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March 31, 2011

Laundry or Food

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Guess which one I chose to take care of last night?

Hint let’s just look at letter U shall we?

Anyway…I do want to bitch (again) about the weather.  As Sarah so astutely pointed out

the recent “cold” weather has felt weirdly warm for me. Like, it will say 19 degrees outside, but I’ll be sweating within minutes. I’m not sure what this means, other than it’s 19 degrees in late March and that’s not particularly appealing. Humidity?

I’ve been stepping outside of my apartment WAY overdressed.  But I’m dressing based on the temperature, and even taking sun / cloud cover into account, I’m overdressing.   She’s 100% right that 19* at the very end of March is sooooooooo not what anyone wants.  But it feels warm.  And, dare I say it?, nice! I hate to think that after 24 years of suffering through the cold I’m about to adapt.

We’ll see though, as it’s supposed to snow April 1.

Happy April's Fools Day y'all

Gotta love the north east.  In any case, the weather has been nice out lately. Or so it feels. Weird.

Which was the case for Wednesday’s 0530 run.  I figured that, with it being in the 20s and with the sun still sleeping (which is EXACTLY what I wanted to be doing when my alarm went off.) I’d be a little chilly.  Nope, I was sweating within minutes and, after running the first of 2 loops, shed the sweatshirt and mittens.

And then I ran the second loop faster than the first one.  Which is my standard M.O. but lately, aka with the IT band acting wonky, it’s been the opposite and I’ve been more tortoise than hare during the final stretch.  Not sure what this means but I’ll take it! The total pace was still on the slow side though as my leg was achy for longer.  Still no pain.  I’ll take that too.

Especially as I go into…taper? I feel like I’ve been tapering already! It’s been almost 3 weeks since I did anything hard.  This weekend marks 3 weeks since my last long run, which was the 24 miler that I think was the trigger for the IT pain.  I mean, I definitely haven’t been slacking with the overall mileage (and thanks to those of you who have assured me that the 20 split that I did this weekend is okay) butttttt I’m hoping that I surprise myself in a few weeks.

That said, I’m not quite sure how I should attack the next 2.5 weeks.  Obviously it’s taper time (although I was going to do a 2 week taper originally) and I can’t cram any true goodness into my body in terms of workouts but I can’t help but feel that my body is going to be stale when I get to that starting line.  Any thoughts / suggestions as to how I go about the next 17 days? (zoooooomg is that it?!)

I still haven’t ordered my jacket yet.  I probs should get on that. But right now I’m still giddy over some exciting news about my future after my year with AmeriCorps and the clinic is done. I feel really terrible about not being able to share more on here but, with nothing set in stone and my year with AmeriCorps still having 4.5 months left (yes that has become a mantra for me!) I’m going to continue to be cagey.  But good vibes are appreciated for everything to work out and not fall through at this stage.

I’ll also be nice and let you listen to the amazingness that is Enrique.  I’m soooooooooooo feeling him and his latest music. Although I do prefer the non-radio edit version.

I’m off for what I’m hoping to be a 13 – 15 miler.  My (or rather my IT Band’s) version of a long run.  Then again, maybe I’m supposed to be doing something shorter as this is the taper.  But it’s the beginning of it. Gaaaaaaaah.  This is what I get for flying by the seat of my pants with training! Fingers crossed I make it.  Or rather make it intact! I didn’t sleep well last night (couldn’t fall asleep so I stayed up watching NCIS and The Office then kept waking up during the night) so it should be interesting to say the least.

February 4, 2011

Today is the Day

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To feel exhausted? Or sick? Or bamf? Maybe to all of the above.

I was going to post yesterday about the amazing time I had rockclimbing Wednesday night but work got busy so I didn’t.  But woooot to feeling like a nimble monkey.  My arms were a bit sore the next day because I did some harder climbs but it’s great and I love it.  And I was freaking conked out during the night.  When my alarm went off  Thursday morning I utter some words that might not bear repeating.

