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November 10, 2010

Answers for my Feet, among other things

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On Tuesday night the podiatrist volunteer was in the clinic and I had him check out my feet.  If you recall at the very end of August I got another toe infection and my PCP suggested I see a podiatrist.  Well due to lack of time and money I didn’t.  So when the podiatrist showed up I jumped at the chance to see him as “the last patient” and get his input on my feet.

Thanks google images because while I do have pictures of my icky toes from hospitalizations past butttttt I'll spare you. And don't think I'm a creeper for taking them: I was TOLD to my the doctors so that I could have a visual to compare to see if they were getting better hahah.

The long and short of the “appointment” and his opinion was that I run in cotton socks which, duh, hold moisture and also cling to my feet causing micro-abrasions on the toes which then get infected because I’m not aware of them and thus do not bacitracin them.  Since I’ve really only had this problem since becoming a marathon runner he thinks that the more intense pounding is just a lot of my toe-sies.

Anyway the podiatrist’s suggestion was/is to buy polypropylene socks to wear.  Especially during the hard workouts / during the marathon itself.  He did remove two toenails that were icky.  Nothing wrong with them but they were hurting me and he didn’t want them to cause me pain.  An angel I tell you!

He was AMAZINGLY nice and told me to call him if I ever had any questions or if the socks didn’t do anything.  Like for free. God’s gift to the Earth? For real.

Since he didn’t say anything about not running (In fact when he told me I could call him whenever he said that he had lots of runners in his practice so he knew how to keep us on out there!) I felt good going out for my recovery run from the tempo I did yesterday. Which I’m still smiling from all the nice comments from you guys.  Again, I know that the workout was good and something to draw from.  But, like the mile repeats over the weekend, it wasn’t how I envisioned the workout going.  I felt slightly like a loose cannon during the later part.  Not cool calm collect and in control like I wanted.

Thanks again google images. And a physics connection too! My lucky day

Anyway….back to today.  Ever since the time change over the weekend I’ve been sleeping sooooooo much.  I honestly don’t know what’s up with that.  On one hand I know I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth butttt I never sleep as much as I have been the past few days.  Partly it’s because T/W/R this week are clinic so I don’t have to get up at 0500 but still: I’ve been falling asleep immediately and waking up to my alarm.  Plus we’re talking about ~9 hours a night. Sheesh.  Time change affecting me much? Normally I only get affected in the Spring when we spring forward!

I’m sure the extra sleep is aiding in my training, and running in general. Or at least making me focused to do what needs to be done.  AKA a nice “chilly” recovery run for me this morning. I think it only felt cold because it was cloudy and overcast and a bit misty as well as WINDY. I ran across a bridge / the canal and I honestly thought I was going to get blown into traffic.  No bueno.  But overall I got a solid run in.  It felt faster than it actually was but it was within the range I am for on recovery runs.  Not sure if that’s a good thing or not but since I wasn’t pushing the pace or out of breath I’m going to take it as a good thing.

Doubly so because my tempo yesterday was fast and my legs were tight all yesterday at work.  But no soreness in my legs this morning? I’ll take that thank you very much.  I could do without the arm soreness from those pushups from yesterday.  Whoops to not doing strength in forever.

It was also a creepy run when I was running along the river trail.  The leaves have pretty much disappeared from the trees and the dreary weather made it look like the environment was stripped of color.  Pretty freaking creepy indeed.  I actually got a little paranoid running too which *rarely* happens, especially in an area I’ve run so much and know so well.


Google Image #3 today

But all in all I’ve been very pleased with all my runs in this “cycle”. I can’t believe that the race is soooo soon AND it’s almost time for taper.  Weird.  But that’s what you get when you sign up and decide to run a marathon with 5 weeks to go!  In many ways I think that I’ve been so pleased because (and I don’t know if I’ve written it hear or just talked about it with a few of you via email and whatnot) I haven’t had the ~11 weeks of mental (as well as physical) beatings that I can give myself over a long training cycle and end up feeling burnt out.  I’ll likely feel slightly underprepared when stepping up to the starting line but not injured or hurt.  *knockonwood*

I have a hills (or tempo interval) workout tmrw because I’m doing what could quite possibly be my last 20 (and likely should be) this weekend with a friend.  Crazy.  Then it’s T-3 weeks.  Next week I expect to be intense but slightly cut back in terms of miles then a steep 2 week taper.


