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January 4, 2011

For Once I Feel Content With the Past 12 Months

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I know, I know. Y’all are sick of these posts. I alluded to it in my last post and then spent some time typing it out. In the end I decided to cut down the words and try to let pictures speak some of them for me with notes of the good and bad etc.  So I guess this post is more for me that you because this one is getting printed off and put into my training / scrapbook that my sis is making me.  And I know that in the end I want this year documented for myself which is why there are so many links so that I can find stuff if I really want to. But I hope you enjoy it nevertheless.

Oh and P.S. That gingerbread house was definitely in the mid-drinking stages.  I should go into the gingerbread house making business.  Next year I’m tackling the village 😉

January: 396.8 miles (8:54 avg pace). Training run with Lacey (and I just noticed that I did a lot with her this year. LOVE YOU!).  It probably set the tone for the year as it was a LR that was *pushed* fast and out of my comfort zone.  And I handled it.

February: 390.4 miles (9:03 avg pace). I honestly cannot really remember anything remarkable about this month.  Nor can I find a picture for it.  Oops.

March: 432.3 miles (9:00 avg pace). Ugh Eastern States 20M. ‘Nuff said. Except that this month, while the monster month for Boston training, was tough on me physically.  I ended up in PT for stuff and horrible shin splints.

Little did we know what was ahead...

April: 152.4 miles (9:20 avg pace). Boston. Marathon. (Goal for 2010:Requalify for Boston. Yup.  Did this.  Twice in fact. Holler)

May: 286.6 miles (8:56 avg pace). Lots of stuff: graduating, accepting a job, paying the security deposit and first month rent! Exciting stuff.

Scary stuff too.

June: 500.5 miles! (8:42 avg pace) Getting to meet (and run with!) Jess during her trip to Boston. I also ran lots and lots of double and some triple to give me my highest month of the year.

Naturally I chose the non-running pic of us 😉

July: 354. miles (8:37 avg pace).  I dominated the local 5M Fourth of July race. I also took my Philly trip for my job pre-service orientation and I got to run with Flo!

Philly Pretzel!

August: 270.2 miles (8:33 avg pace).  This month I took a trip to Texas and, by a twist of fast (or a really delayed flight stranding me in Houston) got to run with Jess again!  When I got back from the vacay I took the MCAT and moved and started my job.  Hello real world?

Well this pic was from her June trip. But still a good one nonetheless

September: 328.6 miles (8:36 avg pace). I raced a half marathon with Lacey(goal for 2010: sub 1:40:00 half Check), stayed with her family, went apple picking, mini-golf and drinking with her 🙂 FUN.  I also broke 20 minutes (by ONE second) in the Providence 5k: goal for 2010: sub 20:00 5k  Check

October: 422.1 miles (8:48 avg pace). Race the Tufts 10k with Lacey where I remember her telling me to “JUST DO THIS” (goal for 2010: sub 43:00 10k Check) and I signed up for WR. 5.5 weeks before race day. Eep.


November: 454.1 miles (8:54 avg pace).  This was the month that training went “hardcore” for WR.  I also celebrated my birthday by running my age in kilometers.  I probably could have run my age in miles as I was training but km just was more appealing. Especially after going out to celebrate my birthday the night before. I also started the 100 pushups and 200 situps challenge. Woot.

December:260.8 miles (avg pace).  December always gets the shaft from peeps in terms of having it’s own recap.  And I’m going to do the same here.  The biggest thing was White Rock (goal for 2010: sub 3:30 marathon Oooooooh man, that’s a check), which was awesome because I got to hang out with my RW peeps, saw bloggers, and hang out with Jess again. And I guess in order to give December a little boost to make up for the lack of a favorites post I’ll also say that I made lots of yummy desserts, and threw together some from a not-so-homemade standpoint which were just as yummy.  Hopefully that continues into the new year as well.


Overall 2010 was an amazing year (goal for 2010: Have fun. Check!).  And a record year too with those prs and the yearly mileage of 4248.4.  This is a percent change of 36.4% from last year (3116.0 miles in 2009).

And since I had lots of time on my hands earlier this evening I decided it’d be fun to calculate exactly how much time I spent running this year:

  • 26 days, 1 hour, 50 minutes, 20 seconds
  • Average pace: 8:51

So I’m just putting it out there (again) that 2011 better be ready for me.