No so much love? Check out the icicles on my roof!

Regardless it wasn’t going to stop my training.  Luckily the roads were clear from the storms we had and, SURPRISE, I had enough traction on the roads to nix the idea of doing a straight up long run.  So I decided to do some intervals.  I was going to do them this weekend but we’re supposed to get another storm on Saturday.  No bueno for track/interval work.

I also saw this on my desk ( I got it a week ago) from Matty, Run Run and how could I not attempt a bamf workout?

And inside

Sorry for the sideways shots but wordpress isn't letting me rotate them

It made me amped to look at this before the workout.  Mostly because I’ve been feeling lackluster in the training department but also because I really hate this workout:

  • Warm up
  • 2 X 3.3 miles tempo intervals with 1 mile recovery
  • Warm down

My splits for each 3.3? Well I was shooting for 7:00 because that’s a nice number, but I knew that I was shooting high for that.  Here’s what went down:

  • 7:27 ( 7:40, 7:13 each half)
  • 7:18 (7:35, 6:59)

So overall I am THRILLED with how this workout went.  Sure I’d have loved to be faster but, hey, I was much faster than I have been usually.  And it felt hard but that good hard.  Not “holy $#%^ let me stop!” hard.

I got that exhausted, yet energetic feeling in my legs for the rest of the day.  Good work MM. Thumbs up.

The rest of the day was really long and icky.  Work wasn’t too bad but I felt kind of dizzy, probably due to dehydration, for the rest of the day.  And I likely didn’t do much to make myself better because I work up with a splitting headache this morning.  Oh well. At least these were waiting for me when I walked into the clinic this morning

Yes you read that right: “Guinness with Mint Frosting” and “Chocolate Bourbon with Vanilla Frosting” cupcakes leftover from a Bakery donation last night.  Today might shape up to be not so bad after all.

And check out the giveaway from 26.2 is my cooldown

P.S. I know I’m very behind in replying to comments. I apologize and I’m hoping to have some downtime to reply individually!

February 1, 2011

The Postman Must Have Been A Runner

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Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds

Sooooooo over this winter thing.  I mean I’m embracing the snow but the novelty of the white fluffy stuff has been lost. Spring? Yes please.

Obviously many of you know that there’s a snowmaggedon going down right now in many places in the country and, while I wish it weren’t the case, RI is getting hit.  This morning I got to run in round 1 of it.  Round 2 (ice and sleet) is coming at midnight.  The only good news about that is that work has been tentatively closed tomorrow. YAY snow day.

The bad news is A) another storm and I hate storms. And B) I likely won’t get to run in it because today’s weather left me with NO TRACTION at all. I may be a crazy runner but I’m not suicidal.  On the plus side my belaying buddy might have the day off too and we can go rock climbing.  I’ve already gotten a text from him confirming that we’re going tonight if the place is open.

So with the weather like this

It was probably a bit foolish to think that I could get in a good hard tempo, or even a good harder than easy, run in.  Didn’t stop me from trying though…

  • Warm up
  • 5.6 miles harder @ 7:51 (2.2 @ 7:59, 2.2 @ 7:42, 1.2 @ 7:53)
  • 1.2 easy
  • 1.2 harder @ 8:17
  • Warm down

For the past three out of four Tuesday Tempo days there has been rain or sleet or snow. I think I’m joining Amy’s I-Hate-Tuesdays campaign now.

So it’s really hard to judge how I’m doing endurance-speed wise.  This run was particularly brutal because of the way the wind was blowing the snow, so I had icicles on my eyelashes.  And I had to stop a couple times (once during the “tempo” portion) to melt the ice so I could see.  Couple that with no traction because the roads were not plowed (nor did I see a plow…not bitter or anything…) and I really don’t see how I could have expected the run to be fast pace wise.

