimp on the sleep and many runs have been a little dehydrated from the night before.

And obviously pace suffers.  That’s pretty obvious is the stats too. Which, at this current moment, is something I don’t really care about.  I have prospect races but nothing that I’ve laid down the cash for so I’m perfectly happy just going out there and running big.  Or twice in one day and with the weather getting to be SUMMERTIME is something I’m loving.

Overall: good month. Some other highlights? Well this was a really stressful month on the family front but I got some good stuff out of it too.

  • Some of my stress was relieved when I found a place to sublet for July and August (and a place for beyond that! I AM SO EXCITED!). Turns out I will not be living in a cardboard box on the side of the road for the remainder of my time in PVD nor beyond that. Holler.

thanks google

  • WARM WEATHER. Borderline hot. Holler again.  It’s so nice to be able to go out at night and not wear a jacket or sweater.  It’s definitely helped my social life.  Which, speaking of, going out with Lacey over Memorial Day weekend was fan-freaking-tastic. I love dancing.
  • Evidently not baking though as I only made one recipe. And if memory serves me correctly I stated such in my post.  They were cookies though.  Win?


  • Cracked ribs.  Okay so maybe not a highlight per se.  But it makes a great story.  Luckily I’m almost at 100%.  I don’t need the painkillers to sleep anymore, which is nice, but I can still feel that my ribs are a little damaged when I take deep breaths.

Hopefully this post was coherent. When I started typing I felt like I forgot how to blog! It’s Friday so it’s a half day for me (don’t be tooooooooooo jealous. I had to work several 9-10 hour days to get it!) and I’ll be

  1. Catching up on your lovely blogs
  2. Enjoying the wonderous(ly hot) weather
  3. Cheering the Bruins on tonight

Ready? BREAK!

April 29, 2011


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Okay so I am more than a little sad that Michael Scott is gone.

He always left me satisfied and smiling.

thanks google images

Can you tell that I watched last night’s episode AGAIN?! Mostly because, after getting up around 0600 every morning, sleeping in on my day off isn’t going to happen.  And apparently whenever I don’t have something time-dependent to do in the day (aka get my butt to work) running first thing just isn’t going to happen. So weird because I used always be one of those people just ready to GO.

Since I was cleared to run on Tuesday I’ve been taking advantage of that (duh) and running.  A lot.  At least relative to what I thought I would be doing at this time.  Jess commented that she thought that a tear in my tendon would require surgery and was way serious.  So did I in fact.

The fact that I don’t need it either means A) the tear is really really small or B) it was more of a wearing and fraying of the tendon.  I’m leaning toward the latter because I didn’t need surgery and my short runs the past few days have been pain free, which means to me that it’s healed up…at least healed up a lot.

So my runs lately have been feeling pretty darn good on the whole.  Wednesday I had a so-so run before work. Completely pain free but I think my cardiovascular system is still taxed from the marathon because it was exhausting. I’m sure it was partly due to the humidity though (this week, while warm, has been really thick).

And then I caught up with a college friend after work.  And we had a weekend kind of night. On a Wednesday night. Holler.

From Freshman Year of College! (my friend who I saw is the one on the right)

Despite that, I was still up and at ’em Thursday morning.  The run turned out really well too.  I guess it goes back to the thinking that the runs right after a night of drinking is always a good run for me.

Because this one was really fast and felt really strong and really good.  It felt almost like a tempo: hard but way fun and exhilarating. (twss)

Some thoughts that passed through my head on this run?

  • Ugh it’s humid (63*, 97% humidity). My hair looks a mess.  And I’m running through the grad school today. Double ugh.
  • Ugh it’s rainy.  Maybe I  should’ve worn a shirt! (I was in a sport bra)
  • Ugh it’s humid. I’m glad I’m not in a shirt.
  • Man my breathing is hard, but controlled.  Most excellent.

That last point occurred to me during the last mile or so.  It felt great to be running strong! Not that my runs have been *total* crap for the past x amount of weeks.  But they’ve just felt like runs.  This felt like a run, if that makes sense.

It probably helped that this song was stuck in my head:

I really am digging this song. Like, when it comes on the radio it gets blasted and…well not really sung…more like shouted.

Anyway, like I said up top, I chose to not get up out of bed and run first thing on my day off *yesthreedayweekend* so I’m going to try and squeeze that in between lots of errands.  There were bunches of thunderstorms yesterday which cleared out some of the humidity.  Always a good thing.

Another good thing? I’m finally going to be making the signs for Sunday (I do have a couple of ideas but am soooo indecisive about which ones to pick! I’m doing a double sided poster) finally going to be putting gas in my car and finally going to be putting food in the fridge. YAY.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Friday so far. Yes I’m aware that it’s not even 0900 yet but I hope it’s been f-a-b-o-l-o-u-s just the same. I know I am because A) I’m not working (yes I’m that petty and rubbing it in) and B) you guys are too amazing in telling me how much you love my Boston race pictures

April 7, 2011

Life, uh, Finds A Way

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If there is one thing the history of evolution has taught us it’s that life will not be contained. Life breaks free, expands to new territory, and crashes through barriers, painfully, maybe even dangerously.