January 1, 2010

In with a Semi-Bang & 2009 Monthly Totals

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Man I didn’t think I was going to be this sore after yesterday’s full body lifting + tempo! It’s not as bad as it could be I suppose and, in fact, I quite like this type of soreness.  Let’s me know I pushed hard yesterday which I did.

Hope everyone had a great New Year’s Eve.  I had a low-key night and stayed in for a house party rather than going into the city.  We made frappes with Bailey’s which was heavenly 🙂 And we also thought that we were cheated out of the ball dropping.  Turns out we’re just idiots because upon replay the ball did in fact drop. Heh.

Despite a late night I still got up early because of my internal alarm.  The weather was really nice (upper 20s no wind) even early but my sore muscles + extreme hunger pushed off a run until late morning.  Not quite a huge bang to welcome 2010 like I said goodbye to 2009 but a solid 13 miles nonetheless.  So a semi-bang because 13 miles isn’t anything to snivel over even though the run itself was kind of unremarkable.

But without further ado (because I have another massage scheduled that I need to head out for then heading to see Avatar in 3D. Yay!!) here are my 2009 miles. Maybe I should have posted this in 2009 but whatever I’m combining posts because I don’t want to keep putting off telling you how great I was in 2009 haha!!

Here are the mileage breakdowns for each month of 2009 (along with some thoughts / things I associate with each month — sorry but I am a terrible picture taker because I don’t really ever do it).  It took me forever to do because I kept “eh” records prior to the summer.  I had all the data but I never totaled things etc.  Gross.  But I was curious to see the ebb and flow of my running over the course of the year.  I am not ambitious enough (nor bored enough yet) to calculate the overall time spent running / pace.  I kind of do want to know that info but I think I’m going to save myself the headache heh.

January: 161.4 (Kind of low, especially when you consider my miles lately.  But I had a really case of cellulitus in my toe which led to a bad blood infection — and hospitalization — so I was out of commission for a good week-ish and then could only xt for a bit after.  So overall not that bad.)

February: 219.9 (First 20 miler ever this month! And after that run was the first time I posted with the RWOL Dailies crew.  Awesome people, good support & they’re all wicked smart. The overall monthly mileage is kind of low compared to future months though)

March: 265.4 (First month that I ever did double digits during the week.  I turned my Tuesdays into mini-long run — like 11-12 miles — and I felt like such a bad ass doing that many miles then going to classes)

April: 254.9 (Longest run everrrr — at least not including the marathon — of 22 miles.  Ran it in HURRICANE conditions (no joke: legit hurricane) on Easter weekend.  Wrote in my log “very challenging mentally and physically, let the taper begin!” haha. I think this was the month where I created the blog )

May: 229.1 (Marathon was at the beginning of this month and the rest was focused on recovery although to look at the weekly stuff I didn’t take long to bounce back)

June: 237.4 (Started the 100 pushup challenge this month because I still wasn’t anxious to get back into a lifting routine.  I really liked this challenge even though I haven’t done a single pushup on my own accord since doing the 100. Oops!)

July: 250.7 (Ran my first 5 mile race and did it well.  Kind of embarrassing that it took me so long to get back to speed post-marathon as this was it)

August: 264.3 (This month including some hardcore hills because I visited my friend up in Lake Winnipesaukee.  I felt wicked hardcore hitting what felt like mountains)

September: 281.5 (Beginning of the fall of racing. I did the Covered Bridges Half Marathon — and Lacey was there even though I didn’t know her yet! — and my first ever 5k which I had mixed emotions over.)

October: 307.8 (Raced the Tufts 10k with Lacey & her sister — finally a meet up! Also a huge month for me, first time over 300 miles!)

November: 293.6 (Obv the highlight here was the 23k on my 23rd.  Genius of my advisor to tell me to go metric!)

December: 350.0 (Woot to high mileage.  I was running like it was job here!)

As you can see I pretty much increased my miles every month! And I have pretty good memories to go along with it.  I actually really liked flipping through my log to pick out the stuff as I don’t get to “rest on my laurels” ever.

And 2009 grand total? Drumroll please: 3116.0


Okay so I’m not convinced that it’s a point 0 total (I use an online tracker and sometimes question it’s accuracy) but I like it anyway. And I know I didn’t include those warm up/down miles for lifting, these miles are “pure” running ones.  But I am pumped and wicked pleased.  2010: you have a lot to live up to 😀

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