Still, and this may sound broken record-ish, I can’t tell if it’s my mind or my body that giving me the slower-than-I-want paces lately.  I’ve got a lot on my plate right now and I know that during the run my mind was all over the place.  Which is fine for a normal/easy run but I need to be focused if I have a shot at training well and then racing well. Lately I’ve been questioning my level of motivation for this training.  Which is scary as hell and not being helped by workouts where paces aren’t being hit.  It felt like a quality effort though.

I suppose I’ll have to go on effort.  Which was there.  The easy was slower than the hard.  And my lungs and legs were working hard.  That counts for something, right?

To make my Tuesday even worse, the microwave at work is apparently broken and no one told me .  Because it did this to my popcorn just now.

Popcorn FAIL


I think that this day cannot end fast enough. Fingers crossed I get to go climbing tonight!

January 13, 2011

A Couple of Snowy Runs.

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Hello from the Winter Wonderland that is RI right now.  And no that’s not sarcasm.  I’m just really happy in general right now (and really busy with not much time spent in my apartment hence the decreased posting/commenting!) so it’s hard to be bitter about the weather. …and Shelby told me I can’t complain.

I am actually trying to take an optimistic and not so angry/bitter standpoint on the snowfall (I think the last I heard of it we were standing around 13 or 14″).  I spent the snow day hunkering down with a friend and, while driving back to my place this morning, I actually found myself smiling at the beauty that is the morning after a nor’eastern.  I’m still itching to get out of here but this attitude can be described as progress my friends.

Especially since I had a fantastic snow day. Like I really wasn’t cursing the snow and cold.  First, after knowing Wednesday was a snow day, I went out with the friend I was crashing with and didn’t go to bed until 0400.  And then slept in until NOON. Crazy right?

And not only did I get an 9.5 mile run in during the blizzard, which was great running in the snow despite it being hard and tiring, but my friend whom I was staying with went to a park after dinner and had a big snowball fight and built a snowman.  The snow wasn’t perfect for packing so the snowman was a bit of a fail but it was fun.  After we headed back to drink some hot cocoa and watch Despicable Me, which was a cute and hilarious movie, followed by March of the Penguins.  And then we fell asleep around 2200.  Which given how late we were up the night before doesn’t make me feel that bad hahah.

So good snow day.

Since I spent the night at my friend’s house I got a late start on my run this morning as I had to drive back to my place.  I still got in a long run although I wasn’t sure as I figured my snow run would have really tired out my legs. 17 miles done though.  And the streets were plowed okay but nothing 100% clear so I’m sure that my legs are getting very good resistance training out of it.  The run itself was  just okay.  I felt good the whole time but each lap (I ran a 4 X 4.25 loop because I knew it’d be a safe route) was slower than the previous one.  Not by leaps and bounds but it was a completely positive split run.  The loops were: 8:51, 9:11, 9:11, 9:16.  Given how tired my body is currently, from not sleeping a lot the past two weeks, I’ll take it.  The entire run was 17 miles @ 9:07.  Not too shabby considering this is the longest run I’ve done by far since WR.

And I finished my run at 1115 and was able to shower and eat and get to work on time at noon.  That’s the definition of a BAMF 😉

I was tagged by Chelsea earlier with the Stylish Blogger Award.

Thanks lady! The gist is to re-tag Chelsea, tell y’all 7 things about myself, then tag others. I’m not going to do that last part.  I feel like most of y’all have already been tagged.  Feel free to do it if you haven’t.  I love learning about others.

  1. I consider myself pretty stylish.  I don’t think that anyone will ever model their look after me but I always look well put together.
  2. I’m discovering the joy of hot cocoa with Baileys.  So are my friends.  We went through a lot of it this snow storm.
  3. But Jack is my main man.  Jack and Bailey’s makes a perfect couple though.
  4. I’m decent at bar games.  I’m learning how to be better at pool and I can play a mean game of darts.  Not that I’m anything special at it
  5. but rather that I’m ambidextrous.  So when we all switch to our weak hands , mine is comparable to my strong hand. I do consider myself a south paw though.
  6. I’m taking an online grant writing course right now and it’s going well.  I’m learning a lot although I got WAY behind on the lessons and had to do 9 of them last weekend.  Oops.
  7. This weekend I have really big plans with my lil sister.  She’s 19 and coming to visit me for the first time in Providence.  I’m pumped.  It’s going to be one heck of a night.