March 13, 2010

If you’re having girl problems I’ve got news for you son

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I got 99 problems but the bitch mileage ain’t one (more on that later)

Haha. So as soon as I type “it’s Friday and my stats always take a dive” is the day that I get the most hits.  Too funny! 😉

Anyhoo on to today.  I slept like a rock last night.  Out freaking cold.  Now I think I’ve mentioned this before but home =/= fun.  In fact I really don’t like spending time here.  BUT there’s something really conducive to a good night’s sleep like your childhood bed.  And boy did I did it.

I got up this morning and my calves were “eh”.  A couple people have suggested recovery / compression socks and trust me: I’ve been wearing them every night for the past week or so.  I shudder to think about what my calves would feel like if I wasn’t wearing them! But yeah, I think I’m just running so much and stretching so little (so bad!) that tight muscles are bound to crop up.

Like running so much I didn’t realize that my double days have added up essentially to an additional run! Going into today’s run I had 80.3. HOLY COW. I had an 18.7 miler route planned out for today hence the “99”.  When I realized that of course that song popped into my head and wouldn’t get out for the entirety of the LR. Oh well. It could have been worse. Jay-Z is kind of amazing.

As I mentioned yesterday, the weather this weekend is crap.  Rain, wind, blahhhh.  I debated doing the LR on the TM.  To be honest I think TM-ing a LR is pretty easy.  I’ve never really dealt with boredom on the thing before plus I knew that it would help me with pacing.

BUT I totally guilted myself into going outside. I was on FB and stalking re-looking at Lacey’s marathon pictures. And in them, she’s smiling and having a blast in weather similar to today.  So I figured that I could try to be a BAMF and get out there too. The rain, in fact, didn’t turn out to be all that bad. Yes I did get soaked to the bone BUT it was the wind that damn near killed me.  I actually got knocked over at one point.  I just kept telling myself that this is just Boston prep and that I’ll be ready for anything after this.

That said, I kind of hated almost every damn minute of this run (god damned hubris for me saying how much running was rocking lately).  I had planned on doing some pick-up work over the course of the 18.7 miles but every time I tried I just couldn’t.  I think the effects of this week (the fact that mileage is not a problem son 🙂 ) is catching up to me.  Couple that with the fact that  I’ve apparently forgotten how “hilly” my hometown is (it’s not really but my school is in an area with NO hills) and the fact that the second loop I did was the hilliest route in my repertoire and yeah…I set myself up for a doozy.

I guess I’ve already said that I hated this run but yeah. Here’s the deal:

  • 20.3 miles
  • 192 minutes 45 seconds
  • 9:29 pace

Yup. Not 18.7 miles.  20.3.  I actually thought it was only 20 which would have made my pace even slower and because I thought this I was soooo dejected when I finished.  Still I looked my my paces with good old Mr. McMillian and he says that my LR pace (for my current marathon race/pr) is 8:50-9:50.  And plugging in my goal marathon time (which I don’t think you should do?) my LR pace is 8:31-9:31. So either way today’s run was fast enough to do something.

The funny thing is that even though I had severe upset-ment right after finishing, I really didn’t care too much beyond that.  I was so drained from the effort that all I wanted to do was lay down.  I was soooo cold, hungry, tired that I couldn’t even register anything. Every muscle in my body was tired and had put in quite the effort to stay standing much less running.

And I know I’m going to get lots of comments saying “you’re doing too much” and “duh you’re tired because you’re pushing so hard”. And yes that’s true.  I 100% admit it. But I think that there’s a bigger picture here: I’ve been training at a high level for damn near 11 weeks.  OF COURSE I’m going to feel run down. And I know that.  This was the case last cycle too so even though it sucks I know I’ve been there before.

The only thing in my mind running through my mind is “how am I going to run fast at Boston?” I know it’s silly because you don’t train LRs at GMP.  You just don’t.  And I know this.  I mean, I totally confident in my ability to run 26.2 miles.  I totally have that endurance.  But race?! I think that it’s another part of where I am in the training: self-doubt. I talked a bit about comparing to others yesterday and this is the point of training where it kicks up in high gear because the race is sooo close. But I’ve also been here before: I just need to breathe and know that marathon day will come and it shall be glorious.  Positive thinking y’all 🙂

Okay so I guess overall I’m happy with the run.  Oddly I don’t feel totally upset. Yes the pace is sooo hard for me to look at. I’m so numbers driven that it’s hard to accept it.  BUT I face hard conditions at the end of a hard week. This run was totally a prep run for harsh conditions.  And I like that I was hardcore and got out there. Oh yeah, and I haven’t been talking about this that much but…

bladder = still an issue on the LR.  I really don’t know what to do about it.  Today I felt it at mile 7 but was able to ignore /hold it until I finished.  Then my fast-twitch muscles got a workout as I sprinted to the bathroom haha.  But I felt hardcore in that I didn’t have to stop during the run.