Don’t judge me for my favorite book. ❤

Is it too much to ask for consistency?! I mean, I LOVE that I feel like I’m on an exciting frontier with life stuff. Like I’m a pioneer or something.

thanks google.

But is it too much to ask that the small life stresses stay the same so I can concentrate on other stuff? That means: work, family, friends: you are on alert. Don’t change.  Don’t cause drama.  Because I can handle the status quo right now. Do not play this cyclical game of giving me stress and then backing off.  It’s disarming. And will cause me to be pissy.

Life: stop breaking free and causing chaos in my life. (And don’t worry I’m not as stressed — like at all — as I was back in February and March.  Just annoyed because there are things that I want to do (SELFISH alert!) and can’t at the moment. Annoying)

You too mother nature.  It’s been going back and forth between humid + rainy to brisk (I can’t in good conscience call it cold anymore) + sunshine.

Luckily (?)  my run on Tuesday got the humid part.  Complete with some drizzle and WIND.  When I got up this morning, after resetting my alarm more than once, my mood matched the dark skies.  I was only planning on 10 or so, which was also the feedback that my body was giving me from the get-go, but as the run went on I got faster and faster and my mood got better and better.  In spite of the humidity, on and off rain, and wind.

It was actually, GASP!, fun.

Sometimes, in spite of everything seemingly stacked against you, a ray of sunshine comes through. It helps when it’s literal, as was the case when I hit my apartment to get the 10. The sun broke through!  It was like a sign to keep going. And I listened (Taper whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?)

I’m glad I did because the last 6 felt effortless. It might have been a bit, well unwise, on my part. Taper? IT?

thanks google. and rachel

I know that I had a good, pain free run over the weekend with my 20 miler.  But that run was characterized by an overall slow down for the run.  This run? Nuh-uh-uh. I felt like I was FLYING by the end. If that 20 miler was a sign that I can complete the marathon this one was a glimmer of hope that I might actually finish with a smile on my face.

Running is fun again.

And I say that with the knowledge that my run Wednesday kind of sucked.  Because it was a true recovery run.  As in: Sloooooooooow.  And with some IT pain the whole time.  I use the term “pain” very loosely, it was more of an awareness that my IT band is a part of my body.

Today? Who know what it’ll bring. I’m tempted to do some fartleks.  But let’s just hope for an IT pain free run, m’kay? And let’s hope I make it through the next 11 days (holy s#$%!) without going crazy, m’kay? I’m sure it’ll be easy, m’kay?

Can anyone not say m;kay and think of this guy? thanks google

On a follow up note from my last post and the response I was getting from me cutting our the shaker: well I hear y’all (and let me tell you it warms my heart to have people tell me to keep on saltin’) buttttttttttttt that doctor is probs right.  I will definitely admit to eating a fair amount of processed  and canned foods which give me plenty of salt as it is (I tend to crave salty stuff).

Maybe I’ll revisit the issue in the summer (or even spring once I start really sweating salt) but for now I’m going to try and reduce my added intake.  So far, and it’s been almost a week, nothing major has happened aside from my food being a little blander. And it’s not that I have health issues with HTN either.  My blood pressure is routinely low.  But, like lots of other things in life, the effects of too much salt (it’s literally a shaker every 10 days or so) probably won’t be seen until later in life when it’s too late to correct it.

March 31, 2011

Laundry or Food

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Guess which one I chose to take care of last night?

Hint let’s just look at letter U shall we?

Anyway…I do want to bitch (again) about the weather.  As Sarah so astutely pointed out

the recent “cold” weather has felt weirdly warm for me. Like, it will say 19 degrees outside, but I’ll be sweating within minutes. I’m not sure what this means, other than it’s 19 degrees in late March and that’s not particularly appealing. Humidity?

I’ve been stepping outside of my apartment WAY overdressed.  But I’m dressing based on the temperature, and even taking sun / cloud cover into account, I’m overdressing.   She’s 100% right that 19* at the very end of March is sooooooooo not what anyone wants.  But it feels warm.  And, dare I say it?, nice! I hate to think that after 24 years of suffering through the cold I’m about to adapt.

We’ll see though, as it’s supposed to snow April 1.

Happy April's Fools Day y'all

Gotta love the north east.  In any case, the weather has been nice out lately. Or so it feels. Weird.

Which was the case for Wednesday’s 0530 run.  I figured that, with it being in the 20s and with the sun still sleeping (which is EXACTLY what I wanted to be doing when my alarm went off.) I’d be a little chilly.  Nope, I was sweating within minutes and, after running the first of 2 loops, shed the sweatshirt and mittens.