December 20, 2010

Things I’ve Learned: Weekend Edition

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I typed out a post just now but deleted it because even I couldn’t stand how teenager whiny I sounded.  Especially because I was just bitching and moaning. Nothing positive.  No bright side. So I’ve turned it into things I’ve learned this weekend.  Because learning is ALWAYS positive. And fun.

  • If it’s 8 days until Christmas then good luck finding those gingerbread kits.  Because my friend and I wanted to make real gingerbread houses Friday night but decided to at 2100 that night.  Meaning we could have made the dough for the walls but decorating would have to wait.  And let’s face it: decorating is what gingerbread house making is all about.  After hitting up several stores searching for those $10 kits there was nothing in sight.  So we said “Eff it” and watched Iron Man 2 instead.


Or maybe eating it's the best. Thanks google for the image

  • Sleeping in until 1000 isn’t a bad thing.  Unless of course you have a billion things to do during the day.  Luckily that wasn’t really the case for me on Saturday when my alarm went off at 0845 and I fell back asleep until a little past 1000.  But it felt glorious.  And lazy. I also did this, but to a not-as-late degree, on Sunday morning.  Mostly because it was cold in my apartment (see a later lesson for why) and because
  • Late nights at the GCB (the Graduate Center Bar, literally in the basement of a building at the university) are fun.  It’s essentially a dive bar and I tend to shy away from it because I’m not a student but the drink are extremely cheap (and relatively strong) and there are graduate students there.  Hotttttt. I also think that it was this late night (coupled with restless sleep because it was cold in my room) lead to the sleeping in Sunday morning.  So worth it.


Good times with good friends = awesomeness. Not taken Saturday night though.

  • Running post-breakfast is a good idea and leads to good running for me. Although it’s tough to get my butt out the door because I’ll get sucked into the internet vortex or the good book that I’m currently reading.  And even if I manage to pry myself away it takes FOREVER to actually put the running clothes on and get out there. Lesson: do this on days where I have nowhere to be.
  • But once I got out there it was amazing! Lesson: sunny runs and runs where I’ve let my body wake up are the bestest. On Saturday I ended up with 10.8 miles, first double digit post-WR and it was definitely the FASTEST, by a long shot, post-WR. Again, the pace isn’t where I’d love it to be but it was 0:02 away from being within McMillian’s easy pace/LR pace.  So I’m thrilled. The day was perfect for it too: 36* and sunny.  Definitely beats the teens and dark that I’ve been doing during the week.  Sunday was a shorter but equally fast (like 0:01 seconds off that easy pace) run in some cloudy, yet warmish, day.  It felt like it was going to snow though.  Boo.  But both runs kicked booty AND ended with LMPs (last mile parties) and WAY fast splits. Leading me to my next lesson:
  • Rolling, stretching, PT exercises are good.Coupled with the Pushups ( 29, 33, 29, 29, 40 ) and Situps ( 45, 50, 45, 45, 70 ) I’ve been doing my body is feeling good and on that Saturday run I was pain free.  Holler.  I’m feeling like a better/stronger/faster/less hurting runner.  This can only help me in the long term.
  • As can checking the oil burner more frequently (what you thought this would be 100% running?!) Because on Friday we ran out of oil and spent 2.5 days with no heat.  Let’s just say mid-December in New England is not the best time to do so and apparently my apartment, being nice and glorious in it’s antiquity, is not well insulated.  AKA we burned through our oil wicked fast, like 3 weeks fast.  Luckily we finally went out to buy a wrench and bleed the line so we have heat.  I feel incredibly BAMF for being able to bleed the line myself now.  Like a regular MacGyver

thanks google images

  • So I spent most of the whole day working on my bloggy secret santa gift (SORRY TO THE PERSON I HAVE. I’m 99.99% sure it’ll come the Monday after Christmas! I’ll have it in the mail before obviously but I have no idea if it’ll get to you in time), catching up on blogs (as well as reading through the blogs of some new commenters!) and watching the first season of Chuck.  Because Chuck is an awesome show.