Okay I’m rambling. Again. Time to do some t.v. catch up.  Oh how I love on-demand and being at home! Also something I’m loving at the moment? Clif Bars.  I don’t know why I stayed away from bars for so long.  Now, I don’t think they should replace a meal or anything. But after a 20.3 mile run they sure are tasty as part of a snack!

Hope everyone is having a spectacular Saturday night! It doesn’t really even feel like a Saturday due to break for me 🙂

January 18, 2010

Neither Sleet nor Snow nor Rain etc

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So pretty much as soon as I hit publish on Saturday my computer decided to tell me that it really *did* have a virus and that I needed serious help.  I took it back to the Geek Squad (who are the nicest people EVER! I know you guys joked about flirting but NEVER underestimate the power of a big smile )where they ran more extensive tests and low and behold I did have some intense viruses.  Maybe I’m such am intense person that my viruses decided to follow suit? Ha.  But I didn’t end up getting my computer back until late Sunday.

I will say that it wasn’t as bad as I thought to go without a computer / internet for a day.  I did watch some NCIS on dvd and got to do some a lot of reading in between errands.  Usually I feel the tug of the computer and don’t try to fight the impulse to just surf the net so reading falls to the wayside.  That’s not to say I’m not happy to get my computer back but it was nice to be untethered.

Not that there was much to tell about Sunday.  Just the typical day-after-long-run recovery run.  I did it first thing because I knew I was going to be running around on crazy errands all day.  This meant that it wouldn’t be 24 hours between a hard workout and the next one.  Not that I’m a huge stickler for have a certain time interval pass between hard and recovery runs but it’s just a little weird to be finishing the recovery run before the time of day I started the long run.  I know that probably doesn’t sound totally right written out but it makes sense in my head, okay? It’s like in a 24 hour period I ran more than a marathon heh. But because of that time interval I was slogging through the run.  I think part of it is that even though I try really hard to not push pace on these types of runs I still want to.  So I had to remind myself that I needed to slow the eff down.  Audibly too, so I’m sure passing cars thought I was the coolest kid ever.

Now onto today.  I knew that there was a high likelihood of waking up to rain. Unfortunately it was actually sleet and very windy.  Oh man the sounds it was making on my window! Kind of scary.  But I think that snow/sleet > rain and I’ve been lucky so far this winter with avoiding bad weather so I was getting out there.  Plus the gym is at such odd hours that if I wanted to get a good lifting session in the run had to happen first thing.

I think I headed out there at the tail end of the storm because it was precipitating for only a few miles.  But the wind.  Now I realize that I’m a lightweight but I like to think that I have some muscle.  I mean I do lift a couple time a week and am pretty strong.  But I thought I was going to be knocked over! Kind of dangerous when I was on a busier road and I had to stop once or twice because I was running straight into that and actually was not moving.  It was like running in a wind tunnel. Which made the snow/sleet mix feel like pellets of stone hitting me.  I’m 99.99% sure that I have cuts on my legs and face because of it.  Sheesh.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the run.  The temperature and precipitation were much nicer to me than I thought.  Granted the wind made me a little pissy about my pace for the first 5 or so miles and I’m going to blame the slow pace on the wind rather than needing lots of time to warm up, a slamming 18.7 miler this weekend (which I could tell that you guys were just as psyched about it as I was.  Made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside 🙂 ) , 0800 run with no breakfast beforehand etc.  But after about 4 or 5 miles my attitude improved (as did the weather) and I was puddle jumping and having fun. Totally finished the 10.8 mile run strong too which is something I strive for on any run regardless of if it’s an easy run, recovery run, tempo run or long run.