And then I ran the second loop faster than the first one.  Which is my standard M.O. but lately, aka with the IT band acting wonky, it’s been the opposite and I’ve been more tortoise than hare during the final stretch.  Not sure what this means but I’ll take it! The total pace was still on the slow side though as my leg was achy for longer.  Still no pain.  I’ll take that too.

Especially as I go into…taper? I feel like I’ve been tapering already! It’s been almost 3 weeks since I did anything hard.  This weekend marks 3 weeks since my last long run, which was the 24 miler that I think was the trigger for the IT pain.  I mean, I definitely haven’t been slacking with the overall mileage (and thanks to those of you who have assured me that the 20 split that I did this weekend is okay) butttttt I’m hoping that I surprise myself in a few weeks.

That said, I’m not quite sure how I should attack the next 2.5 weeks.  Obviously it’s taper time (although I was going to do a 2 week taper originally) and I can’t cram any true goodness into my body in terms of workouts but I can’t help but feel that my body is going to be stale when I get to that starting line.  Any thoughts / suggestions as to how I go about the next 17 days? (zoooooomg is that it?!)

I still haven’t ordered my jacket yet.  I probs should get on that. But right now I’m still giddy over some exciting news about my future after my year with AmeriCorps and the clinic is done. I feel really terrible about not being able to share more on here but, with nothing set in stone and my year with AmeriCorps still having 4.5 months left (yes that has become a mantra for me!) I’m going to continue to be cagey.  But good vibes are appreciated for everything to work out and not fall through at this stage.

I’ll also be nice and let you listen to the amazingness that is Enrique.  I’m soooooooooooo feeling him and his latest music. Although I do prefer the non-radio edit version.

I’m off for what I’m hoping to be a 13 – 15 miler.  My (or rather my IT Band’s) version of a long run.  Then again, maybe I’m supposed to be doing something shorter as this is the taper.  But it’s the beginning of it. Gaaaaaaaah.  This is what I get for flying by the seat of my pants with training! Fingers crossed I make it.  Or rather make it intact! I didn’t sleep well last night (couldn’t fall asleep so I stayed up watching NCIS and The Office then kept waking up during the night) so it should be interesting to say the least.

January 2, 2011

Goals of Past and Future.

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Or not. It could be that time of year that the goals of the year get reviewed and reevaluated and new ones get written down for the upcoming year.  But I decided not to because everyone and their mom is doing a goals post and everything I’ve been trying to write is kind of blahhhh. Plus I like to evaluate things whenever I need to, the fact that yesterday was January 1st doesn’t really phase me.  I know some of you are like that too and some aren’t and I really enjoyed reading them this year so I’m not a complete hater. I also thought about doing a year in pictures recap but it just wasn’t exciting either.  Maybe it’s because I’ve just celebrated NYE for the past 3 nights and the neurons aren’t firing at 100% just yet. I am still trying to work on it, mostly for myself as a trip down memory lane, and maybe in a few days y’all won’t be sick of those posts and I’ll post it.

That said: overall 2010 was an amazing year.  Like the first year where I feel happy with the past 12 months.  Lots of life changes (graduating, moving out on my own, REAL WORLD) and I’ve grown as a “real person”. And I smashed prs left and right.  And I got to meet lots of my running and blogging friends. It’s going to be really hard for 2011 to top but I’m sure as hell going to give it my all.

I mean, if you’re really interested in what I want out of 2011 the nutshell is: “Run Fast” and “Keep the Momentum of 2010 Going Into 2011″.  How I get there is an experiment.  I’ve decided to start living life on the edge.

Speaking of which: remember how I said on Thursday that my run that day was going to be my LR for the week? Well I guess I lied.  Because, after celebrating pre-NYE on Thursday night my friend and I decided that we FINALLY wanted to run together.  So we did.  And we ended 2010 with 11.4 miles of laughing and running.  I’m still pretty much a solo runner (so is my friend which is why we’ve never run together) but it was really nice.

NYE itself was a blast.  I ended up not going into Boston but staying in Providence which turned out to be a good decision because I had a lot of fun.  So much fun that I didn’t think a run was going to happen but I do happen to know that after a night out, running = amazing.  And I got to start off 2011 with a bang.  Nope not the kind of bang that a good hard interval session bring as I still haven’t yet returned to speedwork yet despite really wanting too.  But the kind of bang where I only set out for 8.5 miles but ended up with 13.2.  I blame the weather for that one because it was 53*.  I didn’t need gloves and finished the run in a sports bra.  Ummmm January 1st? Great way to start off the year!

As great as the run was I cried a little when I had to reset my yearly mileage to 0 yesterday.  I mean, it’s exciting to have a fresh slate but man, I was liking the big running total at the top of my running log.  Boo.