And he's a wicked cute nerd, like me 😉 Thanks google images

  • And finally, after staying out way late for two nights and sleeping in for two days Monday mornings suck. I normally don’t care too much about Monday mornings but man it is ROUGH getting out of bed at 0545 (or getting into bed before 2300 the night before!) after getting out of the habit.  And the running isn’t too stellar usually as was the case this morning.  But, after having pain free and fast and AWESOME runs for the past 4 days, I can’t say that the dud of a run this morning was all that awful. And I will say that Monday morning runs are worth it because I get to see my friendly older pair of men walking the pathway when I’m out that early.  They’re always so upbeat and happy and I smile when I pass them and tell them to have a great morning/week/whatever.

What about y’all. Any lessons learned this weekend?

Check out the giveaway from Janae (Hungry Girl Runner) and Julie (HotLegsRunner)

1. Vacation: beach or mountains?

2. Luggage: check it or carry it on?

3. Bed: make it or leave it a rumpled comfy mess?

4. Races: smaller or bigger?

5. Toilet paper roll: over or under?

6. Pancakes: thick and fluffy or thin and crepe-like?

7. Alarm: get up or hit snooze?

November 8, 2010

Rolling, Snowing and Trying to Cling to Fall

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Hey all.  YAY for sunlight on my morning runs from now on thanks to DST ending.  Last night when I was out running some errands the sun was setting at 1633?? Oh well.  The fact that the sun rose at 0626 this morning makes up for it. I guess.

Hopefully y’all feel well rested from this weekend.  I do? I actually felt like a slug this weekend because I slept for 10 or so hours Friday night and then, because of the time change, ELEVEN hours on Saturday night.  Which was even more miraculous because I went out that night as well.  Who am I?! I NEVER sleep in like that.  I’m going to call it a good thing though.  Although I will say that I totally squandered that extra hour in the day. I’m always complaining about how I wish there were more hours in the day and then when I get one, what do I do? Sleep.  Figures 😉

After my repeats on Saturday, which I did edit the post with an addendum saying that I was pleased with the workout and know that I’m in the right place with my training, I basically DID NOT MOVE until going out.  Instead I curled up with a good book I’ve been reading (*cough*IamsuchaNERDbecauseit’soneofthosebooksyoureadinhighschool*cough*) and lounged.  After a while my legs started feeling more than a little tight.  So I finally broke down and broke out:

And yes those are two laundry baskets. I actually have three. I use a very complicated system 😉

Now I know that many of you have been on the foam rolling action for a long time.  So have I … in theory.  I bought this baby back in March or so but only have used it a few times.  Mostly because I’m lazy and partly because I know how tight my muscles are.  Roller + tight muscles = pain.  Duh.

I will say that I neither cried nor screamed as I was doing my thing.  I had a friend over and complained a lot.  Aloud of course — that’s the only time complaining is really ever fun HA.  But my voice never rose and I’m pretty sure no cuss words were uttered.  I did sweat though.  Which tells me I was doing something good and putting my body through some type of stress.