Now I’m off to the gym to get a solid lifting session in.  I’m hoping that there aren’t too many people there but given the limited hours of the gym over break I’m not going to count on it.  As much as I’d love to just skip it I really think that the sessions are making me a stronger and faster runner.  And then I get to play catchup with all the TV I’m behind on.  Can’t wait to watch 24 today.  Eeek! Jack Bauer ❤


Check out this giveaway that ForTheLoveoftheRun is having. And here’s a Simpsons giveaway too.

Just as a final note: I don’t know how many of you read Jess’s blog but you should.  She’s so amazing and just ran the Houston marathon in a blistering 3:08:30! Now that’s fast. Congrats girl! 🙂

December 23, 2009


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Hello hello! Thanks for all the support re: my ankle yesterday.  I stupidly was wearing my old shoes.  Didn’t even realize it until today when I went to go put shoes on to run some errands.  Definitely thought that I had taken the new(er) ones out.  Guess not and I think it was because I was at the gym and randomly chose to run there after so I ran in what I was wearing.  I still am not ready to part 100% with the old shoes but I am willing to regulate it to the lifting only category.

I ended up not icing at all yesterday because, like I said, my family is the most inconsiderate family in the world and doesn’t refill the trays after using them.  I did keep it elevated though (and yes I know that I, the future doctor, am a terrible patient haha). Pain free now so I think it was a product of the shoes rather than the mileage I’ve been doing as I wore the new(er) ones today. Which is a relief because I want to keep up the big miles.

Even in this weather.  When I first got up this morning it was 8* real temp.  So I decided that today would be a good day to wait until noon or so to head out.  Who knows whether or not that was the right choice as it was 8* windchill temp when I ended up heading out.  But that’s neither here nor there — neither is the fact that the heat is broken in my room and I slept in 50* brrrrrrr. Needless to say today’s run was cold and windy but such is my life lately.

Not that it has ever stopped me before.  And boy did I need my run today.  Every year I have to fight with the financial aid office at my school but it’s usually in the summer when they hand out my aid packages.  This morning was that morning for the Spring ’10 semester. Needless to say there were tears.  I’m 99.99% sure that it will work out in the end (it usually does) but stressful.  Especially added to the stress of graduating and having to pay back loans (because kiddos I’m 100% financially on my own here) and you have a panic attack ready to happen.

And yet running so wonderously fends that off. But first let me say that I’m not as sore after yesterday as I thought I would be.  My chest and a bit of my shoulders are but I’m A) in better shape than I thought to stave off a 10 week hiatus of running or B) I didn’t push myself hard enough.  I like to think it’s A but for my legs and abs B probably played a role too.  It’s just a pleasant soreness too.  I kind of wanted I-don’t-want-to-move-or-laugh-because-of-soreness.  Alas that wasn’t meant to be.

So running was of course a viable option and much necessary after my blood pressure shot up 50 pts from wrangling with the money people at my school. And I wasn’t going to delude myself into thinking that I was going to not go for a double digit run.  Lately with so much anxiety about post-grad stuff going on in my head (I couldn’t sleep last night because I was so worried) the glorious minutes that I’ve been spending running has been a way to shut out the worries.  That and reading.

(And let’s just say that I’m already almost done with the stack of books I’ve got on my bedside table. Which I finished U is for Undertow and for those fans of the Alphabet series out there (and I’m so happy that some of you guys are!!) it was a good read.  There were some plot holes but I’m definitely going to overlook them because I love the character of Kinsey and just adore getting sucked into that world. Whoo, tangent!)

Since I don’t really have that many long runs mapped out at my house I settled for combining a 3.5 and 8 for a total of 11.5 miles.  And it felt great.  I was able to get rid of the angst that I was feeling after my convo with financial aid.  I felt powerful and strong.   I looked at my watch at the 10 mile mark and I was about 3 minutes faster than I thought it was going to be.  I was stoked! I decided to tack on a half mile loop because I was running so well (gotta capitalize on this stuff) and the aforementioned wind at very end tested my resolve.

Like seriously? Hello wind, I knew you were there but you waited until the home stretch to unleash your wrath? Not cool.  And with the temperature already so cold the wind dropped it even more.  I was bundled up okay except apparently for my forehead because the wind honed in on that area of me.  The cold was so bitter I wanted to vomit.  Seriously. That’s how cold it was.