With the past three days being runs of double digits I decided that today was going to be 6 max.  And I respected it.  Holler. But I’m going to be honest here: it was mostly out of time crunching.  Despite staying in Providence for the holiday weekend I didn’t set foot in my apartment from the time I left for work Thursday morning until Sunday morning and there were plenty of chores to do around here. And it was partly because I definitely cannot drink like I did a few years ago when 3 days of partying were the norm.  I mean, it wasn’t 72 hours of straight drinking: I did make a gingerbread house last night.

Before or after drinking? You decide.

The January 2nd run wasn’t as great as the first run of the year.  Not terrible and I wasn’t cussing up a storm while I was running but but as much as I say that drinking = good next day running I don’t think that multiple nights in a row of drinking = good next day running.  First lesson of the new year.  The weather was warm and foggy which was a bit creepy but still, it was warm and yet again it was a gloveless run.  I’m not going to complain about that.  I was having some leg issues toward the tail end of the run and I felt them when I first got up this morning but some rolling took care of that and everything felt normal during the run.  I decided to fully commit to living on the edge, per my new year resolution, and went out for the run without mapping it! Crazy right? I’m such a rebel.

I skipped the pushups and situps on Saturday so they got bumped to today: pushups ( 26, 26, 33, 33, 26, 26, 22, 22, 62 ) situps ( 39, 39, 50, 50, 39, 33, 33, 110 )

I hope everyone is recovering from NYE well and had a great time.  As for the rest of my weekend / Sunday (which I’m digging the three day weekends hardcore!) I have to finish up those errands and then I’m crashing on my couch again. This week is my first 5 day work week since the week before Thanksgiving! I totally need to rest up for it so I can make it to next weekend in one piece.

Check out the giveaway from Lesley (Racing It Off)

November 26, 2010

Apparently The Countdown is Now in Single Digits

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…as of today.  T-9 days!!

Well I said an early Happy Thanksgiving on Wednesday and I’m saying a belated Happy Thanksgiving today.  Suffice it to say, the fact that I turned my computer on for the first time in 36 hours just now means I had a busy holiday.  And it was pretty good too.  I don’t think I’ve kept it a secret here that my relationship with my family has been tenuous in the past, so I was really mixed about going home for the day.

But I had a blast and even went to the extended family portion of the day (my family eat the dinner as nuclear families and then meet up at one person’s house for dessert), something I haven’t gone to in 6 years.  I think moving out on my own has really matured me and I’ve rethought skipping the family portion of Christmas.  After all: this is going to be my “last” in New England (a fact I’m acutely aware of every day — although my last snowstorm will be cause for celebration hahah)

The best part of the day? Nope not the food (although that was pretty good). Having a dance-off with one of my sisters. To which song you ask?

Luckily no one brought a camera.  So I still have some dignity left in the world.

By the time I got back to my apartment I was bushed! I also arrived home with more leftovers than I can probably eat.  I pulled major rank and said “I’m a poor VISTA and you (my two college sisters) have dining halls. I win”

In light of the fact that I had a great holiday I sincerely hope that you did too 🙂

Since I last left you my running has been…highs and lows? On Wednesday after work I did get some miles in before going to the theater to see “A Christmas Carol”  (which was a really fun musical version!) and then a couple of drinks after.

Still my favorite version. I need to actually buy a copy this year! (thanks google)

The miles were pretty good and, despite still having some allergy problems when I went out, the pace was faster than anything I could have pulled off at 0500.

Thursday was, duh, Thanksgiving and I hit the streets for a “long run”.  After the past four weeks being: 20.3, 20.4, 20, 17.6, the 15 I was scheduled for putting in felt measly.  The first half was slower and sluggish (the thought of “oh great” eyeroll passed through my mind) but I picked it up and finished WAY strong.  I think the final overall average pace was about 8:45.  Which is roughly what I’ve been doing on my long runs — at least when I’m by myself as I had that killer one two weeks ago with a friend.  And the later portion was about 8:20 on this particular run. So YAY.

The weather wasn’t the greatest either: 28* but sunny.  On a whim I checked what the temperature in Dallas was at that time and it was 69*. Ummmm that’s 41* warmer? I’m pretty sure that was a freak day for them but that was still at 0615 CT.  Crazy.

I also got in my pushups (20, 25, 15, 15, 26) and situps (30, 38, 23, 23, 40) before heading to my mom’s house.  I can’t tell if they’re making me stronger yet. They’re certainly not getting much easier but I’m able to handle the increases so far.

The weather on Friday was warmer here (and I think it was actually colder in Dallas hahah. Suckers 😉 ) but drizzly.  Since I had gone over what I should have done yesterday (silly me for thinking about the run as a long run!) I decided to take it slow and steady for a few miles.

Well I guess I didn’t factor into the equation that Thanksgiving has food that I normally don’t eat (not that I wouldn’t like to enjoy them year round but I’m lazy and don’t make anything hahah!) and, while Chocolate Creme Pie and Gingerbread Pudding = sugar = carbs, my legs might not have liked having new foods. I don’t care what anyone says, my legs know the difference between pie carbs and apple carbs.