This translated, I think, into a muy bueno recovery run on Sunday.  Sunny skies and cool temps.  It felt great.  I even ran a wicked hilly route and felt fine.  Encouraging and I used the darn thing Sunday too after a long day of laundry, grocery shopping and cleaning the apartment.  See? I can do more domestic things than cook 😉

Monday morning brought SNOW.  And..well not a recovery run per se…but an easy one at that and “fast” easy (aka I looked at my watch at the end and smiled because it was faster than I thought).  The only remarkable thing was the weather and, well, I’m afraid I’m dangerously close to using up my complain-for-free passes.  It actually ended up not being too bad (it was mostly sleet and it stopped early on in the run) except my shoes were soaked 100m into it.

I will say that if it snows, or I guess this morning was more of a sleet, at WR I will be ready.

Just because the sun rises earlier doesn't mean 0500 is any lighter! So a bad picture but YES that is snow on the railing, in the tree and on the road!

I was sent this article on How to Deal with the Cold from a friend who thought it’d be funny to send this to me.  I’ve been living here my whole life so I think, despite my complaints about winter, I’m pretty cold savvy.  For those of you who aren’t here are some excerpts (and my thoughts on said excerpts):

The Physical

  • Don’t underestimate the power of sunshine” Duh but with .43453453453 hours of daylight (yes that’s a decimal point out in front of those numbers), and all of those during working hours, how am I supposed to get this?
  • Take your vitamins. Duh.
  • Stay hydrated Okay so this one I get because heaters = dry air. Which also equals nosebleeds for me.
  • Get outside and stay active. But. It’s. So . Cold. I actually do get outside (I think last year I ran in 12* weather) but it’s soooooooo hard to do.

The mental

  • Be mindful of your mood and mental health Unless of course this makes you even angrier for not getting out of the NorthEast when you had the chance.
  • Stay social. Ummm this is really hard to do when you’re A) too cheap to pay for a cab and B) to intoxicated to drive yourself.  AKA walking is how I roll.  Let me tell you: heels and dresses in freezing weather? Not a good combo. I guess we’ll just have lots of house parties?
  • Evaluate your winter pitfalls to guard against them This might actually depress me because it’s basically telling me to make of list of why I hate winter.  And I’m pretty sure (as I know you are) that it’s a pretty lengthy list.

I think you should probably be doing these things year round.  And I bet you can totally tell how bitter I am about winter.  I’m going to spend the rest of this…rain/snow/sleet/whatever it’s doing out there daydreaming about my move to somewhere warm. Because I’m 100% serious about making like a leaf and getting the f$%# out of here.

Anyone? I know I chose a random picture but anyone on that quote that's italicized?

And hey, check out this giveaway from Matt (Kitchen of a Runner) and Janae (Hungry Runner Girl) because everyone likes a giveaway.

And what’s a post without wicked awesome pictures?! (and by wicked awesome I mean Halloween-y and NOT snow and not a random guy from a great movie)

I actually forgot to share this last week! But over Halloween weekend some friends and I went to a “Jack-o-Lantern” festival in the city. It was way fun to see all the creative ways people carved pumpkins.  Here are some of my favs:

Betty Boop!

I ❤ Dinosaurs

Monopoly Man!

I know it’s a week late but I feel the need to say “Happy Halloween” anyway. I mean, it is my favorite holiday after all. But I can say (and have it be 100% true) “hope you enjoyed the weekend 🙂 ”

And enjoy your Monday too.  I sure am considering that A) I haven’t done any work all morning because the software I use won’t download the new version and we had to call in IT people B) the network is being backed up so I can’t work on any of my files and C) my friend made the coffee this morning so strong that I’m afraid to stand up because I’m pretty sure that my legs are so twitchy that I don’t think they’ll support me hahah.

October 19, 2010

I Apologize

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for the haphazard way my post yesterday was.  I re-read it this morning and was like “I  WROTE THAT?!”

But the point of it was

  • I am registered for Boston (after the ulcer inducing process!)
  • I recovered nicely from my 20 miles on Saturday

The rest was just…well I don’t know what it was.  But it took me a billion words to say what I just so succinctly wrote above.