But I will not be beaten down I say! I finished the 12 miles in 1:47:00 exactly.  An 8:55 pace which was comfortably under my easy pace.  I’m not going to say that I beasted that shit but I finished the run feeling very pleased with myself. Unfortunately I forgot that I had a doctor’s appt today and finished running about 20 minutes before I had to leave.  So I couldn’t really bask in the glow because I was in a rush to not be late. Bummer.  But that doesn’t take away any from the run 🙂

Jeez and I guess being late is the game of the day because I’m about to be late for a babysitting gig! Have a great Wednesday (Christmas Eve Day Eve — think about it) everyone!

December 16, 2009

Tempo: FAIL (?)

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After two longer runs to kick off this week (plus two long ones over the weekend) I wanted to stick with my typical Wednesday speedier stuff.  Since the gym doesn’t open until noon during finals (and I’ve been really digging the get-up-and-go stuff lately) I decided to do a tempo outside.  I knew it was going to be hard to get my body to do it on my own (definitely have been relying on the tm the past few weeks) but I’ve done it before and I figured I could do it again.

Be  warned the next few paragraphs might get a bit whiny BUT I do have some perspective at the end. Maybe. Heh. And as much as it might sound all depressive I’m (mostly) over the total upsetness that I felt earlier today. Just need to vent 🙂

So the plan: warmup, tempo, warmdown.  I woke up on my own again (yay, love break!) and laid in bed listening to the wind.  But it was really sunny out so despite the temps being low 20*s (with the wind it was low teens – hooooo-ray for cold spells ) I counted my blessings and got up.  Did some corework before heading out too.

My first thought when I left my room was that it really wasn’t that bad out.  Sure the wind was at 25+ mph but when it wasn’t the sun kept me semi-warm (except my dang hands!).  I’m glad though I went when I did (first thing) because the wind REALLY picked up by the time I was done.  The warmup was a bit on the slow side and normally I don’t like to look at my watch so early in a run (because the first couple miles are working out the junk) but I don’t have a garmin and needed to be able to time my tempo-portion — which I knew the distance of.

So here’s the problem (and I am going to use my paces even though I don’t really like to, too much potential for comparing. Sorry if that bothers anyone!): The pace for the tempo section was 755 which is about 30 seconds than what I wanted.  I’m capable of doing much faster on the TM (and even outside during the summer!) but I was shooting for 725-730 controlling for the terrain, wind, cold etc.

I’m not going to lie: I was (and still am) upset over this.  I’ve used the ~730 as a benchmark because that’s what tempo was for my last marathon cycle and I know I’m in much better shape now than I was back then.  When I finished the tempo portion and quickly calculated my pace I felt so defeated.  I didn’t even want to do my warmdown after that.  I wanted to curl up in a ball and cry.  Seriously.  I’m the world’s best perfectionist and want to do everything right the first time.  I managed to eek out a half-assed warmdown though.

Overall thoughts? Well obv the knee-jerk one of “That was awful”.  I then decided to see if I’m an uber-overachiever with my pace and pulled up the McMillian Calculator and plugged in my last marathon time to see what it said for tempo pace.  I managed to only be 1 second per mile slower it told me to aim for at it’s lowest end.  Which made me feel less like a complete failure because the wind *was* brutal at times (and I hate typing that because it makes me feel like I’m making excuses).  But, like I said earlier, that’s about 30 seconds slower than I was aiming for, plus I know I’m in better shape so I was hoping for an even faster time.

I know that many of you will suggest that after 2 days on 11 mile runs my legs weren’t fresh.  But I really don’t think that fact tells the whole story.  Sure, it may have played a role but I think my problem was really mental as my legs felt not-lead-like.  I know I just couldn’t stay focused on the task at hand (tempo) and kept speeding up and slowing down while I let my mind wander. Boo! Why is running speed so much harder outside?!

Despite outside factors coming into play my main disappointment is that the pace wasn’t consistent at all.  My mind would wander then my pace would slow and I’d have to correct it.  So even though the overall tempo portion was “acceptable” according to charts I feel like it shouldn’t count as a tempo and that I should re-try it.  I hate how unfocused I was/felt.  It’s like if only I had kept my mind on the task at hand I should have been able to hit what I wanted to.

Now as I sit here and type I think enough time has passed that I’m not *really* dwelling on it. Helps that the the rest of my day has been good: compiling addresses for Christmas cards, writing said Christmas cards and other odds and ends that make me feel good.  Part of me wants to try a tempo again tmrw and make it a real tempo by either waiting ’til the gym opens or making sure I stay focused outside.  It’s suppose to be really cold later this week though (like colder than today) so who knows.  I just want redemption heh.