Because my legs felt like sludge. So I guess I didn’t have to worry about forcing myself to take it slow and steady and easy. [Edit: I just calculated the pace for the run and it was the very slowest possible recovery run pace according to McMillian.  While I still believe that recovery runs should just be run without pace guidelines (the point is to recover and that’s done by what your body wants) I shouldn’t complain about the pace because it wasn’t, in fact, as slow as I thought]

It was one of those runs where you *know* how slow you’re running and even if a rabid dog came after you, your legs would not go faster.

Thanks google

So I cut the run WAY short, ate some breakfast, foam rolled and am debating about going back out to hit the street for 2 more miles in a hour or so bringing my grand total to the day to about 6. Then again, I’m in taper (and likely still a food coma) so I might not.

Speaking of foam rolling (yes I’m aware this is a mish-mash post!) I’ve really gotten into it lately. With the exception of yesterday (because I was running late to get to my mom’s house), I’ve rolled every day for the past 7 days.  And, while my legs aren’t magically faster or anything, I’ve noticed a subtle change in how my legs feel.  They no longer feel wicked tight or sore or cramped.

Yes they still are tight and fatigued and they do still twitch sometimes.  But there’s something that I can’t quite put my finger on that makes me feel good about it.  Not enough to be a zealot for this foam rolling action.  But enough of something to keep doing it until I figure out what the heck that something is.

Aaaaaaaand that’s it?  I sure hope so because this post is already running long 😉

Just finishing up some breakfast and coffee.  The sun’s actually out now which is exciting although annoying because I ran in the drizzle and overcast. I like the sun. After I finish up eating I’ll do some more rolling and stretching and relaxing until later tonight.  One of my friend’s from high school is visiting me as she spent Thanksgiving in our hometown (she lives in PA so I don’t get to see her that much).  We’re going out for dinner then (lots of?) drinks.

Good golly gee whiz this is shaping up to be a great holiday break 😀

November 14, 2010

Quite The Weekend

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Heyyyyyyyyyyyy there everyone!

First: I’m really glad birthdays come only once a year. Especially now as I get older.  I’m pretty sure that my liver is out of love with me after this weekend.

And no joke this song came on exactly as the clock struck midnight.

BUT before the shenanigans of this weekend, I had my last long run before WR. And I can’t believe I just typed that out.  Because I registered, ummmmm, 20 days ago.  But I’ll be racing (or with any luck be done) in three weeks time.  Crazy, no?

I mean, I’m not going into taper RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE or anything as this upcoming week is going to be intense.  Just that on Saturday I ran what will be was the last of the 20 miles.  The next LR will be 17-18 and then *real* taper.  It’s going to feel really weird to be done with training so soon after starting.

But based on my long run yesterday I bet that the endgame will be sooooo totally worth it.

I met up with a friend who I met on RWOL in the marathon dailies crew.  Interestingly enough he is NOT training for a marathon so I’m lucky that he was willing to run this 20 with me.  On the weather front it was damn near perfect for running.  The start of the run was cool (39*) but it ended up being about 60* by the end. I was a bit overdressed by the time we finished as I was freezing on the drive over! Better overdressed than under dressed I suppose.

But I guess that’s what I get for wanting to start the run at 0800: cold to start but the sun warms things up as you go along.  But round one of celebration was the night before and I wasn’t about to get up any earlier than necessary hahah.  Side note: Round one was with my roomie to her school’s graduate student bar (which is subsidized by the university itself meaning cheap drinks! How cool?!) where I discovered that I am quite good at darts.  Like scary good.  Which totally made it up to my teammate for my being horrendous at pool.

The late night didn’t end up affecting the run negatively at all. The splits ended up being:

  1. 7:36 (entirely downhill and when my friend said that it was a sub-8 pace I said WHOA!)
  2. 8:10
  3. 8:30
  4. 8:41
  5. 8:54 (first hill!)
  6. 8:49 (second hill)
  7. 8:37
  8. 8:27
  9. 8:01
  10. 8:09
  11. 8:09
  12. 8:09
  13. 8:09
  14. 7:50
  15. 7:58
  16. 7:53
  17. 7:59
  18. 8:06
  19. 8:21
  20. 9:19 (entirely uphill and by myself as my friend wanted to slow down and take the last mile lightly)

Total: 20 miles, 2:45:31

The time at the half was 1:49.10 and was actually a PR for the half for the guy I was running with!

The average pace for the first 19 miles (because my friend had a garmin) was 8:14 Ummmm this is my current marathon PR pace.

The average pace for the run with that last really tough mile is 8:16/17 (depending on how you round)?! Ummmm that’s only 3 seconds slower than what I ran Boston in last year. Even more impressive because there were some major hills thrown in there. I think one of them was 12% grade! Whoops? Maybe?