I should have broken it up but whatever.  I should have said that everyone who is running Boston 2011 should meet-up that weekend.  But I didn’t.  Hopefully y’all were able to get through that post and will forgive me by meeting up in April!

Post Race Euphoria. And a plea to meet up in April 🙂

The irony of signing up for a race, such as Boston / so far away from now, is that while I have definitely NOT decided on goals or training or ANYTHING, clearly hitting submit that I just want to GO and jump into training RIGHT NOW.  So I’ve been musing some things even though the race is soooooooooooo far away (but likely will be here before I know it!)

Like I mentioned in my last post, but was likely hidden from all the BOSTON EXCITEMENT, is that I need to find a training plan.  One which I will stick too and not end up with massive shin splits and the fear that I’ve fractured them.  I was debating following the same plan I did last year (found here — or not as it’s a BAA plan and the website is still set up to tell ppl that registration is closed…I’ll repost / edit this later once I can find the plan) but *actually* following it.

I’ve also debated creating my own, and I know that Jess has written a post on doing so which I might try to do, but honestly? I think I’m too lazy to do that myself.  Any takers want to do it for me hahah? But if I did that at least I’d know that I’d follow it 🙂

The general gist of what I want is (and I’m NOT making anything more detailed right now as I’d very likely jump into training immediately which is something I don’t want to do):

  • 12 week plan
  • 3 quality runs: intervals, tempo, long run
  • ~80 mile weeks

Which is basically the plan I followed last year.  Or at least the theory of what I did.  I used a 16 week plan and peaked around 100 miles.  Since I’m actually working rather than being a student this year I think that 80 sounds good for miles and, with my base, 12 weeks sounds good.  I think this cycle, while it *will* be hard and intense, is going to be about fine tuning which is what the last few weeks of marathon training is about, right?

I’m also going to have to start looking for a  (cheap) gym.  Winter is brutal in New England (as I know it is in other parts of the country as well) and I’m not going to have my school’s gym to fall back on in the event of a blizzard or negative temps.  I’m thinking of using the Y because, as a VISTA, I know I can get a really good deal.  And since I’m tough as nails (hahah) I’d only be using it for the occasional lifting session (must start those up again!) and to get a quality run in in bad weather.  So a cheap price is extra important so I feel like I’m sort of getting my money’s worth.

That’s about it in terms of what I’m thinking.  It’s nothing concrete, of course, but the excitement of having a submission number for Boston is making me want to plan.

Of course I do have a time goal of 3:29:59 — just like last year — although after plugging in my recent races from this fall the allure of going even faster than that is enticing as my recent half marathon in April indicates a 3:18 is possible.


Or maybe I'll just win the damn thing like that girl asked me last year hahah

Until then I’m going to still try and keep running light and fun.  Yes, there will be structured runs like LR and intervals but I’m hoping that I can keep the pressure off of myself to kill myself over workouts.  Easier said than done given my personality.

And of course having a submission number also makes me want to run far.  Which is normally my inclination, duh.  Since today is a clinic day I got to do a longer run than the office hour days, I did 13.5 miles.  It felt good and, aside from the first 3 or so miles, it felt strong. This was the first time since Tufts that I felt really really good during a run so I’m thinking that I’ll do a light speed session later this week.

Who knows when it’ll happen though because the weather is staying consistently cold overnight every night and I suspect that we’ll get the first frost soon.  Unlikely for snow as snow has been arriving later and later every year (I remember it snowing on my birthday when I was little!) but the cold is already on it’s way.

Gosh I really need to get out of New England if I’m already bitching about the temps.  It isn’t even cold yet!

Aaaaaaaaaaand a bunch of you asked for a picture of the cookies I baked this weekend. Welllll they’re all gone.  BUT my roomie and I baked last night too and here are the chocolate chip oatmeal cookies that were produced.  Sorry for the poor quality picture but I remembered to take it when I was at work hence the baggie.  But I did remember to take it before they were scarfed down 🙂


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