Also, keep the questions coming! And thanks to those of you who have already asked me stuff.  Hopefully I’ll get 20 questions by the end of the week.  But that depends on you guys 😉

And before I hit publish, yes, Matt I do post at pretty much the exact same time of day haha.  And although I finished this post a few hours earlier than ~16:54 I’m waiting for it now 😛

December 11, 2009

Just Dance

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So I wanted to talk about my experience in jazz class but it just never felt appropriate / I could never find the right way to work it in.  So obv I didn’t.  But Thursday was my last class of the semester so I wanted to include some thoughts on my experience and how I felt it impacted my running.  Because like I’ve written before (and been a broken record about it) I’m running really high mileage and feeling fantastic doing it.  I have no direct evidence that Jazz is the root of this but I suspect that it has a large influence.  What am I going to do next semester without it?!

First off I think EVERYONE should take a dance class, runner/other type of athlete or not.  Apparently (and no I don’t have studies to back this up) research has shown that it can stave off dementia because you’re constantly working the brain with music and steps and counts.  And as fun as senile old people are, I don’t think anyone wants to actually be one.

Anyway.  Back in September I was so incredibly skeptical of this class.  I mean, I am a high achiever and a dance class as part of my schedule?  Clearly even though it was hard in the way I typically associate with tough classes it was challenging.  A huge emphasis was placed on stretching and flexibility (duh have you ever seen dancers?!).  As I wrote in my guest post with Christina I never stretch.  So not only was I working muscles that I don’t regularly use but I was stretching them out too.

Not going to lie, the first few classes were tough.  I was never sore but there was always that feeling of “Oh yeah.  *insertbodypart* exists”.  A good feeling IMO.  But all this stretching left my hips being able to open up and my hammys to loosen up.  And my stride with running because more fluid and relaxed.

Another huge key was my ability to become less klutzy.  I mean, I trip over my own feet.  Regularly.  But having to dance and flow with the music has turned me into a *more* graceful person – definitely still not in the graceful category but closer for sure.  I love that I “move like a dancer” like when I get dressed? Yup I point my toes.  It’s awesome! I suppose that this musicality I’ve developed has impacted my running just by giving me more balance and being able to trust the movements of my body.

In the mental health category: I feel so happy when I left that class! I absolutely dreaded going to it and actually dreamed up excuses to miss / sit out of the class.  But, like running, I felt so much better at the end of class.  It was a great stress relief and a great way to let off some steam during the day.

Plus I also like the way it improved my moves on the dance floor 😛

Like last night.  I’m not saying I’m the best dancer out there but hey, I’m not longer limited to my “white girl” moves.  I can now at least feel the rhythm.  And that makes going out so much more fun.  I’m less self-conscious of what I’m doing. I’m also actually going to see my friend perform in the Dance Company show tonight.  I love watching dancers too.  I could prolly do it all day haha.

I wasn’t going to include my running today in this post but I kind of want to brag on how BAMF I was (because when do I not brag on myself?!) And I will preface this by saying the cold this morning is nowhere near intense as what some people are getting.

BUT.  It was the coldest it’s been yet here.  I don’t have the exact numbers for when I woke up but at 0800 it was 22* with the wind chill factor making it 10*.  That was with the sun being up for an hour or so.  (And yes even after going out last night my body oh so kindly woke me up early).  I’m 100% positive that I was in the low teens (actual) and low single digits to negative (wind).  Brrrrrrrr.  And it’s not that much warmer now.  It’s 1430 (as I type this) and it’s only 26* (actual) and 14* (wind).  And the wind really has been in effect today with pretty continual wind as well as up to 40(!) mph gusts.

I still got my run in.  Sure my hands were frozen within the first mile.  I remember saying to myself “This is going to hurt a lot when I finish” And naturally it did.  I actually had to lay down because I got so incredibly nauseous as my hands rewarmed up. Like practically fetal position so I wouldn’t vomit everywhere.  I told my friends this they all told me that it was NOT normal to feel like that when cold.  But this wasn’t just “cold” so I’m wondering if they’re right? I’m pretty cold sensitive despite living in New England my whole life…

Okey-dokey.  Time to finish up some minor details for school.  Today was the last day of classes (and the end of fall semester undergrad classes!?).  I’m 100% done with 3/5 classes but just need to put some edits on this physics paper to hand in by 1700 today (hizzah!).  Then I just have my Spanish final on Monday to deal with. NBD.  Omg I can’t believe it: this will likely be the first weekend I have such a relaxing to-do list.  But I’m sure I’ll find a way to change that *inserteyeroll*.  My life just isn’t complete without a bit of stress haha.