Needless to say I’m pretty freaking pumped to see what WR brings. After today I HAVE to conclude that I’m in much better shape than I thought I was. I honestly never felt like I was running as fast as the splits indicate.  I think it was because I LOVE running with others.  Not only do the miles pass fast because you’re not alone but the miles pass fast because I always run wayyyy faster with someone else.  I remember running with Lacey last winter on a long run and we just FLEW through the miles.

That and, like I said, I’m finally coming to realize that I’m in really good shape for this race.  I still can’t wrap my mind over the fact that the first 19 miles were at my marathon pr pace.

I also did W1D3 of my “strength routine” when I got back to my place.

Pushups: 11,15,9,9,15

Situps: 17,22,14,14,21

And then it was time to relax before shipping up to Boston to party a bit for round 2 of celebrations

Yay google images

Now it’s Sunday and luckily I had the foresight to do some errands before the weekend started.  Because I’m pretty freaking tired. But the weather is nice so I’ll probably head out for a birthday run…likely within 5 minutes of hitting publish.

Quite the weekend indeed. I love it.

And,this is random but it makes my day bright so I need to share, my sister texted me (right at midnight) to tell me to check FB.  When I did I found this:


And the old spice guy.

October 14, 2010

Today Is Not Boring

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Here I was, thinking that I was going to have to make something up to have my run being exciting or not post today, when lo and behold something exciting happened.

Well not really truly exciting.  But I fell. 

Which is something more than a boring “I ran today. And slowly because I’m recovering and trying to enjoy just running”.  In fact I almost fell during the middle miles as silly high school kids were getting off of a bus and I tried to dodge them and one of them tripped me. 

Probably accidentally but it didn’t stop me from shooting the group a mean glare. But I was wearing my sunglasses so it likely went unnoticed. Heck they were high schoolers so everything goes unnoticed to them. 

Which by the way can I say that they looked SO YOUNG. Gahhh does this mean I’m getting old?!

Anyway the REAL fall was at the end of my run and I wasn’t paying attention to where I was running.  And I tripped over the uneven sidewalk (UGH New England and planting large trees with roots that breakup the pavement!) and completely hit the ground.  But luckily I was a hardcore volleyball player in the past because all my vball training came out and I did the most perfect roll ever.  So I came away relatively unscathed.  I think there was only one cut that actually bled. 

And the weather was pretty cold (39*) so I didn’t even feel a thing until I hopped into the shower.  That didn’t stop me from utter a few of George Carlin’s “7 Words” during the actual falling of course.  It felt like the fall was in slo-mo so I think I got all 7 out. The humidity was relatively high today too (91%) but because it was so cold it didn’t feel that bad at all. 

Random mathy picture to break up a possibly boring post 🙂

Apparently FailBlog likes to feed the inner nerd in me 🙂

Here’s what went down today for my running:

  • 1st loop: 5.6 miles @ 9:14
  • 2nd loop: 5.6 miles  @ 8:56
  • 3rd loop:     1.2 miles @ 8:19
  • Total:               12.4 miles @ 9:00

Not too bad.  I’m not thrilled with the overall pace (slower than the past two days) but the fact that I was able to pick up the pace and get down to 8:19 for the last loop is encouraging. Aside from my second run after the race on Monday I don’t think I’ve seen the low 8 paces yet post-race.  A good thing.  I’m recovering 🙂

That said, I’m still going to take it easy and NOT try to push pace.  Let it happen naturally for the next week or two.  Which I think will be hard because

A) the weather is truly turning colder (although I’m still pulling for an Indian Summer), meaning that I want to run FAST to warm the heck up (I refuse to break out the cold weather gear until it dips into the mid-20s!) and

B) I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.  Gosh I really am such a racer.  The week after running a great race makes me really want to keep going HARD because racing well is such a high.  It’ll be hard to keep me in check until marathon training starts up again. As Jess noted, my training right now is practically marathon training!


In other news…

I’m trying to cut down on my salt and caffeine intake.  Regarding salt: I LOVE the stuff.  I put it on EVERYTHING. Veggies, meats, oatmeal.  You name it and I’ll put salt on it.  I’ve been blessed with relatively low BP (typically 98/60) so I’ve never been worried nor has any doctor mentioned it.  But I easily go through a salt shaker each week.  That’s A LOT of salt.

So I’ve cut it out in terms of ADDING salt to things.  No particular reason per say.  I guess just to see if I could. And I’ve been successful. I’ve stopped adding it.  But I’ve also gotten quite *light-headed* lately. Even when sitting down. I’m thinking the two are related so I’m likely going to start shaking the salt shaker again. Plus all my food tastes bland without it.

Regarding caffeine…well it’s been a FAIL.  I’ve been drinking it despite my intentions of not.  Oh well.  It’s not the biggest deal ever as I’m already addicted so I think my goal will be to not increase my consumption as I get severe withdrawal going without. But so far that’s a fail as I’ve been drinking more coffee and, thus, more caffeine.  And I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I’m really starting to enjoy the taste of it.

