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June 26, 2010

Faster and Faster

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First off: I got a call from my roomie for the next year and we officially have a place for the next year 🙂 YAY.  Very very exciting because we got the place that we really wanted.  There was some drama with finding a third roommate but the place was just too good to not try.  And try we did and finally someone wanted to commit.  Hip hip hooray!  This is a pretty big sigh of relief. Woot. Especially since I figured I’d be living with my family until I died.  Now it’s almost like I’m a “real person”.  Almost.


I’m still not considering myself a real person yet.  Maybe because I’m still in the mindset of a student with all the studying I’m doing.  Yesterday (Friday) was no different. Blah.

I mentioned the other day that I was falling out of love with lifting.  Still totally is the case as I could not motivate myself to get to the gym on Friday for my typical Friday lifting session.  It’s not like I was soooooo exhausted of anything like that.  I woke up with 2 minutes to spare before my alarm went off, said “Eff this” to lifting and reset my alarm for another half hour.  Who am I?! Hahah.  Even though I didn’t fall back asleep (I’ve been having the absolute worst time falling/staying asleep lately) it was nice to just lay there with my covers draped around me all cozy.

I was feeling sufficiently guilty, though, that when my alarm did go off I went for a short run to wake up.  But lifting? Ehhhh not so much.  It’s not that I don’t *want* to lift but at the moment I don’t want to have to drive to the gym.  I wish that my dad had left all his gym equipment when he moved out.  Oh Newton and your first law of motion (inertia).

But the run was good and got me focused for some studying.  One of the reasons I really love running first thing in the morning is that I become AWAKE after.  Not all groggy-eyed.  Clears the cob-webs and sleepytime fuzzies.  Definitely a good thing because there’s lots of studying to be done!  And I think I’m slowly getting my groove back with the studying.  This past week has just felt a little off and I’ve had no desire to study.  Luckily for me and my medical future that’s turning around.

So after a looooooong freaking day of studying I got a little restless and was itching for a run.  Go figure.  I headed out about 1700 or so and was planning on getting in 4 to release all the tension that had built up over the course of my studying.  I must have been in the self-punishing mood, it was a pretty rough day mentally after all, and apparently I figured my body would want the same sort of thing because I did the 4 on the hilliest route ever.

Okay so grand scheme of things it likely wasn’t all that hilly.  But for where I am located at the moment it’s like the most hilly thing ever.  I blame the fact that I spent 4 years at a school with no hills.  I was spoiled.  And now I’m kind of a brat with hills.  Although it’s more love/hate because I love knowing that I beasted them but when I’m at the base of one I shudder a bit.

But it was a really good run regardless.  My body was ready to GO and I ran it pretty fast.  Even faster when I saw crazy lady walking across the playground field near my house.  I think she was with her daughter, so I feel bad for doing this, but I actually sprinted away.  And I didn’t slow down until I was at my house.  I don’t know if I thought she’d come after me or something but I wasn’t taking any chances.  I just didn’t want to get caught up in a loooooooong freaking conversation.  Even though her daughter was there and it would have been nice to introduce myself.  I’m SUCH a bad person.

On the plus side, that last fast mile gave me some time to do some ab/core work that I’ve been neglecting lately as I finished my run early and didn’t have to start dinner for the family yet.

As I’ve been writing over the past few days my running has been going really well, as evidenced by my latest runs.  Ever since running with Jess a week ago (wow time FLIES) my runs have been *fast* and *furious* (I was going to say strong but I like the alliteration and Paul Walker).  I credit her for injecting a little speed into my legs.  We ran pretty fast.  I can’t remember what our exact pace was over all without getting up and looking at my log book but it was a progressive run and I remember her saying that we hit one of the later miles at 8:15.  Which I just don’t do.  But, and while I don’t know individual mile splits, my overall splits have been getting faster ever since that run.  Woot.  I’m going to credit her because she’s fast and awesome 🙂

But with the increase in pace is an increase in intensity which means I’ve been losing major water weight during my runs.  And I’ve never denied being a bad hydrator.  I don’t know why but I need to be getting better and actually forcing myself to chug the good old H2O because, and I’m a bit shamed to admit this, on one of my runs this week I lost 3(!) pounds.  Ummmm that’s a lot.  So I’ve actually been thinking of duct-taping a water bottle to my hands or something.   But then it’d be awkward to study.  Which I should get cracking on because…



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