Enjoy your Fridays everyone! Stay warm too! Hot chocolate (esp with peppermint schnapps) = clutch 🙂

P.S. (again): If you have any question for me: Bring. It. On.  I’m looking for new ideas / topics to write about in the future.

November 28, 2009

Day 3

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of double digit runs.  Of course I knew that Saturday = long run so it wasn’t unplanned but still.  3 days in a row of double digits? Hollerrrr.  Not sure if I should be proud of this or a bit embarrassed because I let myself just go and not take into account how my body is going to react to it.  It can’t be that *great* for my body this constant prolonged pounding day in and out.  Even though it feels good.

And it really does. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to address it but to clear up anything if you’ve been wondering: SpecialK brought up an interesting comment on my post yesterday.  She didn’t want to congratulate me on my run as, and this was my inference, my run felt compulsorily.  And at first I was a bit offended: so true that running does feel like a compulsion to me but it doesn’t feel unhealthy at the same time (if that makes sense).  It’s my stress release the only thing that lets me feel like I can shuck the heaviness of school, family etc that press down on me.  I’ve felt that, on the whole, my running has been in “normal levels” (whatever that means).

At least overall: my behavior the past two days (and today which I’ll get to soon) has definitely looked like an obsession.  I mean, come on, I think that for *most* ppl — and I definitely put myself in this category — running lots of double digits runs day after day doesn’t work.  And I know this and acknowledge this: even my body is starting to feel a bit sore and stiff after so many miles.

Not quite sure where that ramble was / is going BUT where I want to get is here: I’m totally aware that I’ve been running myself like crazy.  And I know that I can’t keep this up — nor do I have any desire to.  But, being home, the only place for me to have “me time” is out on the roads.  Which is why the past 4 days have had high miles.  But thank you SpecialK for letting me realize this and actually think about all the miles I’ve been pushing myself to do.  Ironically all this thinking was on my LR today but it’s nice to be able to see my motivations behind why I run the way I do in certain moments.

Today was also a day where I decided I have a love / hate relationship with the wind.  It was soooooo blustery out.  I think I like (and maybe I’m just crazy here) a head wind better.  A tail wind makes me feel like I’m “cheating the system” so to speak — although I will be the first to take a tail wind in a race! A tail wind also turns my long pony tail into a whip and I’m very surprised that I did not lose an eye on today’s run. Luckily the wind cut both ways so I got an equal amount of tail and head winds as well as some nice side gusts that almost pushed me into traffic!

The day was also clear and sunny so it was perfect conditions for my long run.  I have only one real long run route at home (not home enough to spend time working out stuff that’s not combos of routes) so I planned on doing that.  It’s 13 miles so I was really hoping that my legs would hold up.  Like I said above, my body is feeling some effects of my high miles even though it’s not in pain or hurt.  I didn’t have to worry though as my legs felt fine. A little bit weak/sore at the end but I think that would have happened regardless.

In true MarathonMaiden fashion I added an extra 2 miles onto the route.  I almost didn’t but was spurred on by a fresh feeling around mile 11.  Call it a Last Mile Party of sorts.  The thing about these parties is that they really should only be LAST MILE and not last 4,but it lasted about 3 regardless.  The last mile was a bit fading.  Not rough but I *did* let up the pace a bit.  I think the last mile I realized that 15.1 miles is a LONG ASS RUN.  But, as has been the trend lately, my pace was dead on.  Not wicked fast but solid.  Not quite like that 2 week period where I felt flying but much better than the alternative I suppose.  I think the alternating head and tail winds helped to make that possible.

Certainly not the partying last night.  Heh.  I had a bit much to drink but luckily I am one smart cookie and drank plenty of water too so my record of no hangovers ever is still intact 🙂 It was great seeing my high school friends and cutting loose with them, some of the people there I hadn’t seen in years.  It was just a really great blast from the past filled with drinks and dancing and singing!