WHO AM I?! hahahah.  And with that I should head back into the clinic because I’m hanging out with a really cool doctor who is semi-taking me under his wing every time he volunteers (which is every week! Way cool!).

Enjoy your Thursdays (best day of the week!). I’m still giggling like a loon from my Tufts 10k race 8)

October 13, 2010

Feeling So Fly

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Or, as Flo told me, I am giggling like a loon for 3 days.  But they haven’t yet made a song that says that.  Maybe someday.

And in case you don’ t know why I’m giggling like a loon or feeling like a G6 check out what I did on Monday.

Thanks a million for the congrats and love y’all gave me.  I’ll admit that I had a bit of an inflated ego after reading them 😉

In the days that have passed I, duh, have still been running.  But it’s been SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW and total, complete 100% recovery paced: Tuesday ended up being 8:53 and Wednesday was….well techically the way I round it should be 9:00 but I *really* want to make the 8:59.25 a 8:59, so I am.  Close enough right? HAHAH. Oh me and my numbers and weird rounding ways.

The runs themselves were pretty unremarkable the weather on Tuesday was 52* 80%, brisk, but it was 0800 so it was pretty sunny out and I got to wear my bamf sunglasses (to those who asked: BAMF is an acronym that stands for Bad Ass Mother F^%#$& and it’s pronounced like it’s written) which helped counter the fact that my legs felt tired.  Which is a good thing since I raced my heart out on Monday.

Wednesday I woke up to 40* and 75% humidity.  Since the sun was out it didn’t really feel that cold and I’m glad that I didn’t break out the gloves yet.  While my extremities always get cold I’ve lived in New England my whole live and it would be quite shameful to have broken out anything yet.  Longsleeves covering my arms sufficed.  I guess.  My hands did get a bit numb by the end and it was slightly difficult to unlock my apartment door.  Oh well.  I did make it inside. 

Again it was a slow run as my legs were tired at beginning but I felt a real pick up at the end, which was encouraging.  I’ve always said that I recover fast so the fact that I was feeling slow and the legs were lead on Tuesday was a bit disheartening.  At least in terms of recovery and what my brain is used to.  I’m taking it as a good sign that I really pushed hard and ran the race my body was primed to at Tufts.

Kristin said in her comment yesterday

Great job! So happy (but not surprised at all) with your HUGE HUGE pr!! “Although if you consider your racing season “untrained for”… I’m afraid to see what insane efforts training entails you’re a workhorse, own it!”

Which got me thinking about the future.

In the immediate future (aka this week) I want to relax a bit.  Despite not following a hard grinding training program for anything this fall I was still doing structured workouts and (GASP) feeling guilty for doing things like…bailing on workouts ooooor skipping them entirely.  It’ll be nice to wake up without knowing how far I’ll be going and to not feel the pressure of an upcoming race. I think I said it yesterday but there’s a Jingle Bell 5k in the beginning of December that would be a fun race. 

Of course I am a racer so we’ll see how the actual race turns out but it’ll be a race in costume.  Which inherently makes it “fun”. Right?

In response to that comment and the more long term future, I actually shudder to think about what would happen if I actually trained for a race.  I think part of the reason I was so successful this fall was because I DID NOT train for any of the races specifically.  Definitely not the half (it really wasn’t on my radar until the week before) and the 5 and 10ks were never “goal”‘ed.  I did a few speed sessions but I wasn’t laser focused on them. 

I say this, the shudder part, not out of the fear of doing great but because the last time I TRULY trained for a race I ended  up with AWFUL shin splits that required forced rest.  AKA the 3 weeks prior to the Boston Marathon I couldn’t run and I was in PT to get over my shin problems.  In fact, the race that was 3 weeks before, Eastern States 20 Miler, I had thought my shin were legit fractured crossing that finish line. Obviously not something I want to repeat.

But I’m looking towards a marathon in 2011 and, duh, training will happen.  It would be nice if I can train SMARTLY for something.

I know that you guys probably want to know more details of what I want to do next year.  But beyond what I’ve written above I simply don’t know.  I just want to take some time and bask in the glow of an awesome Fall 2010 season on races.

If I can find the time to bask.  Clinic this week has been insane so far and doesn’ t look like it’ll lighten up anytime soon.  I probably should stop blogging and start working, right? The weekend can’t come soon enough! Because, as much as I’m giggling like a loon right now, the real celebration will happen this weekend. 

It’s a promise to myself 😀

And since this post is boring with no pictures added, and a bit lackluster as I’m unsure of the future of my races and just am taking time to recover from the fall, here’s a comic from because anything physics-y brightens my day.  I don’t know how much physics anyone has taken but the Right Hand Rule rules all. 

Giveaway from HotLegsRunner and Mel (Tall Mom on the Run)

October 10, 2010

I Heart Ke$ha.

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For real.  Last night before going out my roomie and I listened to her.  And because we only know the couple of songs that she has on the radio we listened to each one about a million times.  Sometimes I think I want to channel her and be her.