I have the option to do this again tonight but it depends on how much more work I can bang out.  I kind of want to just stay in: with all the running and going out I’ve been doing lately (ummm can we say T-W-R and F?) I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of things in excess and a night to “detox” is what I need.  Plus, as much work as I’ve done in the past few days I certainly need to do a bit more.  Also I’m driving back to school in the early AM (gotta get out of here fast haha) and I want to not feel sleep deprived / exhausted.  Oh man, can you tell I’m trying to rationalize this?! Hahaha.

October 18, 2009

Rainy day and shoe mileage

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Hello Sunday! I actually really like Sunday because I’m so type-A that I have all (or damn near all) of my work done already so it’s a day that I get to bum around and recoup while my friends are going crazy and stressed with all the work that they ignored all weekend.

Which would be nicer if the weather was nicer. It’s rainy and windy right now.  Yuck.  Sorry Lacey you had to run in this.  Not too sure how you did (no online tracking!) but I’m sure you rocked.

But, while I can’t rub the fact that I am able to enjoy the weather outside more than my friends, I still can curl up on my half-circle chair and listen to the rain while relaxing.  So I guess it’s still a win for me, even though I can’t be an ass to my friends.  Because, seriously, that’s what friendship is haha.

Part of me wanted to be bamf and run in this rain.  But my legs definitely deserved a break so I hit up the gym for some quality time with the elliptical.  Can’t remember the last time I did that, and I counted my looooooooong walk to the gym as my bamf time. Because even though it’s  <5 minutes, it felt awful.  Although it nearly killed me to be on the elliptical and see people running on the TM.  Because I wanted to be like “GO OUTSIDE”.  Haha, I guess I get very competitive (not quite the right word?) when I see other people running.

A Marathoner wrote a little blurb on his shoes miles today and I thought it was apropos for me to do the same.  You see, I am a cheap cheap person.  Prior to marathon training  I bought the $10 Wal-Mart shoes.  For real. Since then I run in New Balances but since they are so damn expensive (the cheapest I can find online is $80 which is way more than I’m willing to pay) I tend to run my shoes into the ground.  I guess I even did that with my cheap-o shoes too.  Which is why I would get really bad pains as they wore down.

This has not, however, happened with my NBs.  Since February I have bought a new pair but I still run most of my miles on the old ones.  Currently the miles on my old shoes are 1405.5 and the newer ones are 607.9 (and wow that means I’ve also surpassed 2000 miles for the year. Holler!). That is crazy mileage on shoes.  Most ppl recommend changing ’em every 300-500 miles.  Which I had intended to do but my legs are NOT feeling any pain or aches.  None whatsoever.

I’m not quite sure what to attribute this to.  Maybe my cheapskate mindset is overruling the pain but I doubt this is the case, as with the Wal-Mart shoes I would always get shin splints after a certain mileage.  And I don’t think that it’s because NBs are made really well, as the shoe itself is wearing down upon visual inspection.  It’s so weird but (and this definitely makes me feel sooooo like an awful person) as long as I’m saving money, I’m happy. But I’m open to theories as to why I’m not injured in these shoes.  My current theory? Guess I don’t really have one, as my feet/legs felt great when I first got the shoes and they feel great currently.

No Hot-Spanish-TA sighting yet.  And a couple people have mentioned chatting him up, unfortunately at the moment he is the TA for my Spanish class.  Which means that he teaches the 0830 Spanish lab on Tuesday morning which is a big informal class setting, not actual teaching but just talking and getting comfy with the language.  Could be awkward to flirt or whatever, could not be.  But I guess it could hurt to start talking to him now because next semester I’m pretty sure I get the other Spanish TA. And I don’t know if I said it before but Hot-Spanish-TA is from Spain which ups the hottest factor a bit, I guess though, but I usually go for the bamf, military man type  haha.

Oh I think I’m going to start replying to comments in the actual comments section from now on, unless I get a question or comment that I feel is wicked cool/important and I want to share.  So look for replies there!

P.S. Congrats to all the peeps who’ve checked in on RW or FB and let everyone know how their races went.  So many inspiring stories.  Makes it even harder to not run today! But congrats to jjroyer (3:10:41 – BQ), VeganFritz (3:06:46 – BQ), Ctimes2 (417) at the Detroit marathon, Twenty6point2 (3:46 – BQ) at the Baystate marathon, and Chris (3:05 – BQ) at the Columbus marathon.  And miles2gether on his first marathon yesterday at KC. Great work guys!

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