Sometimes not though.  Maybe I just want that gold tooth she has.   That is not going to happen, however, on my VSITA stipend. Although I have been told I resemble her.  Compliment? I think I”ll take it as such.

Oh well.  Maybe Halloween costume idea?  It’s a pretty easy costume but I don’t know how “recognizable” it is.  I mean, I don’t want to have to answer the question of “now what are you for Halloween?“. Because I’d basically be wearing no clothes with teased hair. My roomie and I hit up a Halloween store on Friday, just to get ideas, and I have some of my own but I’d love to hear what you guys are being if you have any ideas (I know that’s unfair to write because I kept y’all in the dark until AFTER Halloween last year hahah!).

But I love Halloween.  And it’s almost here! I can’t believe how fast this month is already going by! 30.3% done. Craziness.

Also crazy? The fact that the wondrous fall weather did tempt me to run yesterday afternoon.  I got in another 8 miles with a friend. Or at least I think it was 8.  I haven’t yet mapped it because I don’t want to know how far I went in total yesterday! Assuming 8 miles it was pretty quick @ 8:20 pace. I think this goes to show that I’m a faster runner in the afternoon than I am in the morning.  Or maybe my legs were just warmed up for this one.  Who knows.

Normally running the extra wouldn’t be a big deal but I have Tufts on Monday — aka TOMORROW.  I’m definitely not worried at all about not recovering in time for the race (I usually recover really fast from harder efforts) but still.  Crazy.

I’ll likely end up letting this weather injure me if I’m not careful!

Which is why when I laced up my shoes — or really I just tied them as I never un-lace them after a run — I made a conscious effort to reel it in.  I guess you could call it either a recovery run from the “long run” I did yesterday or a shakeout run for tomorrow’s race. Either way it was slow, despite not feeling slow, and stayed that way for the large majority of the miles until I decided to just give a little burst of speed so my legs don’t forget.  Totally mental but whatever gets me to the starting line mentally prepared is alright with me.

While it was quite cold temperature wise (42*) the fact that the sun was out made me feel like my longsleeve shirt was overdressing.  Then I’d run under a tree or building and get really chilly and be thankful for the sleeves. It’s always funny to me to think about how different 42* feels at 0500 vs 0900.  I never feel like I can get warm with the former! Oh the power of the sun


Yay google images


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I guess I’ve been avoiding the whole goals-for-this-race talk here.  I think I’ve said it enough that A) the race is tomorrow and B) I like to race to feel like I’m going to vomit (sooooo attractive I know) so the game plan is to go out strong and try to hold it.  Luckily I’m racing it with Lacey and that’s her M.O. Since my strength is endurance I’m going to let her push me out and then I’m going to take over and reel the both of us in for a strong finish.

In terms of times, I really want to PR.  I’ve only run three 10ks ever (given that I don’t race much!) and my current PR stands at 45:09.  I think I can break that.  *knocksonwood*.  I’d love to go sub-42. Realistically I’d be happy with 43:17 because that’s a 6:59 pace and I really really REALLY want to average sub-7s, and the sub-42 would just be the next minute barrier after that.  We’ll see. Given that I knocked 90 seconds off my 5k a few weeks ago, doubling that gives me a 3 minute slash right there.  Add in the fact that I’m better the longer I’m out there and I’m hoping for some good things.

Of course positive and good vibes being sent my way would never hurt 😉

Ready? BREAK!


Yeah yeah yeah. I've used this picture a lot. It's a good one though. Admit it.


Kind of a boring post today, no? It mimics my real day as I’m sitting on the couch re-reading Dracula (amazing book. You should read it).  Hopefully after the race I’ll have something exciting for you.  Could be good, could be bad.  But since I’m not planning on just running it I’m assuming that I’ll have something to share with y’all.  Brilliant glory or utter mess.  Hopefully if it’s a mess it’s a hot mess.  Like the girl I heart and titled this post for.  So let’s rock out to my girl some more today? Yes please. I won’t annoy you with another clip or anything.  But you should turn it up because I am as I try to lounge and relax 🙂

So cheers and have a great Sunday.  And Sunday night as YAY for 3 day weekends!


Sorry I really couldn't resist another failblog picture. This one was delivered to my google reader as I was about to hit post. Serendipity right there people. Serendipity.


Oh and before I forget: thanks for your input on blogging privacy in my post yesterday.  Like Sweaty Kid said (and I 100% agree with) “All anyone would have to do is look up my race times to figure out who I am“. There’s definitely a huge element of trust here and it seems that most of us are on the same page that we feel like we know those who comment on our blogs and who’s blogs we comment on but are somewhat weary about those who we don’t know who are reading (and if that’s you then come out of the woodwork! We can all use more friends 🙂 ).  I still go back and forth with how much to publish and am actually glad for it.  I think the second I get comfortable and DON’T question it then I’ll end up publishing my full name, DOB, SSN and address. And that would be no bueno indeed

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